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This-essay is a7312222.htm which is available at the web-site See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One Cautions about Planet-Earth running out of fossil-fuels. ==========================================================

For a previous beginning-note; click here. A CONTINUING NOTE, and A SECOND; ONE-SCREEN BELOW Following the two lines of equal signs below ==== is the last of the 241 initial essays that were written during an initial professional sabatical at Coe College. The 241 initial essays were made available to many members of the faculty, administrators, students at Coe College, and some scientific and political leaders; with little substantive response from them. However, one woman who was a student and was rarely in the Physics Department read the set of essays and then made gracious moves toward initiating a personal dialogue with the writer who was slow to take the hints; resulting in a more pointed and successful effort to open dialogue. After a few conversations, a copy of a just-written-essay inspired-by-the-conversations, was sent to Kathy via the campus mail; and soon Kathy had dropped on the writers' office-desk a response written "in the voice" of the new essay. About 15 essays were written/exchanged during the ensuing conversations. They follow this note and essay. There are indications of who wrote the various essays. These conversations marked a meaningful transition between the writing of the initial 241 essays and writing the thousands of additional essays during the following years --- stimulated by additional dialogues with other students during the following years; some of whom worked to make possible the publication of the full set of essays on the world-wide-web. Without their sympathetic support and work, this set of essays would never have been made as available as they are now. Their great efforts are all deeply appreciated as essential steps to this place. ===> See a9304010 for a related document from a later time in the evolution of the web site ========================================================== %WORSHIP 7312222 Some persons are explicit in their worship and participation in worship rituals. Such persons are open to criticisms of others and may profit from those criticisms, especially when they are offered by a helpful prophet. Some persons know not what they worship. Via collusions their worship is unknown and beyond criticism. Such persons are not open to criticisms of others with respect to: the dominant focus of their lives, their ultimate concern, their essential self-images, their value system, their notions of good and evil, their hierarchy of values, and their participation in reality. As an unknown, their worship is beyond criticism. Some would say that they do not participate in worship. They are usually correct in the sense that they do not take part in activities usually known as worship. But, it is helpful to ask if man can avoid all worship without ceasing to live. The answer to such a question is clouded by the essential uncertainties of real peoples' living. Rationalistic analysis is not likely to yield a mutual understanding of the situation. It may not be helpful. Some seek to maintain standards of good and evil, and to achieve acceptability in terms of those standards. There is a motivation to accomplish and receive praise. Credit must go where it is due, and it is "hoped" that it is due self with sufficient frequency to maintain hope and meaning for self who knows not a fail-safe context. Some seek to be helpful to others and become the way in which the new becomes known. They-have an awareness that power and creativity merely flow through them; not originating within them. They have a mutual awareness that the acceptance of praise for what appears as their accomplishments, will not be honest to the nature of reality. They are aware of their need to worship that which transcends their understanding and full control, in order to sustain the essential uncertainties of real living. By explicit rituals of worship they seek to escape the enslavement of worship --- which is unknown through collusions. ==========================================================

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