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Available here at are Resources & Activities Related to Peak-oil:
The Exhaustion of The Oil-Supplies of God's Space-Ship-Earth and some Life-Style-Implications. Relevant World-Wide, but originating in North-Central-Colorado, USA.
Last updated on December 17th, 2007.

========> Many additional resources on Peak Oil as of December 17th, 2007 <========

The next links will take you to resources that provide frameworks for asking profound questions about issues dealt with by other web sites referenced directly or indirectly here.

=====> A brief overview of Planet-Earth's "Energy Situation" IS available here. <=====

===> See the Special Sept. 2006 Issue of Scientific American: <===
"Energy's Future Beyond Carbon" with
"A Plan to Keep Carbon in Check" and gives references to Web Sites noted below.
The plan is presented in terms of "wedges" of a full pie of Hopeful-Responses to
the Global-Energy-Crisis.
The Referenced web sites are:
The calculations behind their individual wedges are available at
Energy statistics are available at: and and
Carbon emissions data can also be found at (Note no www.)

Learn about the "Post Carbon Institute" here.

Click on the following URL to go there
On that web page look especially for the "Eco-Justice Notes".
Click on the following URL to go directly to Eco-Justice Notes

======> Click here for articles by Matt Simmons, a new mature oil-guru! <======

===> CLICK HERE for a web page about how to do searches WITH TWO WINDOWS <===
Featured is an example about doing a very selective search for just a few
of the 33 MILLION WEB PAGES which speak about "PEAK-OIL".(g)
===> This web page is under development! <===

===> Global-Flooding of Large-Cities due to Global-Warming and more frequent storms: <===

Gathered together below are the web pages which focus on the many issues related to Peak-Oil;
however, not all of the web pages deal purely with "pure-peak-oil".

*** context.htm Contexual Factors relevant for web-pages presented here.

*** peakoil1.htm Search-strings to find resources on "Peak-Oil" and Our Global Energy Crisis.

*** peakoil2.htm Some additional helpful Google searches pertaining to "PEAK-OIL".

The following web sites will appeal most to quantitatively inclined visitors, but can be useful.

*** peakoil3.htm Cumulative-Consumptions of Energy at some Rates-of-Growth of Energy-Use.

*** peakoil4.htm Gesstimating the Volume of Fossil Fuel that can be in Earth's-Crust - - -

*** peakoil5.htm Examples of the Range of Amounts-of-Energy used by humans.

*** peakoil6.htm Some of the Physics of the diverse forms of Energy. Published on 21 Apr 2004 by From The Wilderness. Archived on 21 Apr 2004. Peak Oil: Debate or Vendetta? By Suzan Mazur World's Largest Wind Turbin in 2007/04

======> The Fast-Melting-Shifting-Greenland-Ice-Sheet <======

The link just above is to an original Los Angeles Times substantive-article
on the surprisingly-fast Melting-Shifting of the Greenland Ice Cap; with
enough water to raise all ocean levels by about 20 feet --- relatively soon!
What few of the world's largest cities will NOT be tragically affected? Name them!
Hint: Visit bigcity.htm

In Future: Links to "activists" in North-Central-Colorado; e.g., Boulder & Fort Collins.

"Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma April 27-29, 2006 in NYC"

The above is a wonderful source of information into which all can tap.

Smart-Energy-Solution-Suggestions from the Sierra Club

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Home Page of on which, look 2/3 down the page, for this page on "Peak Oil"; at O.3.