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This-essay is a7309011.htm which is available at the web-site essayz.com See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One Cautions about Planet-Earth running out of fossil-fuels. ================================================================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================================================================== This web page - - - will offer Surveys for public input - - - ABOUT MAJOR THREATS TO THE-LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY-OF-CIVILIZATION - - - hoping that most viewers are interested in helping US-ALL to participate in IDENTIFYING and LIFTING-UP for open-and-honest-dialogues: questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, perspectives, myths and convictions - - - that Will-Play-Major-Roles in EITHER AUGMENTING and/or UNDERMINING - - - the LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABILITY of EARTH'S GLOBAL Civility-Patterns - - - and of EARTH'S GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION. SUVEYS will be offered in the overall spirit described at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wisdom_of_Crowds. SURVEYS-WILL-NOT-FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY-UPON any-isolated ideology or group's - - - perspectives, beliefs or activities. Surveys WILL-FOCUS INCLUSIVELY-UPON questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, and perspectives - - - that ARE-TOO-RARELY the Gracious-Focus of Open-and-Honest Public-Dialogues. { THE SURVEY WAS UPDATED ON 2012/04/09- - - AND IS NOW OPEN FOR YOUR INPUT. IT WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR MANY DAYS; UNTIL THERE IS A GOOD REASON TO CLOSE IT.} { YOU ARE ALL ENCOURAGED TO TELL FRIENDS TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR DIVERSE PESPECTIVES, OPINIONS, CONVICTIONS, ETC. - - TO STIMULATE OPEN-AND-HONEST DIALOGUES!} =====> CLICK ON THIS LINE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR-OWN-PERCEPTIONS TO A CURRENTLY OPEN SURVEY <===== Some people may find portions of the survey to be of little interest/concern to them. Feel free to fill out only the portions that are of authentic interest/concern to you. There are no financial costs or benefits associated with filling out this survey document. Your only benefits are the intangible benefits of knowing you have helped to lift up important but neglected topics, for open and honest discussion. ================================================================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================================================================== A BEGINNING NOTE --- SEE END NOTE BELOW Below is the first of many essays written while involved in a first professional sabbatical at Coe College lasting September of 1973 through January of 1974. Here the initial 241 essays are presented in alphabetic order according to the first word of the titles which follow the percent signs. The order of writing them is unknown, so the dates assigned to the essays here are based upon the alphabetic order in which they are presented; not really the dates of the writing of the individual essays. Other activities successfully engaged in during the sabbatical included: (2) visiting a dozen small colleges and universities within a few hours driving time from Coe College, and there interviewing all members of the physics departments, and often the Academic Dean and/or President of the institution. (3) Creating computer software for physics students to use in an IBM 1130 Computer -- in the data analysis of results of laboratory experiments --- via free-formatted placement of data on computer punch cards. These activities sought to help address the crisis that had developed in physics education nation-wide. The writer was involved in the American Association of Physics Teachers, serving approximately 15 years on the National Council of AAPT during succeeding years and offering some leadership in integrating the use of computers into the teaching of physics in the early years of the availability of computers on college and university campuses. Click for comments after the last of the first 241 essays. ---------------------------------------------------------- %ABSTRACTIONS AND ILLUSTRATIONS 730901 Some people communicate best through abstractions. Other persons communicate abstractions best through the creative use of appropriate illustrations. In the latter case it is not only the particular illustrations which are communicated. They are a channel of communication for the communication of the abstractions which they illustrate. The persons who make use of such illustrative channels of communication may find it impossible to use abstractions as channels of communication. Scientists are usually included to use abstractions as their primary channel of communication. Illustrations are regarded only in their particularity. Illustrations are but means to validating the abstractions which are "really real". Illustrations are "without power" unless rational arguments can be presented to show convincingly and statistically that the illustrations are "nothing but" special cases of a general law or theory. A few illustrations are not regarded as pointing powerfully to realities. Statistical proofs are valued more highly than pointers. The arationalists which constitute a large fraction of our society are likely to communicate via the use of illustrations rather than via the use of abstractions. Natural scientists who plan and carry out educational programs of science instruction are likely to communicate via the use of abstractions. Scientists often wish to communicate via the use of abstractions alone, without the support of illustrative examples of the abstractions. High density information is valued more highly than is low density information, such as is carried in illustrations of abstract principles. Because of this disparity in states of consciousness it is difficult for rationalists and arationalists to be in dialogue. The alienation tends to create feed-back loop mechanisms which intensify real problems. Natural scientists will be helpful more often if they seek ways to use many available channels of communication to help others understand how scientists view reality. A mutual understanding of the nature of reality will not be possible so long as participants in reality seek to maintain standard ways of viewing reality. (c) 1999 by Paul A. Smith in GO: essayz.com "Search for Integrity and Honesty" (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================
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This-essay is a7309011.htm which is available at the web site essayz.com along with over 7,430 other essays. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One