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a9303261 * About the roots of the development of the web site action Inferior Links to many citizen action groups of many diverse kinds. action$ Better links to many citizen action groups of diverse kinds. addicwin Early invitation to use Boolian search string with Keyword ADDICT. addic Access many essay texts containing the Word-Start ADDIC addic$ Access to some web-sites dealing with Addiction and Codependence. addic@ Access to the Brief-Essay about Addiction addicted Brief essay about a definition of when you are addicted. aiders Calls attention to mostly-non-essay-text aiders in efforts to find resources. (Will be retired in favor of reff2006.) analysis The web site as a Reflexive-Systems-Analysis. abtauth Service activities of the writer of the essays available here. ----> See also: themes author Overview of the life of the writer of the essays available here. --> See also: themes citizens * Links to citizens actions groups --- updated in January 2007. compare * Access to essays which compare contrasting ideals and values. essa9999 A bibliography of books significant to the writer of the essays here. einstein The story of the development of the essay systems available at essaystr Version r of the alphabetic ordering of Word-Starts accesses to essays. essaystz Version z of the alphabetic ordering of Word-Starts accesses to essays. favor * The first essay to be favored with 15 visits within one month. find This web page with which to find less used URLs. follo Finding essays by clicking on upper/lower RIGHT Following-Essay URLs on essay pages. focus * Suggested way to focus your essay-finding method to benefit all visitors. funda$ Four functional web sites focused on understanding FUNDAMENTALISM. global$ Overview & access to a comprehensive web site on Global-Issues-Affecting-Everyone. gomonth Gives graphs of Monthly ACCUMULATING-OF-HITS on essay texts here at: guide An early guide offering access to under-used web pages --- as this page does. healer Suggested search strings to use in looking for essays pertaining to healing. hitsmo Hits/Day for Recent-Months are graphed Day-by-Day to show activity level here. howfind.htm* How-find-essays with many words organized-into-triplets of-related-words & 2google.htm itruth Ways of finding many essays and resources related the "An Inconvenient Truth". justpeac$ * Ways of finding and being active in "Just Peace Churches" within the U.S.A. like Ways of finding essays "like" and/or "unlike" one you have just read. myths$ * Resources regarding ancient myths related to modern violence/polarizations. need Access to essays which include the Word-Start "need" quite often. office$ Links to many Official Web Sites --- Updated in January 2007. overv Overviews of how many web pages serve what purposes on this web site peaceg$ * Links to many web sites of Citizen Non-Violent Action Groups. peaceh$ A moving story of two peace heroes brought together in an apartment in Moscow. peakoil * A variety of links to web pages realted to the Peak-Oil-Transition. posit Assistance in searching for essays about POSITIVE and NEGATIVE living styles. plotyymm * Plots regarding from Where-in-the-World visitors come to this web site polar$ Aids to understanding our polarizations and dichotomizations. previ * Finding essays by clicking on upper/lower LEFT Previous-Essay URLs on essay pages. recent ====> Can be used to find where the action is in reading regular essay texts. redem Search words suggested for use with the word "redemptive" and 2google.htm reframe * An invitation to help on ways to reframe questions for searches for essays. reff2006 * Shows web pages were most used for references to Regular-Essay texts during late 2006. research$ A few of the thousands of Peace-Research-Institutes you can find via AFB Peace scores * Guidance to reading the most frequently viewed essays as of October 4, 2006. scr-ALL Access to 225 web sites with suggestions on fruitful-search words for 2google.htm shalom Suggesting regarding finding, reading and constructively responding to essays. terror$ Resources offered to help visitors understand terrorism in various ways. themes * Themes that served as personal contexts for writing the essays here. (See above at "ab") tipping * Offers help in searching for www info. on "tipping points" re. global climate change. trio ====> Can be used to find where the action is in reading regular essay texts. user * Suggestions to students for assistance in properly completing academic assignments. visitsmo Visits/Day for Recent-Months are graphed Day-by-Day to show activity level here. voters$ * Links to Civic-Action Groups and Sources of Information useful to such groups. warcosts$ An accumulating estimate of the many great costs of our voiolent war activities.