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BIBLIOGRAPHY "By-Years" is included here to eventually facilitate reaching this bibliography when using the search engine This bibliography is a list of books which have played significant roles in the life of the writer of the essays which are available at The digits at the right ends of lines starting with a percent sign indicate the years of publications of the books, listed by date. Works are included here to acknowledge that they have had a significant impact on the writer of the essays in this system, even though not all parts of all works listed here have been read by the author. Needless to say not all of the works listed were read soon after publication. Cautions about Planet-Earth running out of fossil-fuels. ========================================================== %##HOLY BIBLE TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES SPIRIT LOVE GOD 999900 The Holy Bible by Many People Moved by the Holy Spirit Transcending all technocratic/addictive systems of rules, regulations, laws, prohibitions, taboos and their associated systems for excommunication, rejection and alienation of creative nonconformists who have listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. ========================================================== %##LAWRENCE PRESENCE GOD SPIRIT CONVERSATION LOVE 999900 The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence Reporting conversations with Brother Lawrence in 1666, a member of the barefooted Carmelites at Paris. These are the reflections of a simple but profound eighteen year old (who had been a soldier) as passed on to another in personal conversations which were recorded for future generations to encounter. ========================================================== %##KEMPIS ROLE MODEL EXEMPLAR PERSON INCARNATE 999900 The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis translation by Leo Shirley-Price These writings constitute one of the most influential collection of meditations in the history of the Christian Church. They are meditations by a monk born in 1380 but casting light on human lives of all eras and showing the way to life with integrity. ========================================================== %##MILL LOGIC SYSTEM EVIDENCE SCIENCE OBJECT 999906 A System of Logic by John Stuart Mill Longmans, Green, and Co. 1906 A connected view of the principles of evidence and the methods of scientific investigation. ========================================================== %##LAWRENCE SAVIOR DIED MORAL LEGAL SEX RELATE 999931 The Man who Died by D.H. Lawrence Initially published as "The Escaped Cock" and republished in 1931 as "The Man Who Died." A novel about sexual integrity and human salvation. ========================================================== %##SULLIVAN LIMIT SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY VALUE IDEAL 999933 The Limitations of Science by J. W. N. Sullivan A Mentor Book, 1993 An overview for the layman of the nature of science and what scientists do and do not have to offer. ========================================================== %##LAUBACH MYSTIC SPIRIT HEALTH BEING WHOLE 999937 Letters by a Modern Mystic by Frank C. Laubach, Ph.D. Excerpts from letters written at Dansalam, Lake Lanao, Philippine Islands to his father by Frank C. Lauback who was a missionary learning from the natives about their spiritual life and meaning. ========================================================== %##LEWIS SPIRIT BELIEVE PARADIGM BEING WHOLE 999943 Mere Christianity What one must believe to be a Christian by C. S. Lewis Macmillan Publishing Co, In. 1943 An examination of basic beliefs of Christianity by a thoughtful adult convert, relating beliefs to behavior. ========================================================== %##DU NOY EVOLUTION HUMAN DESTINY SPIRIT POSSIBLE 999947 Human Destiny by Lecompt du Noy Longmans, Green and Co. 1947 An exploration of the possibilities for human evolution on other than the biological level which is a slow process of evolution: social, psychological, spiritual, etc. ========================================================== %##TILLICH PARADIGM REVOLUTION BEING PRISON LOVE 999948 The Shaking of the Foundations by Paul Tillich Charles Scribner's Sons, 1948 A collection of sermons dealing with the life of the spirit within a reality of two kinds of order in which change is shaking the foundations of being. An existential consideration of what meaningful being is. ========================================================== %##OTTO SCIENCE VALUES IDEALS MORALITY SPIRIT 999949 Science and the Moral Life by Max Otto A Mentor Book, 1949 An examination of the ideals and character of science including the ideal of the ethical neutrality of science in relation to the good life and transcendent views of human life. ========================================================== %##THOMPSON COLLUSION PROFESSION MEDICAL PARADIGM 999949 The Cry and the Covenant by Morton Thompson Signet Books, 1949 An account of the efforts of one doctor to get other doctors to be honest about the consequences of their determination not to change their ways which were costing the lives of countless women in childbirth. A case study in the survival power of a collusion among professionals. ========================================================== %##ASIMOV ROBOT AUTOMATON SYSTEMATIC TECHNOLOGY 999950 I, Robot by Isaac Asimov Fawcett World Library, 19950 Regarding the essence of being human in contrast to the essence of being an object. ========================================================== %##TILLICH THEOLOGY BEING SYSTEM REASON REVELATION 999950 Systematic Theology, Volume I by Paul Tillich The University of Chicago Press, 1950 An examination of how to speak meaningfully of the structure of human transcendence of the limitations of human experience and meaning. Attempts to deal with the structure of human experience, knowledge and relationships in the process of transcendence. ========================================================== %##FREUD UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVES DECISIONS REFLEXIVE 999951 Psychopathology of Everyday Life by Sigmund Freud A Mentor Book, 1951 An examination of the work of the unconscious motives behind everyday actions. ========================================================== %##BUBER GOOD EVIL RIGHT AND WRONG IMAGES VISIONS 999952 Good and Evil by Martin Buber Charles Scribner's Son, 1952 An examination of what can be meaningfully said about good, evil, right, wrong, judgement, knowledge, and myths about life. ========================================================== %##HOFFER CHANGE GROWTH PARADIGM ESCAPE PRISON 999952 The Ordeal of Change by Eric Hoffer Perennial Library of Harper and Row, 1952 An examination of basic assumptions carelessly held and not true. The interactions between individual thought and group think. ========================================================== %##WHITE CHARLOTTE'S WEB RELATION SPIRIT REAL LIFE 999952 Charlotte's Web by E. B. White Dell Yearling Books, 1952 A touching children's story about the meaning and significance of life. ========================================================== %##TILLICH COURAGE BEING DILEMMA ANXIETY MEANING 999952 The Courage to Be by Paul Tillich Yale University Press, 1952 A study of what we may meaningfully say about being our particular selves in the face of the uncertainties of a multitude of possibilities to be nothing of any meaning, or any one of many other meaningful selves. ========================================================== %##PIPER CHRISTIAN SEX MORAL RELIGION GUILT SHAME 999953 The Christian Interpretation of Sex by Otto A. Piper Charles Scribner's Sons, 1953 An effort to see sexuality in a Biblical perspective with a religious grounding which reaches back to Biblical times rather than to recent perspectives on sexuality. ========================================================== %##TILLICH NEW BEING ESCAPE RENEW CHANGE GROW LOVE 999955 The New Being by Paul Tillich Charles Scribner's Sons, 1955 A collection of sermons following those of the collection in The Shaking of the Foundations. These focus upon renewal, healing, love, and liberation in freedom. ========================================================== %##TILLICH LOVE POWER JUSTICE MORALITY BEING 999954 Love, Power, and Justice by Paul Tillich Oxford University Press, 1954 Commentary on the inter-relationships between the reality and expressions of love, power, justice, being, freedom, ethics, personal relationships and the holy community. ========================================================== %##LINDBERGH GIFT SEA MEDITATION SERENITY PEACE 999955 Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh Signet Books, 1955 Meditations on the problems and conflicts of modern life by a famous woman. ========================================================== %##BAILLIE DAILY READINGS PRAYER SPIRIT BELIEF 999955 A Dairy of Readings by John Baillie Charles Scribner's Sons, 1955 ========================================================== %##GADDIS CRIME PUNISHMENT REWARD CONTROL PRISON 999955 The Birdman of Alcatraz by Thomas E. Gaddis Signet Books, 1955 The incredible true story of the man who spent forty two years in solitary confinement. The amazing convict bird doctor who built a new life behind prison bars. ========================================================== %##KIERKEGAARD FEAR SICK DISEASE ANXIETY DEPRESS 999955 Fear and Trembling & The Sickness Unto Death by Soren Kierkegaard Doubleday & Co, Inc. 1955 An examination of fear, despair, sickness, possibility, finitude, limitations, necessity, sin and forgiveness in the web of real living. ========================================================== %##BLANTON LOVE PERISH MIRACLE INTIMATE RELATION 999956 Love or Perish by Smiley Blanton, M.D Simon and Schuster, 1956 Regarding the role which real love can play in daily decisions of life, from the point of view of a psychiatrist with a religious grounding. ========================================================== %##BRONOWSKI SCIENCE VALUES IDEALS SPIRIT TECH 999956 Science and Human Values by J. Bronowski Harper Torchbooks, 1956 Essays on the creative mind, the habit of truth, the sense of human dignity and a new dialogue on two world systems. ========================================================== %##GIBRAN PROPHET SPIRIT MYSTIC LIFE BEING WHOLE 999956 The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Alfred A. Knoph Co. 1956 Poetic commentaries on being whole with integrity as spiritual beings in physical bodies within communities of people being themselves in webs of inter-relationships. ========================================================== %##NUCLEAR WAR MILITARY VIOLENCE ATOMIC SCIENTIST 999956 Brighter than a Thousand Suns by Robert Jungk A Harvest/HBJ Book, 1956 A personal History of the Atomic Scientists living through the making of the first atomic bombs, their tragic use, and trying to regain integrity afterwards. ========================================================== %##BUBER I THOU GOD KNOWLEDGE INTIMATE RELATE LOVE 999958 I and Thou by Martin Buber Translated from German by Ronald Gregor Smith Scribner, 1958 A poetic description of aspects of relationships between persons and objects, contrasting the nature of reflexive personal relationships and objective relationships. ========================================================== %##HALL SILENT LANGUAGE WORDS SYMBOLS COMMUNICATE 999959 The Silent Language by Edward T. Hall A Fawcett Premier Book, 1959 Commentary on the variety of ways in which people communicate in ways other than the explicit use of words in direct communication. ========================================================== %##SNOW TWO CULTURES DICHOTOMY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY 999959 The Two Cultures: And A Second Look by C. P. Snow A Mentor Book of The New American Library, 1959 A commentary on the nature of the scientific & technical culture versus the culture of people who are primarily concerned with personal relationships; with suggestions of the implications for the relationships between rich nations and poor nations. Snow found himself alone as a participant in two cultures. ========================================================== %##BOLT PROPHET COURAGE INTEGRITY WHOLE TRUTH LOVE 999960 A Man for All Seasons A play by Robert Bolt A Vintage Book, 1960 A dramatization of the principled life of Sir Thomas More in the context of a multitude of conflicts among the principles of the powers of the world of Henry VIII of England; all a matter of dilemmas, problems and techniques. ========================================================== %##GARDNER EDUCATION EXCELLENCE EQUALITY FREEDOM 999961 Excellence, Can we be Equal and Excellent Too? by John W. Gardner Perennial Library, 1961 Considerations of talent, motivation, competition, performance, equality, stratification, rights, privileges, democracy, leadership, responsibility and social integrity. ========================================================== %##HEINLEIN STRANGER LAND PARADIGM GROK MEDITATE 999961 Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein A Berkeley Medallion Book, 1961 A science fiction novel which contrasts the nature of being a person by contrasting being a person to being a powerful Martian in a human society. ========================================================== %##REAL PERSON AUTHENTIC INTEGRITY CREATIVE CHANGE 999961 On Becoming a Person by Carl R. Rogers Houghton Mifflin Co. 1961 A distinguished psychologist's guide to personal growth and creativity. Regarding the process of becoming a person and the philosophy of persons. ========================================================== %##FREUD RELIGION PRAYER GOD ILLUSION COLLUSION 999961 The Future of an Illusion by Sigmund Freud W. W. Norton Co. 1961 An effort to eliminate religious illusions and superstition from patterns of human thought and attitudes, and to ground human knowledge on unbiased knowledge free of human illusions. ========================================================== %##LAING SELF AND OTHER PERSONAL RELATION REFLEX 999961 Self and Other by R. D. Laing A Pelican Book, 1961 An analysis of the nature of perverted relations between self and other, illustrating how complex can be such relationships when honesty is lost. ========================================================== %##L'ENGLE TIME PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP INTEGRITY 999962 A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle Scholastic Book Services, 1962 A children's story which makes telling comment about the quality of human relationships. ========================================================== %##KUHN PARADIGM ATTITUDE ASSUME ADDICT SCIENCE 999962 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn The University of Chicago Press, 1962 An analysis of what is involved when major changes occur in the patterns of thought, assumptions and attitudes which characterize scientific research. ========================================================== %##YOGI TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION PRAY PEACE 999963 Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Signit Book, 1963 Offers guidance on how to learn to overcome the crises of modern life through the simple practice of deep meditation which draws on the insights of the Vedic Rishis of ancient India and the scientific thinking of the present day Western world. ========================================================== %##FRANKL MEANING SIGNIFICANCE PERSON INTEGRITY 999963 Man's Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frankl A Pocketbook Edition, 1963 Integrative insights which developed within and following the hell of the daily life of a Nazi concentration camp. ========================================================== %##BRONOWSKI SCIENCE PARADIGM CHANGE CAUSE VALUE 999964 The Common Sense of Science by J. Bronowski A Vintage Book, 1964 An examination of some features of the scientific revolution and the relationship of science to truth and values. ========================================================== %##FLETCHER SITUATION ETHICS MORALITY INTEGRITY 999964 Situation Ethics---The New Morality by Joseph Fletcher Westminister Press, 1964 Consideration of the relationships among love, good, evil, norms, justice, means, decisions, morality and ethics. ========================================================== %##BERNE GAME PEOPLE PLAY ADULT PARENT CHILD 999964 GAMES PEOPLE PLAY The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne, M.D. Grove Press, Inc. 1964 Describes the multitude of non-authentic roles which people play out in daily life. Regarding transactional analysis. ========================================================== %##GARDNER SELF RENEWAL LIBERATION CREATIVE CHANGE 999964 Self Renewal: The Individual and the Innovative Society by John W. Gardner Harper Colophon Books, 1964 An examination of the conditions for renewal in education and communities in the presence of factors which tend to inhibit change. ========================================================== %##LAING SANE MAD FAMILY ADULT PARENT CHILD DOUBLE 999964 Sanity, Madness and the Family by R. D. Laing and A. Esterson A Pelican Book, 1964 Suggests madness may largely be a social creation and its symptoms no more than the tortured efforts of a person struggling to live in an unlivable situation which involves double binds. ========================================================== %##FOWLES GOOD EVIL PLEASURE PAIN SEX COMMUNITY 999964 The Aristos by John Fowles Author of The French Lieutenant's Woman Guides you deep into the rich and seductive world, taking you behind the brilliant novels into the mind of the man himself. The Aristos covers the whole range of human experience: good and evil, pleasure and pain, sex and socialism, Christianity and stargazing. ========================================================== %##BUSH SCIENCE VALUE IDEAL PERSON INTEGRITY LOVE 999965 Science Is Not Enough by Vannevar Bush William Morrow & Company, Inc. 1965 A collection of essays reflecting upon the scientists' activities and the implications thereof. ========================================================== %##LAING INTEGRITY WHOLE DIVIDE SELF OTHER MAD 999965 The Divided Self by R. D. Laing A Pelican Book, 1965 An analysis of the dynamics of madness as estrangement from self and others in dishonest relations which are invented to cope with the personal environment. ========================================================== %##DEL REY CHILD PARENT SCI TIME REAL PERSON LOVE 999966 Tunnel Through Time by Lester del Rey Scholastic Book Services, 1966 A children's book about the quality of interpersonal relationships and parenting. ========================================================== %##HODGE FEAR LOVE INTIMATE RELATION SEX FRIEND 999967 Your Fear of Love by Marshall Bryand Hodge Doubleday Dolphin Book, 1967 A guide to the enjoyment of love, sex, family and friendship. ========================================================== %##CLARKE SPACE ODYSSEY FUTURE PRESENT TECHNOLOGY 999968 2001 A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke Signet Book, 1968 A novel about a voyage through space, time, and being to explore what it means to be human. ========================================================== %##CASTANEDA PARADIGM WAY KNOWLEDGE SPIRIT BEING 999968 Journey to Ixtlan and The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda Images of alternative realities known by people who live according to paradigms which are quite different from those of traditional western scientific lives. ========================================================== %##LEGUIN DARKNESS SCIENCE FICTION RELATIONS LOVE 999969 The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin A parable of one earth-man on a diplomatic mission on a planet where everyone is of one sex and reproduction occurs when there are spontaneous sex transformations to bisexuality. ========================================================== %##HUNT AFFAIR MARRIAGE RELATIONS SEX INTIMACY 999969 The Affair by Morton Hunt Signet Book, 1969 A study of the sexual lives of 80 unfaithful wives and husbands providing a portrait of extra-marital love in contemporary America. ========================================================== %##KEEN BEING WHOLE INTEGRITY TRANSCEND SPIRIT 999970 To a Dancing God by Sam Keen Harper and Row, 1970 Commentaries on living fully with integrity as free spirits with love and meaning. ========================================================== %##LAING CONFLICT DOUBLE BIND PERSONAL RELATION 999970 Knots by R. D. Laing Vintage Books of Random House, 1970 Patterns of human relationships elucidated by concise descriptions of actions/motives in a unique style which gets to the roots of the strange loops of reflexivity which characterize people who are tied in knots of dysfuncationality. ========================================================== %##ANONYMOUS SEXUAL INTIMACY LOVE RELATIONSHIPS HIM 999970 Him by Anonymous A novel of two women, a man and the consummation of a sexual trinity. ========================================================== %##ANONYMOUS SEXUAL INTIMACY LOVE RELATIONSHIPS HER 999970 Her by Anonymous A Novel of an encounter between a man and a woman. ========================================================== %##FAST BODY LANGUAGE COMMUNICATE SYMBOL WORD 999971 Body Language by Julius Fast Pocket Book edition, 1971 Commentary on what people way by bodily postures and motions. ========================================================== %##LYON LEARNING FEEL EMOTION AFFECT LOVE INTIMATE 999971 Learning to Feel--Feeling to Learn by Harold C. Lyon, Jr. Humanistic Education for the Whole Man. Part of the Human Potential Movement. ========================================================== %##SCOTT SURROGATE WIFE SEXUAL INTIMACY MARRIAGE 999971 Surrogate Wife by Valerie X. Scott Dell Publishing Co. Inc. 1971 The story of a Masters & Johnson sexual therapist and the nine cases she treated. ========================================================== %##DUYCKAERTS SEXUAL BOND INTIMATE RELATION HEALTH 999971 The Sexual Bond by Francois Duckakerts A sympathetic consideration of what is involved in forming healthy sexual bonding. ========================================================== %##WYDEN SEX CLINIC CHANGE GROW PARADIGM LOVE 999971 Inside the Sex Clinic by Peter and Barbara Wyden A Signet Book, 1971 A candid report on the efforts of a couple to deal with their dysfunctional sexual relationship within the context of the Masters and Johnson clinic. ========================================================== %##NUREMBERG READ PERSON LIKE BOOK BODY LANGUAGE 999971 How to Read a Person like a Book by Gerard I. Nuremberg Pocket Book Edition, 1971 Suggestions on how to interpret people's postures and body motions to learn their secrets. ========================================================== %##POWELL FEAR INTIMACY LOVE RELATION OPEN HONEST 999972 Why Am I Afraid to Love by John Powell Argus Communications Co. 1972 Clarification of the nature of love and how to enjoy real love in open and honest relationships. ========================================================== %##O'NEILL OPEN MARRIAGE HONEST RELATION INTIMATE 999972 Open Marriage by Nena O'Neill and George O'Neill Avon Book, 1972 A new life style for couples in which marriage can be opened up into an honest, undemanding, joyful relationships free of attempts to control each other. ========================================================== %##LAING POLITIC POWER FAMILY ADULT PARENT CHILD 999972 The Politics of the Family by R. D. Laing A VINTAGE BOOK by Random House, 1972 A study of the complex of inter-definitions of the family and its members by the participants in the definition of what the family is; often with many twists. ========================================================== %##FOX SPIRITUALITY PRAYER MYSTERY MYSTIC PROPHET 999972 On Becoming a Musical Mystical Bear by Matthew Fox Paulist Press, 1972 Commentary on the nature of spirituality and the life of prayer. ========================================================== %##BETTS GROW TOGETHER INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP LOVE 999973 Growing Together by Donni Betts and George Betts Celestial Arts, 1973 A book of poetic insights and images about intimacy. ========================================================== %##MORRIS INTIMATE BEHAVIOR LOVE AFFECTION SEX 999973 Intimate Behavior by Desmond Morris Bantam book, 1973 Discussion of the nature of intimacy and what is involved in intimacy. ========================================================== %##HARRIS OK TRANSACT ADULT PARENT CHILD PERSON 999973 I'M OK--YOUR'RE OK Transactional Analysis by Thomas A. Harris, M.D. Avon Paperback of, 1973 An analysis of the kinds of interactions which take place between people in terms of roles of PARENT, ADULT and CHILD and idea of crossed transactions where interactions are not parallel as to roles played. Regarding transactional analysis. ========================================================== %##WAHLROOS FAMILY COMMUNICATE RELATION LOVE RULE 999974 Family Communication by Sven Wahlroos, Ph.D. Signet Books, 1974 20 Rules to improve communications and make your relationships more loving, supportive, enriching. 10 Essential Characteristics of emotional health, and how to achieve them. ========================================================== %##STEINER SCRIPT PEOPLE CHILD ADDICTION OK HELLO 999974 Scripts People Life Transactional Analysis of Life Scripts by Claude M. Steiner Bantam Psychology Books, 1974 The next step after I'm O.K. & You're O.K. and What do you say after you say Hello. Mother Hubbard is a Codependent and Big Daddy is an Addict seeking to be in total control. ========================================================== %##SHEEHY PASSAGES CRISES ADULT LIFE CHANGE GROW 999974 Passages by Gail Sheehy Commentaries on the predictable crises of adult life. ========================================================== %##TRUITT SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY FREEDOM ADDICTION 999974 Science, Technology, and Freedom by Truitt and Solomons Houghton Mifflin Co. 1974 A collection of readings by a variety of authors on issues relating to science, technology, culture, history, philosophy, research, economics, etc. ========================================================== %##PIRSIG TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE INTEGRITY VALUE IDEAL 999974 ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE by Robert M. Pirsig Bantam Books, 1974 An inquiry into the essence and nature of values and ideals which merit respect. ========================================================== %##DOSTOEVSKI CRIME PUNISHMENT CONFORMITY REWARD 999975 Crime and Punishment by Feodor Dostoevski W.W. Norton & Co. 1975 A classic Russian novel exploring the nature of the relationships between people within social structures. ========================================================== %##GREENWALD CREATIVE INTIMACY RELATIONSHIP HONEST 999975 Creative Intimacy How to break the patterns that poison your relations by Dr. Jerry Greenwald Pyramid Books, 1975 A guide to healthy relationships which has grown out of working with people having difficulties in intimate relationships. ========================================================== %##PEARCE COLLUDE ADDICT CODEPEND PARADIGM ESCAPE 999975 The Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton Pearce Pocket Books, 1975 Suggestions of radically different paradigms from within which we may approach personal realities and discover that there exist alternative experiences of reality which have integrity beyond most humans' expectations. ========================================================== %##PRESCOTT BODY PLEASURE SEX VIOLENCE CONFLICT 999975 Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence by James W. Prescott An article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, vol. 31, no. 9 (November-1975), pp 10-20 The author found a significant correlation between high levels of cultural violence and the repression of body pleasures. ========================================================== %##BLOOMFIELD TRANSCEND MEDITATION PEACE STRESS 999975 TM Discovering Inner Energy and Overcoming Stress by Bloomfield, Cain, Jaffe & Kory Dell Publishing, 1975 Commentary on the transcendental meditation movement lead by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. ========================================================== %##INNER DICTATION COURSE IN MIRACLES TEXT WORKBOOK 999975 A Course in Miracles Published by The Foundation for Inner Peace Suggestions of how life may be re-focused in Christ- like ways which lead to daily miracles in living---free of coercion, violence, judgementalism, legalism and condemnation. The suggestions are being studied and discussed by many disciples both inside and outside of traditional Christian fellowships. ========================================================== %##FYNN CHILD GOD SPIRIT LOVE INTEGRITY MYSTERY 999976 Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn Ballantine books Edition, 1976 A moving account of a deep friendship between an adult uncommon man and a mystical child of deep spiritual insight and warmth as told in simple language by the uncommon man. ========================================================== %##LESHAN ALTERNATE REALITIES PARADIGM BEING REAL 999976 Alternate Realities The Search for the full Human Being by Lawrence LeShan Ballantine Books, 1976 Considerations of what constitutes reality and how realities can be real and be different from each other; can reality change or be changed? What conflicts flow from multiple realities? ========================================================== %##POWELL HUMAN ALIVE INTEGRITY WHOLE HEALTHY LOVE 999976 Fully Human, Fully Alive A New Life Through a New Vision by John Powell Argus Communications, 1976 All change in the quality of a person's life must grow out of a change in his or her vision of reality. Fundamental is the understanding that emotions grow out of how we see ourselves, out of subjective perceptions and interpretations. Other books by the same author are: The Secret of Staying in Love Why Am I afraid to Tell You Who I Am ========================================================== %##ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ADDICTION CODEPENDENCE 999976 Alcoholics Anonymous "The Big Book", The basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Box 459, Grand Central Station New York City, NY 10163, 1976 The history of the formation of AA and stories illustrating the tragic reality of alcoholism and the possibilities for recovery from the disease if it is faced honestly and one is willing to do what one must do to regain health and integrity. In AA and Al-Anon people help each other recover from their diseases. Contact Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Al-Anon listed in most phone books for further information. ========================================================== %##BABCOCK OK TRANSACTION ANALYSIS PARENT CHILD 999976 Raising Kids O.K. by Dorthy E. Babcock & Terry D. Keepers Avon Books, 1976 Discussion of parenting issues within the framework of transactional analysis. ========================================================== %##BERNE GAME PEOPLE PLAY OK ADULT PARENT CHILD 999977 What do you say after you say hello? The Psychology of Human Destiny by Eric Berne, M.D. Bantam Books, 1977 About the scripts by which people live and interact. Regarding transactional analysis. ========================================================== %##TULKU TIME SPACE KNOWLEDGE REALITY PARADIGM 999977 Time, Space, and Knowledge A new Vision of Reality by Tarthang Tulku Dharma Publishing, 1977 Presents an alternative view of reality as envisioned by a brilliant native Eastern Thinker who has learned to understand Modern Physics of Western Thought. ========================================================== %##GENDLIN MEDITATION SERENITY PRAYER PERSPECTIVE 999978 FOCUSING by Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D A BANTAM NEW AGE Paperback BOOK of, 1978 A guide to getting in touch with your inner wisdom by listening to what your body and soul have to tell your conscious mind. ========================================================== %##ZUSSMAN SEXUAL ENRICHMENT GETTING TOGETHER HELP 999978 Getting Together A Guide to Sexual Enrichment for Couples by Drs. Leon and Shirley Zussman William Morrow and Co., Inc. 1978 Helpful facts, insights, observations, and suggestions offered in the interest of encouraging couples who seek personal and communal integrity through open and honest sexual relationships. The book offers practical suggestions regarding steps to take to transcend blockages to sexual integrity and fulfillment. ========================================================== %##SMITH IDOLATRY OBJECTIVITY COLLUSION SCIENCE 999978 The Idolatry of Objectivity by Norris K. Smith Washington University Professor of Art and Archaeology Convocation address published in Washington University Magazine in the late 1970's. The author warned students against the worship of objectivity as a misleading ideal. ========================================================== %##BACH ILLUSION COLLUSION DREAM VISION MIRACLE 999979 ILLUSIONS, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach Dell Books, 1979 A poetic examination of alternative ways to look upon life. ========================================================== %##BOK LYING DISHONEST TRUTH OPEN INTEGRITY MORAL 999979 Lying Moral Choice in Public and Private Life by Sissela Bok Vintage Books, 1979 A philosopher looks at lying and deception in public and private life--in government, medicine, law, academia, journalism,; in the family and between friends. A careful examination of the consequences of deception. ========================================================== %##HOFSTADTER REFLEXIVE RELATIONS SUBJECT OBJECT 999979 Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter Vintage Press, 1979 A metaphorical fuge on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll which suggests the multitude of ways in which strange loops of reflexive relationships are woven into the fabric of the technocratic society. ========================================================== %##MILLER COUPLE COMMUNICATION CONVERSE DIALOGUE 999979 Talking Together----Couple Communication by Miller, Nunnally and Wackman Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. 1979 Workbook for couples to improve the quality of interpersonal communications. ========================================================== %##SHOSTROM MANIPULATE TECHNIQUE COLLUSION CONTROL 999979 Man, the Manipulator by Everett L. Shostrom A Bantam Book, 1979 About the inner journey from manipulation to actualization. An attempt to clarify the tricks we play on ourselves and others. ========================================================== %##PAGELS GNOSTIC GOSPELS CHRIST REVELATION SPIRIT 999979 The Gnostic Gospels: A new account of the origins of Christianity Elaine Pagels Random House, New York, 1979 An examination of the conditions under which the doctrines and governance of Christianity were formulated so as to make the new religion one which could survive in the world of that day. Evidence is presented regarding the competing doctrines and governance styles which were suppressed by the church which did emerge. ========================================================== %##FUNK HOOVER JESUS SEMINAR FIVE GOSPELS JESUS DO +999979 %##HISTORICAL EVIDENCE PATTERNS SCRIPT STORIES REAL 999979 THE FIVE GOSPELS (What did Jesus really say?) by Robert W. Funk, Roy W. Hoover, and The Jesus Seminar An effort by historically oriented people of faith to discern what a historical analysis of available facts related to Jesus yields as conclusions about what Jesus most likely did say to his followers. ========================================================== %##HAYDEN ONE CHILD ABUSE RECOVER LOVE TEACHER HOPE 999980 One Child by Torey L. Hayden Putnam, 1980 A moving story of a teacher working with class of disturbed young children including one very bright child who was very disturbed due to abuse and neglect. A story of one creative teacher helping one child to become independent and healthy again in spite of systemic obstacles in the educational system. ========================================================== %##BACKUS HONEST INTEGRITY ADDICT DEPEND COLLUDE 999980 Telling Yourself The Truth By William Backus and Marie Chapian Bethany Fellowship, Inc. 1980 Bad things which happen to us because of the way we think dishonestly about our actions and relations. Focuses upon misbeliefs and elimination of them as the way to recover health. Biblical in foundation but not literal in presentation. ========================================================== %##NADER BLOCK COLLUSION THINK SOLAR ENERGY CRISIS 999981 Barriers to thinking about energy by Laura Nader - Anthropologist A nine column article in Physics Today of February, 1981. Starts on page 9. A commentary on the collusions and taboos of a national level panel on preparing for energy independence---seen as tribal cultural behaviors. ========================================================== %##PEARCE CHILD PARENT ADULT COLLUSION MIRACLE 999981 Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce Bantam New Age Books, 1981 An examination of the loss of the realm of mystery and spirit in the acculturation of imaginative children into the collusive world of adults; for rediscovering nature's plan for our children. See also Magical Child Matures by Joseph Chilton Pearce Bantam, 1986 ========================================================== %##FISHER URY BROWN GETTING YES TOGETHER CONFLICT 999981 GETTING TO YES Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In By Roger Fisher and William Ury Of the Harvard Negotiation Project Penguin Paperback Books, 1981 Concise guide to imaginative conflict resolution in which all participants win by authors who have been in the middle of real negotiations with much at stake. Offers major insights into how to work for peace and mutual understanding by multiplying creative options which will meet needs with advantages to all participants. GETTING TOGETHER Building Relationships As We Negotiate Roger Fisher and Scott Brown of the Harvard Negotiation Project Penguin Paperback Books, 1988 Concise guide on working to maintain long term cordial and mutually advantageous healthy relationships at the same time as one is dealing with the immediate conflict which needs to be resolved with mutual advantages to all the participants. A more personal focus than the previous book. ========================================================== %##FAST SEX TECHNIQUE MANIPULATE CONTROL ADDICT 999983 Sexual Chemistry, What It Is--How to Use It by Julius Fast Pocket Books, 1983 An effort to tell you how to get what you want in sexual relationships through the use of techniques. ========================================================== %##WINK NAMING POWERS THAT BE DOMINATION SYSTEM 999984 Naming the Powers by Walter Wink Fortress Press, 1984 An examination of the Biblical langage used to refer to principalities, powers, angels, devils, rulers, throwns, governance, and places of the exercise of power --- indicating that Biblical writers were pointing to real powers which they had experience directly and concretely. This is Volume One of a series of books on principalities, powers, angels, sponsors, etc. ========================================================== %##AL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS ADDICT CODEPEND ALCOHOL 999985 Al-Anon Family Groups, formerly Living with an Alcoholic Published by Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc Box 182, Madison Square Station, New York, N.Y. 10159 Handbook written by those who know how to live healthy lives in spite of the debilitations of the disease of alcoholism as it affects those near and dear. How to love others and take good care of yourself. ========================================================== %##JOHNSON CARE LOVE MYSELF OTHERS ADDICT CODEPEND 999985 One Minute for Myself How to Manage your most Valuable Asset by Spencer Johnson Avon Books, 1985 "This modern fable, written in very simple language, contains important psychological truths which may enhance the lives of many people." Dr. Carl Rogers One of a series of books "One Minute": Father Manager Mother -ales Person Teacher ========================================================== %##FLOURNOY PEACE SERENE TRANQUILITY ANXIETY WAYS 999985 100 Ways to Obtain Peace: Overcoming Anxiety by Richard L. Llournoy, Frank B. Minirth, Paul D. Meier and States V. Skipper Baker Book House Company, 1985 A book of informed Christian meditations focusing on various aspects of the dilemma of finding peace in the face of the debilitations of the diseases of codependence and addiction. Written in the context of the work of the Minirth-Meier Foundation of Richardson, Texas; a total health clinic. ========================================================== %##SCHAEF WOMEN REALITY SEX DISCRIMINATE DEPEND 999985 Women's Reality by Anne Wilson Schaef Perennial Library, 1985 A study of the different paradigms within which women and men live and interact and the kinds of power they have within those paradigms. ========================================================== %##SIEGEL BODYMIND LOVE HEAL HEALTH DISEASE ADDICT 999986 Love, Medicine & Miracles by Bernard S. Siegel Harper & Row, 1986 Accounts by a medical doctor and surgeon of the power of love and mindbody communication to promote healing in concert with traditional western medical aids. See Also Peace, Love and Healing: bodymind communication and the path to self-healing by Bernard S. Siegel Harper and Row, 1989 ========================================================== %##SCHAEF CODEPENDENCE ADDICTION COLLUSION HONEST 999986 Co-Dependence, Misunderstood-Mistreated by Anne Wilson Schaef Perennial Library of Harper and Row, 1986 A definition and analysis of the disease of codependence as a related to the disease of addiction; and how to respond to the interactions between the behavior patterns of those affected by the twin disease. ========================================================== %##SCIENCE TIME TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH GROWTH MEASURE 999986 Little Science, Big Science.....And Beyond by Derek J. de Solla Price Turns the methods of scientists upon the work of scientists to see what can be learned by reflexive use of measurement on science. See also the book Science Since Babylon by Derek J. de Solla Price An examination of the origins of modern science and technology in the evolution of the modern view of the solar system and the technology of making clocks with which to measure time. ========================================================== %##AL-ANON DEPEND ADDICT SERENE MEDITATE RECOVER 999986 One Day at a Time in Al-Anon from Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. New York P.O. Box 862 Midtown Station, New York, New York 10018-0862 1986 The primary handbook of Al-Anon which was founded to help people affected by the dysfunctional life-style of alcoholics. It offers guidance on how to take care of YOURSELF when distracted by alcoholics behaviors. In AA and Al-Anon people help each other recover from their diseases. Contact Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Al-Anon listed in most phone books for further information. ========================================================== %##BEATTIE CODEPENDENT ADDICT CONTROL OTHERS SELF 999987 "Codependent No More" How to Stop Controlling others and Start Caring for Yourself by Melody Beattie A Harper/Hazelden Paperback Book of, 1987 A moving story of recovery from mixtures of addiction and unhealthy self-sacrifice in caring for others. BEYOND Codependency and getting better all the time by Melody Beattie A Harper/Hazelden Paperback Book of, 1989 A book dedicated to the recovering adult children and codependents discovering how to relax, be who they are and allow themselves to shine. ========================================================== %##SUBBY CODEPENDENT ADDICT CHILD PARENT ADULT 999987 LOST IN THE SHUFFLE The Co-dependent Reality by Robert Subby Health Communications. Inc. 1987 A Paperback book A personal account of recovery from alcoholism and codependency in an age when most regarded it as impossible to be a victim to both diseases at the same time. Articulates the rules of the games of codependents and clarifies the nature of the dis-ease with a focus on the role of the family of origin. ========================================================== %##SPIRITUAL JOURNEY ACCEPTANCE BELONGINE NEW HOPE +999987 %##DIFFERENT DRUMMER ROAD LESS TRAVELED MEDICAL 999987 The Different Drum -- Community Making and Peace by M. Scott Peck, MD Touchstone 1987 Discerning how to go on another journey in self- awareness to achieve the creative experiences of a true community through new forms of connectedness, wholeness and healing. ========================================================== %##PEARCE COLLUDE ADDICT CODEPEND PARADIGM ESCAPE 999988 Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton Pearce Crown, 1988 Suggestions of radically different paradigms from within which we may approach personal realities and discover that there exist alternative experiences of reality which have integrity beyond most humans' expectations. ========================================================== %##SCHAEF ADDICTIVE ORGANIZE SOCIETY CODEPENDENT 999988 The Addictive Organization Why We Overwork, Cover Up, Pick Up the Pieces, Please the Boss, and Perpetuate Sick Organizations by Anne Wilson Schaef and Diane Fassel Harper and Row, 1988 An examination of the ways in which addictive and codependent patterns of behaviors in individuals interact in ways to create organizations of all kinds which function in systemic ways which are addictive and codependent in character, and so encourage both addictive and codependent behaviors on the part of individuals, etc. What happens if the CEO is a successful alcoholic? How can the CEO's subordinates survive? ========================================================== %##SCHAEF SOCIETY SYSTEM ADDICT CODEPENDENCE 999989 When Society Becomes an Addict by Anne Wilson Schaef 1989 A study of the ways in which the characteristics of addicts and codependents can become characteristics of a society as a whole and how that can influence the lives of individuals. ========================================================== %##SCHAEF ESCAPE INTIMACY HONESTY ADDICT CODEPEND 999989 Escape from Intimacy by Anne Wilson Schaef Harper & Row, 1989 Considers the ways which addicts and codependents devise to escape from authentic intimacy even as they appear to be seeking involvement in intimate relationships. Addiction may be manifested with foci upon sexuality, romance, and/or a particular person. ========================================================== %##HEMFELT LOVE CHOICE RECOVER ADDICT CODEPENDENT 999989 Love is a Choice Recovery for Codependent Relationships by Hemfelt, Minirth, & Meier Thomas Nelson Publisher, 1989 Insights into the roots of codependent and addictive relationships in the dysfunctional family experiences of childhood and the steps which adults can take to choose to live healthy lives; offered in the spirit of Christian love. The authors are associated with the Minirth-Meier Clinic in Dallas, Texas, one of the largest psychiatric clinics in the world with associated clinics in about a dozen other cities in the USA. ========================================================== %##KASAL WOMEN SEX LOVE CARE ADDICT CODEPENDENCE 999989 WOMEN, SEX AND ADDICTION by Charlotte Davis Kasal, Ph.D. Ticknor & Fields, 1989 Details the many ways in which sexuality plays a role in the lives of addicts and codependents as the disease spreads from parents and adults to children in dysfunctional families within addictive societies. ========================================================== %##THURMAN COLLUSION DISHONEST ADDICT CODEPEND 999989 The Lies We Believe by Dr. Chris Thurman of Minirth-Meier Clinic Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1989 An examination of the misleading beliefs which often operate to cause unhappiness in daily lives; and how to take steps to replace the dishonesties with the truth and so discover the happiness which all people seek. ========================================================== %##UNMAKING PRINCIPALITIES POWER DOMINATION SYSTEM 999989 Unmasking the Powers by Walter Wink Fortress Press, 1989 An articulation of the invisible forces that determine human existence through the spirits/angels of communities, institutions, businesses, cities, states and others. This is Volume Two of a series of writings on principalities, powers, angels, sponsors, etc. ========================================================== %##SUBBY CHILD PARENT ADULT HEAL FAMILY WITHIN 999990 Healing the Family Within by Robert Subby Heath Communications, 1990 Focusing upon the importance of honestly facing the realities of childhood and the misleading lessons learned there so as to become free to act as liberated adults. ========================================================== %##FRANK SCIENCE REVOLUTION PARADIGM COLLUSION NEW 999990 The Big Splash by Dr. Louis A. Frank with Patrick Huyghe Birch Lane Press, 1990 A first person account of the difficulties experienced by highly respected scientist who dared to seriously examine evidence which strongly suggests that planet earth is not so isolated and permanent as most people want to think; indications that every minute about twenty small comets of about 100 tons each slam into the earth bringing to earth water which has filled our oceans. Details the rejection which honesty has brought. ========================================================== %##TANNEN MEN WOMEN FEMALE MUTUAL UNDERSTAND LACK 999990 You Just Don't Understand Women and Men in Conversation by Deborah Tannen William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1990 A marvelously lucid account of the inevitable symmetrical misunderstandings in the way men and women talk to one another---but it is also full of entertaining vignettes of everyday life. ========================================================== %##MARTIN BLESSED ADDICTS SPIRIT ALCOHOL RECOVERY 999990 Blessed are the Addicts The Spiritual Side of Alcoholism, Addiction and Recovery with an emphasis upon early signs of a tendency towards addiction. John A. Martin Villard Books, New York, 1990 Insights into the beginnings of feelings, thinking and having the attitudes of the addict; rooted in alienation from self and from others---by a Roman Catholic priest who has spent many years ministering to people trapped in the addicts' paradigm. ========================================================== %##SINGER SEE JUNG GNOSIS CHAOS SPIRIT REAL OBJECT 999990 Seeing through the visible word: Jung, gnosis, and chaos June Singer Harper and Row, 1990 An examination of what it is that people perceive and regard as real in light of their paradigm, their system of beliefs and expectations. How we organize our perceptions in the face of experienced disorder. ========================================================== %##SPIRITUAL WORK MERCY PSYCHOLOGICAL HEART MIND +999990 %##SIDNEY CALLAHAN CONFLICT RESOLUTION REVERENCE 999990 With All Our Heart & Mind The Spiritual Works of Mercy in a Psychological Age by Sidney Callahan Crossroad Publiching Co. 1990 A discussion of the traditional seven spiritual works of mercy as traditionally taught by the Roman Catholic Church as complementary to the seven corporal works of mercy. ========================================================== %##LUCAS PEACE PLAY VIOLENCE CONFLICT RESOLVE 999991 PEACE on the PLAYGROUND Nonviolent Ways of Problem-Solving by Eileen Lucas A Franklin Watts Library Edition, 1991 The purpose of this book is to show you how nonviolence and nonviolent techniques can help you solve problems, particularly conflicts you may have with friends, classmates, even adults. With all the violence in the world around us, it is very important to be aware that there are alternatives available to solving problems. ========================================================== %##COVEY PRINCIPLED LEAD WISE THEORY PRACTICAL 999991 Principled Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey Summit Books, 1991 How to be principled, practical, wise, tough, charitable, and balanced in business leadership roles. ========================================================== %##HALVERSTADT MANAGE CHURCH CONFLICT RESOLUTION 999991 Managing Church Conflict by Hugh F. Halverstadt Westminster/John Knox Press, 1991 An integration of insights from the Bible, the study of organization group processes, theology, ethics, conflict resolution studies, family of origin studies, and Twelve Step Programs. Seeks to clarify how people affected by conflicts in churches can understand and constructively take steps to help manage the PROCESS without seeking to control the PRINCIPALS in a conflict or to determine the OUTCOME of a conflict. Offers PRINCIPLES by which to gain analytic insight into the: structure of the PROCESSES of conflict, the ways in which PRINCIPAL participants see themselves/others; and PRINCIPLED steps by which to contstructively help all affected by a conflict to manage the PROCESS of the conflict. ========================================================== %##POWERS DISCERNEMENT NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE SUVERT 999992 Engaging the Powers Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination by Walter Wink Fortress Press, 1992 An effort to help modern people discern the genius of ancient language used to talk about "fallen powers" in need of redemption --- rather than to talk about inherently evil spirits, powers, principalities, people and communities. This is Volume Three of the series noted above. ========================================================== %##SHEPHERD FEMININE SCIENCE BALANCE INTEGRITY LOVE 999993 Lifting the Veil The Feminine Face of Science by Linda Jean Shepherd, Ph.d Shambhala Press, 1993 A professional articulation of the ways in which feminine people of integrity have been excluded from influncing the development of science and how they may yet help to bring balance and integrity to the work and fruits of science. Chapters focus upon: "Veiling the Feminine Face of Science", "The Emerging Voice of the Feminine", "Feeling", "Receptivity" "Subjectivity", Multiplicity", "Nurturing", Cooperation", Intuition", "Relatedness", "The Social Responsibity of Science", "Lifting the Veil"---- with extensive footnotes and bibliography. ========================================================== %##PECK WORLD WAITING BORN CIVILITY REDISCOVERED 999993 A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN by M. Scott Peck, M.D. Bantam Books, 1993 A hopeful exploration of how pratical people of vision may soon go global in how they become successful by doing what is right in right relationships which demonstrate reverence for that which is transcendent. The focus is on civility as the essential foundation for a true civilization. ========================================================== %##MUNDY AWAKEN OWN CALL FOCUS ATTENTION AFFIRM 999993 AWAKEN to your OWN CALL Exploring A Course in Miracles by Jon Mundy "A Course in Miracles, first published in 1976, has sold more than a million copies without benefit of promotion and has become a modern spiritual classic. "In Awaken to Your Own Call, a leading interpreter of the Course presents a comprehensive introduction to its principles of love, peace, and forgiveness. "A Course in Miracles is recognized as one of the most beautiful and profound books ever written. Awaken to Your Own Call covers every major term, explores its wisdom, and offers applications for daily life. It is practical spirituality at its best." ========================================================== %##KEMMIS GOOD CITY LIFE RENEWING SENSE COMMUNITY +999995 %##CIVILITY CIVILIZATION POLICE POLITY DIALOGUE 999995 GOOD CITY and the GOOD LIFE by Daniel Kemmis Houghton Mifflin 1995 An examination of the evolution of the city as a place to come together in the market of goods, visions, ideas, ideals and ways of cooperating in civil ways. ========================================================== %##UNDERSTAND TRANSCEND SUBVERT DOMINATION SYSTEM 999998 The Powers that Be Theology for a New Millennium by Walter Wink Galille Doubleday, 1998 An effort to convey much of the content of the more scholarly written book "Engaging the Powers" --- written at the urging of Madeleine L'Engle to reach non-scholars where they are in the real world. ========================================================== %##SHELBY STEELE DREAM DEFERRED RACE CIVIL RIGHTS 999998 "A DREAM DEFERRED" The Second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America by Shelby Steele HarperCollins Publishers, 1998 Author of the bnestelling book The Content of our Character National Book Critics Circle Aware Winner A political conservative black man's analysis of how white leaders and black leaders have co-operated in dysfunctional ways in maintaining the inferior status of blacks and the superior status of whites following the "successful" civil rights movement of the middle of the twentieth century. ========================================================== %##WALTER WINK DOMINATION SYSTEM POWERS CONFLICT 999998 The Powers That Be by Walter Wink Doubleday Press, 1998 Theology for a new Millennium Based on a more extensive award winning-powers trilogy. "Walter Wink's 'The Powers That Be' is a Brillian book, and an important book. We need to take seriously his understanding that violence is never redeptive. Walter Wink is indeed giving us a new theology for a new millennium, and if we are to make it for another thousand years we need to understand this. This is not a book of doom, but of wonderous hope." Madeline L'Engle ========================================================== %##SPONG CHRISTIAN CHANGE DIE SCIENCE REVOLUTION +999998 %##MEDIEVAL LANGUAGE HEAVEN SPACE SHIP EARTH HELL 999998 Why Christianity Must Change or Die by John Shelby Spong HarperSanFrancisco 1998 A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile from their tradition-bound religious community in a modern scientific culture within Space-Ship-Earth in orbit around the sun. ========================================================== %##JEW CHRISTIAN MUSLIM FUNDAMENTALISM FEARS MOTIVE 999900 The Battle for GOD by Karen Armstron Alfred Knopf, 2000 A scholarly examination of the contexts and motivations of fundamentalist movements within the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities down through history. The conflicts are often conflicts within such communities about how to respond to the perceivee and/or real threats to the survival of the communal integrity made by invasions and revolutions in national, ideological, cosmological, and mythological constructs and perceptions. ========================================================== %##SPONG NEW CHRISTIANITY WORLD SCIENCE REVOLUTION +999901 %##TRADITIONAL FAITH DYING BEING REBORN COSMOLOGY 999901 A New Christianity for a New World by John Shelby Spong A desciption of a possible way in which a traditional faith may rediscover its original message in a new age and expressit in action and words befitting the new age. ========================================================== %##REVERENCE PAUL WOODRUFF FORGOTTEN VIRTUE SHALOM +999901 %##CONFLICT RESOLUTION CONTENTIOUS DOMINATION LOVE 999901 REVERENCE by Paul Woodruff Oxford University Press 2001 Insights by a student of Greek Classics and how they discerned the virtues which are essential to human civility and civilizations --- starting with reverence which stands in awe and wonder on encountering that which is transcendent in the view of honest mortals across many cultures and religious traditions. ========================================================== %##JEW CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISM CRUSADES VIOLENCE +999901 %##PREJUDICE DOMINATION CONTROL JESUS SALVATION +999901 %DEVIL ISRAEL PALESTINE MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT MUSLIM 999901 Constantine's Sword by James Carroll Mariner Books, 2001 A personal/historical description of the doctrines and logic of the almost 2,000 years of tragic relationships between Jews and Christians; often within the context of Muslim communities and conflicts over the concentration of political power to dominate people who are different. ========================================================== %##MORAL POLITICS HOW LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES +999996 %THINK FRAME QUESTIONS AFFIRMATIONS NEGATIONS EVIL +999996 %UNCONCIOUS WORLD CONCEPTIONS FAMILY LIFE PATERNAL 999996 Moral Politcs How Liberals and Conservatives Think by George Lakoff In "Moral Politics", the first full-scale application of cognitive science to politics, George Lakoff analyzes the unconscious world-views of liberals and conservatives, explaining why they are at odds over so many seemingly unrelated issues---like taxes, abortion, regulation, and social programs. The differences, Lakoff argues, are not mere matterns of partitisanship, but arise from radically different con- ceptions of morality and ideal family life---meaning that family and morality are at the heart of American politics, in ways that are far from obvious. ========================================================== %##THINK ELEPHANT KNOW VALUES FRAME DEBATE RIGHT +999904 %##AFFIRM NEGATE FAMILY PATERNAL RIGHT WRONG GOD +999904 %##RELIGIOUS POLITICS POLARIZE DICHOTOMY CONFLICT 999904 don't think of an elephant! KNOW YOUR VALUES AND FRAME THE DEBATE by George Lakoff Forward by Howard Dean Introduction by Don Hazen The Essential Guide for Progressives Including Post-Election Updates A summary of Lakeoff's book "Moral Politics" By Chelsea Green Publishing in 2004 ========================================================== %##CELEBRATING COMMUNITY EARTH JUSTICE PEACEMAKING+999904 %##SPEAK TROUBLING TRUTH POWER WEALTH CONCENTRATION+999904 %##RELIGIOUS POLITICS CHURCH ELEPHANTS REFORMATION 999904 The Prophetic Call Celebrating Community, Earth, Justice, and Peace by Hugh Sandborn, editor A collection of inter-related writings seeking to dig down under superficial realities and conflicts to facilitate true understanding of the modern issues in our revolutionary world. Published by CHALICE PRESS IN 2004 www.chalicepress. ========================================================== %##PEACEMAKERS TROUBLING RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS+999986 %##SPEAKING TROUTH CONCENTRATED WEALTH POWER FALLEN+999986 %LOCAL CONGREGATIONS TAKING AFFIRMATIVE STANDS EVIL 999986 A Just Peace Church edited by Susan Thistlethwaite The story of how the Congregationalists within United Church of Christ moved into local congregational actions to focus upon peacemaking in profound andeffective ways. A handbook for that type of local initiative and a way of connecting with others of like mind, heart and spirit. Published by United Church Press IN 1986 ========================================================== %##BEYOND BELIEF SECRET GOSPEL THOMAS EARLY JESUS+999903 %##GNOSTIC GOSPELS EARLY CHRISTIAN CHURCH HISTORY 999903 BEYOND BELIEF The Secret Gospel of Thomas by Elaine Pagels "This luminous and accessible history of early Christian thought offers profound and crucial insights on the nature of God, revelation, and what we mean by religious truth. Those who are moved by religiou but who find that they can nolonger accept the official doctrines of their church will find this marvelous book a source of inspiration and hope." A review written by Karen Armstrong. Published by Random House 2003 ========================================================== %##WHEN RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION BECOME EVIL SINNERS+999903 %##ABSOLUTE TRUTH CLAIM BLIND OBEDIENCE IDEAL TIMES+999903 %##ENDS JUSTIFY VIOLENT MEANS HOLY WARs INCLUSIVE 999903 WHEN RELIGION BECOMES EVIL Five Warning Signs by Charles Kimball Top Religion Book of 2002 --- Publishers Weekly "Kimball's clear and steady voice provides a helpful guide for those trying to understand why evil is perpetuated in the name of religion." Publishers Weekly By HarperSanFrancisco in 2002 ========================================================== %##POWER NONVIOLENCE RESISTANCE PEACEMAKERS LOVERS+999902 %##BUDDA EMERSON GANDHI DORTHY DAY ALBERT CAMUS GOD+999902 %##THOMAS MERTON MARTIN LUTHER KING BERRIGAN SCHELL 999902 The Power of Nonviolence Writings by Advocates of Peace "The Power of Nonviolence, the first anthology of alternatives to war with a historical perspective - with an introduction by Howard Zinn about Septebmer 11 and the U.S. response to the terrorist attacks - presents the most alient and persuasive arguments for peace in the last 2,500 years of history. The Power of Nonviolence is a compelling step forward in the study of pacifism, a timely anthology that fills a void for people looking for responses to crises that are not based on guns or bombs." Published by By Beacon Press in 2002 ========================================================== %##GOD AGAINST GODS HISTORY WAR MONOTHEISM POLYTHIS+999904 %##EGYPT PAGANS TERROR TRUE BELIEF CONFESS TRAITORS+999904 %##SIGN CONQUER CONSTANTINE DIVINITY CHRIST JESUS 999904 GOD AGAINST THE GODS by Jonathan Kirsch The History of the war between monotheism and polytheism. "By shoWing the dynamic underlying the development of montheism, Kirch shown what is involvved religiously in the belief in a single focus of divinity, and his book ttells us a great deal about thereligious imagination and its ongoing struggle for meaning and value. This is an accessible and engaging study that will challenge some facile religious assumptions, but does so creatively and constructively. Review by Karen Armstron, author of "The History of God" Published by Penguin Group in 2004 ========================================================== %##ONE NATION UNDIVIDED UNDER ISREAL DEPENDENT ZION+999990 %##DIASPORA ERETZ ISRAEL ZIONIST MOVEMENT BALFOUR+999990 %##MYTHOLOGY JUST WARS PEACEMAKERS USA LOBBY POWERS 999990 ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL by Andrew Hurley "Former United States Senator J. William Fulbright, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated repeatedly in 1973, "Israel controls the (U.S.) Senate." Senator James G. Abourezk of South Dakota told reporters at a Colorado Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner where he was keynote speaker in 1977, "as a United States Senator, I have sworn an oath to uphold the government of the United States, but I never dreamed I would be required to swear allegiance to any other government." He continued, "the United States is likely to become, if it has not already become, a captive state of its client state." Senator Fulbright was driven from office by the very lobby he tried to expose, a testimony to the power of the Ireaeli lobby (Senator Abourezk served only one term). Published by "Mission Publishing" and "Truth Press" in 1990 & 1999 ========================================================== %##HEART SOUL MIND SPIRT CHRISTIANITY LIVE FAITH+999989 %##REALITY OPEN TRANSFORM PRACTICE PLURALISM LOVERS+999989 %##INSTITUTIONAL TRADITION POWERS THAT BEING FALLEN 999989 The Heart of Christianity Rediscovering a Life of Faith How We Can Be Passionate Believers Today by Marcus J. Borg The bestselling author of Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time "A Marvelous book that is both challenging and illuminating, and effecting exactly the kind of transformation that Borg describes so lucidly." Reviewd by Karen Armstrong, author of "A History of God" Published in 1989 by HarperCollins ========================================================== %##POET COMMUNITY HOPE STYLE GRACE GOD COUNTRY JOY+999990 %##FEMINISM BODY MACHINE FLESH BODY MEASURE NATURES 999990 WHAT ARE People For? Essays by Wendell Berry Views of the world from the point of view of the land, the ground, the foundations of humane realities. Published by North Point Press in 1990, Division of Farrar, Straus and Giroux at 19 Union Square West, New York 10003 ========================================================== %##SINS SPIRIT FLESH INTIMACY SEXUALITY EVIL BLESS+999903 %##LESSONS TRANSFORM SOUL SOCIETY COMMUNITY FALLING+999903 %##MYSTIC INTUITION INSIGHTS HEALING POLARIZATIONS 999903 Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh Lessons for Transforming Evil in Soul and Society by Matthew Fox "Matthew Fox writes boldly and brilliantly about the Seven Cardinal Sins of the spirit, and the compassionate bkessings of the flesh, all in relation to the attributes of the seven shakras---those energies given to us by God which can be used to become Godly, or Godless. It is a fine blend of his great intellectual prowess, creativity, and love of humanity." Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD, Author of "Women who run with the Wolves". Published by Harmony Books in 1999. ========================================================== %##TERROR NAME GOD RELIGIOUS JUST WARS VIOLENT SINS+999903 %##CRUSADES ALIENATION HUMILIATION TERRITORY AVENGE+999903 %##COMMANDERS CADRES ARMY ULTIMATE ORGANIZATION EGO 999903 Terror in the Name of God Why Religious Militants Kill by Jessica Stern "All Americans now recognize theterrorist threat. Jessica Stern, a leading expert, adds much to our understanding in this readbable book about the relationship between personal conviction and terror, providing a long look into the thinking of actual terrorists around the globe." John Deutch, former director of Central Intelligence. Published by HarperCollins in 2003 =========================================================- SUPPLEMENTARY ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ========================================================== %##ACKNOWLEDGE SHAREWARE COMPUTER PROGRAM AUTHORS 999905 Extensive use has been made of shareware computer programs in the process of developing the ESSAYS SYSTEM. All editing of essay texts and batch jobs had been done with the use of PC-Write created by Bob Wallace and marketed by Quicksoft, 219 First N. #244, Seattle, WA 98109, (206) 282-0452. Much of the processing of word lists in locating mis-spelled words and managing dictionaries of good/bad words has been done with SPELLER.COM which came with a very early version of PC- WRITE. I have found PC-Write very useful and satisfactory! Of major help in final checking of spelling in text and dictionaries of good/bad words has been the spell check programs by Acropolis Software, P.O. Box 5037, 4620 Hazel Ave., Fair Oaks, CA 95628. CompuServe EasyPlex mail number 75146.3471 or Prodigy mail to RBJN67A. Provided is a fine dictionary management system! I have used PKARC and PKZIP for both file achieving and to facilitate file management. Contact PKWARE, Inc., 7545 N. Port Washington Rd., Glendale, WI 53217. The program ASK.EXE with documentation ASK.DOC by Sidney H. Gudes has facilitated user responses to the batch jobs of the Essays System. The program LIST by Vernon D. Buerg has been of significant help to me in quickly seeing contents of files without having to load up a full text editor. Write to Vernon D. Buerg, 456 Lakeshire Drive, Daly City, CA 94015. The program FINDX by Fulvio J. Castelli has helped me in locating lines of text in files with output to screen, printer or a disk file for later manipulation. It is easy to use. Write to Fulvio J. Castelli at 4844 King Edward, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H4V 2J6. The Patri-Soft Utilities by Norm Patriquin have been often very helpful to me, especially PSEARCH and PCOPY. I have used PSEARCH to create a selective file-backup system which runs automatically whenever I re-boot and let the system autoexec file run to completion. Contact The Patri-Soft Utilities, P.O. Box 8263, San Bernadino, CA 92412. Patriquin's BBS for (DATA) is 714-369-9766. I have used the program VIRUCIDE which packages the ViruCide software by McAfee Associates. Contact Parsons Technology, Inc. 375 Collins Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52402, USA. The compiled programs have been written in and compiled with the interactive professional verion of Microsoft BASIC. Contact Microsoft at 16011 NE 36th Way, Box 97017, Redmond, WA 987073-9717. For overall disk management I have used the Norton Utilities marketed by Symantic Corporation, 10201 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014-2132; phone 408-253-9600. I have also used MS-DOS 5.0 with DOS-SHELL by Microsoft. ========================================================== ##ACKNOWLEDGE PARENT FRIEND STUDENT BIOGRAPHY 999905 These writings are rooted in my origins, family and relationships with those who have blessed me with their willingness to enter into open and honest dialogue. Without their nurture and support I would not have had the insights to share with others. My natural mother, Letha Brubaker, I did not really get to know, for she died in Medellin, Colombia, South America when I was only seven years old. Yet early she nurtured my curiosity and freedom to ask deep questions. Through my loss of her as a child I have gained a dim insight into the loss of adult children of dysfunctional families. My father, Pryor T. Smith, Sr., was a missionary for the Presbyterian Church in Colombia, South America; and then pastor to small churches in the American Mid-West. From him I picked up an interest in proper procedures in collective decision making and a thoughtful consider- ation of the Christian Faith. Alice Sjogren courageously married into our large family of five young children and nurtured us and an addition to the family to adulthood and many varied and productive professional careers. I remember fondly friendships with schoolmates in Geneseo, Illinois where I attended grades 6 through 12 and started the process of forming close friendships; and also the closer ties with friends at Park College where my interests in Philosophy were nurtured by Harold Durphee, in theology by William B. Easton, and in Physics by Lawrence McAniny. Drs. Robert Sard and Arthur Hughes at Washington, University and Jack Schnips at Tufts University helped me through the formal training for my career as a physicist. I am indebted to Drs. Kasper, Moninger, Feller, Borgwald and Cottingham who have in the Coe Physics Department been sympathetic to my search for understanding although it has not often been clear where it was leading; and to Coe College for supporting me through a series of sabbaticals which strayed from the traditional paths of science professors. I appreciate the opportunity to spend time and work in the Physics Department and Graduate School of Science Education at the University of Iowa, as my experiences there have added breadth to my experiences in the small college setting. I am indebted to Dr. Arnold Strassenberg for inviting me to join him and other physics teachers in the wonderful trip to visit physics departments in Russia and China. I am particularly indebted to my closest student friends at Coe College who over the years have revealed to me in many extended conversations the kinds of difficulties which many students have with the peculiar character of scientists and their ways of barely relating to students as persons while focusing intently upon abstract ideas. Without their quiet encouragement and support I would never have come to my present understanding of many of the connections which have been made clear to me through my close friendships with them. Margaret McCluggage became an understanding wife and sympathetic supporter of my ventures while I was yet in graduate school, and has encouraged my efforts in ways which few women would have, and without which much of my writing would not have occurred. I am also grateful for my many friends and supporters in the Iowa Democratic Party who offered me the opportunity to expand my horizons through influential service to the Iowa Democratic Party in the years of rapid change when Iowa came to be an early testing ground for America's Presidential Candidates. Those experiences added an important balance to my professional life. The books which I have read have influenced my patterns of thought in ways which have never been recorded. I have never made nor worked with written notes as I read the many books so I cannot trace where many ideas and insights came from, but a little consideration and attention to dates of publication and of my writings will suggest the likely sources. I appreciate and thank all the authors of the many books which have deeply moved me. ========================================================== (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in GO: "Search for Integrity and Honesty" for download (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)
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