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Whenever you are viewing the text of a regular-essay you may instantly look at the text of the Previous-or-Following regular-essay by-date --- by clicking on the Hyper-Link at the UPPER Left-or-Right CORNER of the text-screen. You can thus trace the historic pattern-of-essay-development by clicking repeatedly on Previous-Essay and Following-Essay

The above possibility is potentially more useful than may be clear at first sight. Themes of consideration evolved at deep subcounscious levels --- over many days, weeks, months and even years of time. Individual essays have often been occasional overt symptoms of deep subconscious currents of thought. All essays have been quickly written in a train of conscious manner. No essays have been substantially edited thereafter. Occasionaly you may find it useful to browse-to-trace such under-currents --- by clicking repeatedly at UPPER-CORNERS for Previous-Essays and Following-Essays. Click following here to go to a first essays of any month: bymonth.htm

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