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================================================================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================================================================== This web page - - - will offer Surveys for public input - - - ABOUT MAJOR THREATS TO THE-LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY-OF-CIVILIZATION - - - hoping that most viewers are interested in helping US-ALL to participate in IDENTIFYING and LIFTING-UP for open-and-honest-dialogues: questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, perspectives, myths and convictions - - - that Will-Play-Major-Roles in EITHER AUGMENTING and/or UNDERMINING - - - the LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABILITY of EARTH'S GLOBAL Civility-Patterns - - - and of EARTH'S GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION. SUVEYS will be offered in the overall spirit described at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wisdom_of_Crowds. SURVEYS-WILL-NOT-FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY-UPON any-isolated ideology or group's - - - perspectives, beliefs or activities. Surveys WILL-FOCUS INCLUSIVELY-UPON questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, and perspectives - - - that ARE-TOO-RARELY the Gracious-Focus of Open-and-Honest Public-Dialogues. { THE SURVEY WAS UPDATED ON 2012/04/09- - - AND IS NOW OPEN FOR YOUR INPUT. IT WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR MANY DAYS; UNTIL THERE IS A GOOD REASON TO CLOSE IT.} { YOU ARE ALL ENCOURAGED TO TELL FRIENDS TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR DIVERSE PESPECTIVES, OPINIONS, CONVICTIONS, ETC. - - TO STIMULATE OPEN-AND-HONEST DIALOGUES!} =====> CLICK ON THIS LINE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR-OWN-PERCEPTIONS TO A CURRENTLY OPEN SURVEY <===== Some people may find portions of the survey to be of little interest/concern to them. Feel free to fill out only the portions that are of authentic interest/concern to you. There are no financial costs or benefits associated with filling out this survey document. Your only benefits are the intangible benefits of knowing you have helped to lift up important but neglected topics, for open and honest discussion. ================================================================================================================================================================================== ==================================================================================================================================================================================

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=                      Click on this line to explore an evolving dictionary of about 1,500 words that appear often in the over 10,000 essays available on this web site               =
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= Use this dictionary to find essays of interest to you.   Future  features  will enable  users  to  augment  their  own  search-word-lists  on the  basis  of how  frequently words  =
= have appeared in the essays found here at this web-site www.essayz.com. The focus here is upon facilitating open-and-honest discussions-with-friends about - - - -  How can we each =   
= discern whom we can most trust and admire in-the-long-term in GOD's PLANET-EARTH'S changing environment with finite supplies of OIL, NATURAL GAS and COAL that are being EXHAUSTED. =


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often.htm An Introduction to a few Essays-Most-Often-Visited.

again08.htm An Introduction to more Essays-Most-Often-Vissited.

webedit.htm A HISTORY of Essays Most Often Visited

finduse.htm To see a more fully annotated EARLY VERION of this finder.

lessuse.htm = find To see less used finders of essays and help pages.

Here # marks options which focus upon "word-starts"
rather than whole words as google.com does.

1 by-month Find the First-Essay of Years-and-Months from 1975 into 2005

2 previ.htm While-You-Are-Viewing-an-essay-text: FIND The-Previous--Essay by-date.
3 follow.htm While-You-Are-Viewing-an-essay-text: FIND The-Following-Essay by-date.
4 # links.htm While-You-Are-Viewing-an-essay-text: FIND Hyper-Linked Underlined-Highlighted Word-Starts
5 like.htm While-You-Are-Viewing-an-essay-text: FIND Many-essays Like/Unlike the-one-on screen.

6 keywordz Click here to FIND Special-Brief-Essays written to introduce Key-Words and concepts.
7 likelink.htm Click here to FIND Pre-Packaged Like-Essays-Sets about various topics.

8 # essaystr.htr FIND-Essays via Word-Starts in Alphabetic-Order --- having many Hyper-Links within most essay-texts.
9 # essaystz.htm FIND-Essays via Word-Starts in Frequency-of-Appearance-Order ==> Links to essays of high frequency Word-Starts.
10 # cluster.htm FIND-Essays via Word-Starts in Clusters-of-General-Relevancy ==> Links to essays of high frequency Word-Starts.

11 # vices.htm FIND-Essays via Searching-For Word-Starts Related to Disintegrative-Vices-to-Avoid.
12 # pairs.htm FIND-Essays via Searching-For Word-Starts Related to Disintegrative/Integrative Vices/Virtues
13 # virtu.htm FIND-Essays via Searching-For Word-Starts Related to Integrative-Virtues-to-Emulate.

14 user.htm Read suggestions on using these essays for class assignments.
15 windows.htm FIND-Essays via Advanced-Features of the Search-Engine Teoma.
16 3google.htm Find-Essays via the google.com TWO WINDOWS CONVENIENT FEATURE. <==== BRIEF-Version.
16 2google.htm Find-Essays via the google.com TWO WINDOWS CONVENIENT FEATURE. <==== Mature-Version.
16 egoogle.htm Find-Essays via the google.com TWO WINDOWS CONVENIENT FEATURE. <==== Early-version.
17 wpairs.htm Working with frequent word-pairs in forming search strings; -WITH- a preface before scr-all.htm
18 scr-all.htm Working with frequent word-pairs in forming search strings; WITH-OUT the preface given just above.
19 clus0002.htm Links to Specific-Essays about Essential Foundations for Personal and Communal Integrity
20 crises.htm Links to Action-Groups & Specific-Essays --- Related to Global-Environmental-Crises.
21 weather.htm Links to Action-Groups & Specific-Essays --- Related to our Global-Warming
peakoil.htm Links to resources generally related to Peak-Oil, Global-Energy-Crisis and Global-Warming
23 tragic.htm Tried & recommended search-strings including the word "tragic" to use with 2google.htm
24 tipping.htm Search-strings relating to many dangerous-tipping-points in Space-Ship-Earth".
25 reframe.htm Search-string parts related to reframing-alienative-questions re. Space-Ship-Earth threats.
26 essaystx.htm Recognize/Use the Utility of Hyper-Links within texts of essays.
27 scores.htm Scores of most frequently viewed essays suggest which essays are most "popular". See webraw.htm
28 howfind.htm How-to-find-essays with many words organized-into-triplets of-related-words, and 2google.htm
29 compare.htm Find essays containing TABULATIONS OF WORDS FOR COMPARISONS AND CONTRASTS in Diagnostic-Pointers.
30 reff2006.htm Find essays using "Refferers" that other visitors have been using to refer them to texts of Regular-Essays. (Is like finduse below.)
31 trio.htm ===> Find essays which previous visitors have visited at least 3-times during some month.
32 lessuse.htm ==> find Helps you find LESS-USED web pages; as the top-two-lines above help you find the MOST-USED-ONES.
33 aiders.htm Calls attention to mostly-non-essay-text aiders in efforts to find resources. (Will be retired.) (Is like reff2006 above.)
34 themes.htm Themes that served as personal contexts for writing the essays here. See also in find==lessuse
35 recent ===> Can be used to find where the action is in reading regular essay texts.

finduse.htm Use a more fully annotated version of this finder of real Essay-Texts.

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