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By Word
An Overview of Historic Developments

The notes below were written relatively early in the development of this web site which did not develop in keeping with the visions articulated below. This is now being left here to give visitors a sense of what has gone into the development of this web site. There may yet be more developed in the sense of using WORD-STARTS with a wider range of WORD-STARTS to provide access to essays. Search engines do not successfully find word-fragments. But visitors here can use the features described in 2google.htm to find appearances of any of a number of words which start the same way --- by explicitly including them in the search string. So far there have been many opportunities to improve this web site without making the major investment in computer programing and computer runs and the extensive use of computer disk space --- that would be entailed in expaning the variety of WORD-STARTS offered here.

This web page By Words will eventually offer you the opportunity to call to screen many of essays available within the ESSAYS System. You will be able to select essays in terms of one or more words contained in the essay texts and lines of KEYWORDS which preceed each essay.

(These features will emerge only "eventually" when they seems to be the best-next-features to be developed. It will probably be better to develop other features before this one. There is much work to fulfill this vision. Please be patient and check back periodically!)

You will be able to click on any of many frequently displayed KEYWORDS, illustrated below, as displayed together a single line; and thereby call to screen essays which contain the word you click on, along with the other words to the left of the word you click on.

You will thereby begin looking at an ordered-string of linked-essays which contained the word(s) you selected in decreasing-order of how-many of them were found within each-essay in-the-string. You will see one essay-text-at-a-time on the screen, on one web-page-at-a-time.

On each such essay-text-screen, at the top and the bottom of each such web-page containing the text-of-one-essay, you will have options to click on links to select other ways for viewing the essay-text web-pages: By Month, By Years and By Words. Doing so will most-likely extract-you from the string-of-essays you have been examining.

Within each string-of-linked essay-texts you will be able to click on links labeled as PREVIOUS and NEXT> within the string-of-essays as ordered --- to move back-and-forth within the current ordered essay-text-string.

When this system is functional clicking on one of the words below will
call to screen a string-of-essays which in-decreasing-order contain the
word you click on  along with the others to its left.  The count will 
be the total count of all such words within each individual essay-text.
It will be a challenge to pick a felicitus and finite set of keywords and
then offer a felicitius and finite set of pre-packaged strings of essays
selected as here-indicated.







Other forthcoming-features are previewed at the following web-pages:

 By Month     By Years     
By Words     By Keys     HOME PAGE