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HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE's TWO-WINDOW Advanced Search Options. ======================================================== WHEN YOU ARE READY TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW, PRINT THIS PAGE --- In-LANDSCAPE-ORIENTATION ========================================================

=====> THIS IS STILL A WEB PAGE IN PROGRESS! PLEASE BE PATIENT! <====== now offers options which make it possible to carry out google.comsearches within the framework of Two-Active-Screens. This can be very useful in searching for web pages containing the approximately 7,600 essays of --- and in searching the billions of web pages hosted at web sites around the world.
You can follow Specific-Steps to given below to Search-for-Web-Pages of with the Right-Side of your screen devoted to entering Your-Search-Strings and then Below- Your-Search-String get Hyper-Links to the Web-Pages which satisfied Your-Search-String's specifications.
The Left-Side of your screen will be devoted to displaying the Web-Pages whose URLs you click on --- on the Right-Side of your screen.
You will also be able to consult any web page displayed on the Left-Side of your screen for words to effectively make use of --- on the Right- Side of your screen --- in new search strings.
Later you will be guided to special web pages that will be displayed on the Left-Side of your screen; because the web pages will advise you about what combinations- of-words may helpfully be-used-to-search for potentially-helpful-texts. It-helps-to-know what-can- be-searched-for ---> and-tereby-found!
The two sides of the screen will overlap some in the middle of your full screen; to give you adequate access to what is displayed on each side of the screen.
By clicking on a blank-area on either side of the screen --- you can bring to view all-of-the-one-side-of-the- screen where-you-have-just-clicked-on-a-blank-part.
On each side of the screen you will be able to scroll both up-and-down to see what is below and/or above what- you-are-viewing-at-the-moment. You will become able to use each side of the screen independent of the other side, and/or also in cordination with your use of the other side of the screen.
Very carefully do each of the following steps to set-up to use --- to be able to do what is described above.
======================================================== WHEN YOU ARE READY TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW, PRINT THIS PAGE --- In-LANDSCAPE-ORIENTATION ========================================================
1. Clear the www brouser-window-for-www-URL-addresses by putting your cursor IN-IT and pressing the {Del} key. Then type the next-letters-between-quotation-marks---} "" ------- into that empty long horizontal box of your web brouser-window- for-www-URL-addresses. Do NOT include any quotation mark in what you type!
2. Press ENTER, or click on the "go" at the right end of the box where you typed-in "" A-new-window for will-open-on-your-screen.
3. Look at the UPPER-RIGHT-CORNER of the window for the [-], square-box(es), [X] ; and make sure that between the [-] and the [X] there are two overlapping square-boxes --- by clicking on the single-square-box, if-there-is-only-one-box- there. This makes the edges of the screen be moveable and adjustable; which is essential in what follows. 4. Put your cursor on the TOP-SOLID-BAR of the window and drag the window to put the [X] of the window at the UPPER-RIGHT-CORNER of your MAIN-COMPUTER-SCREEN-WINDOW.
5. Put your cursor on the LEFT-EDGE of the window and drag it horizontally so that the window edge is about one quarter of the FULL-SCREEN-WIDTH from the LEFT-EDGE of the FULL-COMPUTER-SCREEN. 6. Put your cursor on the BOTTOM-EDGE of the window and drag it down so that it is at the BOTTOM-EDGE of your FULL-COMPUTER-SCREEN.
7. Click on tiny-word "Preferences" at the right end of the search- text-window. A new window will open. In the new window scroll- down to the text "Results Window", and click in the little- square-box to the left of the text which reads "Open search results in a new browser window". Then, at the lower-right-of- that-screen, click on the text which reads "Save Preferences". You will be returned to the original screen. In that screen, perform the steps given below.
8. Click within the screen ON the tiny-text "Advanced Searches" at the right-end-of-the-long-horizontal-box, into which you are to type search strings. (A new window will open.) In the new window go down to the line starting with the text "Domain" at the far left. In the box to the far right of that line, type in the text next-between-quotation-marks ---} "" without including the quotation marks! NEXT, make sure that the box to the left of the just typed-in "" contains the text "Only" --- to indicate that you want to use to focused "Only" on the web pages within the site: "".
9. You NOW have the right-three-fourths of your computer-screen ready for later-use. It is the "Results-Window" where the Hyper-Links to web-pages found by will be presented for you to use as you wish.
10. Type INTO the long horizontal-box-for search-strings --- the text-next-between-quotation-marks on the next line ---} "word starts below" including NO-QUOTATION-MARK! Then press Enter --- to get HYPER-LINKS to pages of the web site that will help you recognize what search words you may fruitfuly include in search strings. The Clickable-Links to those web pages will appear below where you typed in "word starts below" to find The-Three-Included-Words ---only at the web Of course you can choose other words that suit you by looking at the web-pages you will find with the above Recommended-Three-Words. They are here now recommended because the web pages found with them will give you a good cross-section of potentially-fruitful search-string- words. Using the above you can find many more potentially- fruitful search-string-words. This is an effort to liberate- you to-find what-will-most-interest-you! 11. ==> About what you can do with the Clickable- Links that you will get above. <==

a. The above Specially-Chosen search-string was chosen because it will give you a reasonably small number of hyper-links which will introduce you to a wide cross section of pages in which includes over 7,600 essays and a comparable number of web pages that were designed to help you find some essays most likely to be of interest to you.

b. Your going through the process of getting the above set of Clickable-Links --- will in addition introduce you to the extensive possibilities of useing google.con WITH-TWO- SCREENS --- to create a wide range of fine-tuned searches focused upon any-of-the-millions-of-web-sites-in-the world; not just searches focused upon just this particular web site. This procedure being described is globaly-relevant for all web-sites!

c. The above Specially-Chosen search-string will help you recognize a variety of web pages at which will give you guidance about which combinations-of-keywords will be likely to yield successful identifications of essays likely-to-be-of-interest-to-you, because-of-your-choices of which combinations-of-frequently-occuring-keywords to include in your own search strings.

d. You can gain by becoming familiar with, and comfortable with, using's new Two-Window-Method of displaying Resulting-URL-Hyper-Links within what they call the "Results-Window" --- and displaying the web-pages-to-which- those-URL-Hyper-Links point --- in another window --- which here will appear in the left part of your computer-screen --- with am overlap at the middle of the screen. You can alternately favor which-ever window you want to favor, by clicking on a blank-part-of-the-window which you choose to favor at the moment. Shifting back and forth is easy and intuitively clear, once you familiarize yourself with the possibilities.

e. To begin to appreciate the power of this methodology within the context-of-the-whole-world wide web, rather than within just this or any other single web site --- copy the follow- ing-very-long-line of many words; by following the instru- ctions which come after the following very long line-of-text between itmes "e." and "f." below.

=======> peak oil global warming rising waters big cities hurricanes storms frequent severe change life styles conservation alternative energy sources distributive justice religious teachings finite resources

f. Put-your-cursor-on-the-left-end-of-the-line --- AND while- holding-down the left-mouse-key, drag-the-cursor all-the-way horizontally-to-the-right-end-of-the-line --- so that only- the-following-one-line-is-highlighted. Only then lift your finger from the left-mouse-key.

g. Then put the cursor at the left end of the the search-string-box and hold the {Enter-Key} down; and while holding the {Enter-Key} down --- press the {Ins} = Insert- Key. Note that in doing the above you will be moving the cursor from the LEFT window in which this text is seen --- to the RIGHT "Results-Window" of where the box is for inserting the "search-text"; in this case the whole long-line-above.

h. To make the search as restrictive as possible, put the whole line which appears below into the window of the "Advanced Search" option; asking only for those web pages in the whole world which contain each and every one of the words in the very long search string.

i. When a google search was done on August 10th of 2006 for just-the-two-words "peak oil", the number of "hits" was about 33,000,000; about Thirty-Three-Million.

j. When a search was done on August 10th of 2006 for-all-of-the- web-pages which EVERY-ONE of the words on the line between lines "e." and "f." above, there were only: 227 "hits. Those 227 web pages are likely to offer some comprehensive comments!

k. This web page is still a work in progress! Be patient as efforts are made to make the instructions more clear and the examples more helpful!

12. Now we turn to working on and within a Left-Work-Window that is Complementary-to-Google's-Right-Results-Window.

a. It is helpful to have a stable familiar context of Two- Regular-Windows to work in with reliable habits.

b. Knowing where familiar things are-and-will-be makes work and cooperation easier!

c. It helps to have the Google's-Right-Results-Window in the Right-two-thirds-of-the-computer-screen always.

d. It helps to have a Left-Work-Window that takes up the Left-two-thirds-of-the-computer-screen always.

e. It helps to be able to click on a blank part of each window to Give-IT its full-share-of-the-screen.

f. It helps to be able to work inside each window As-If the Othere Were-Not-There.

g. It helps to be able to get/use information found-within the-other-window to-use-in "This-Window".

13. Follow instructions below to Regularize your Left-Work-Window for later use during this session.

a. Click on a blank space in the Right-Results-Window.

b. Select the "Preferences" options within the Right-Results-Window in standard mode.

c. Therein select preferences for using Two-WINDOWS and how many reports per view in the Results-Window.

d. Clear the Search-String-Box and type in the characters next between quotation marks ---> ""

e. Be sure you did not include any quotation mark; and press the ENTER-KEY, or click-on-go.

f. In the Results-Window note that there are avaiable thousands of "Results" for the web

g. That is too many "Results" to work with in any practical way! You will need to be more selective!

h. Clear the Search-String-Box and there type in the special characters ---> "keywordz" without including any quotation mark.

i. Be sure you did NOT include and quotation mar; and press the ENTER-KEY, or click-on-go.

j. Locate the "RESULT" includes reference to ?????????????? ??????? and click on the Underlined-text.

K. Observe the location and size of the Left-Work-Window which has been opened to display a Web-Page-for-you.

l. Click-on-and-Drag Left-Work-Window edges to make it fill the left two-thirds of your computer screen.

m. Alternately Click-on-blank-parts of the Right-Results- Window and the Left-Work-Window to see what happens.

n. Shift your attention now to just what can happen just within the Left-Work-Window, ignore the right-one.

o. There are countless web-page-contents you can now call into the Left-Work-Window, hundreds of them!

p. By clicking on highlighted individual words in the Left-Work-Window you can learn about "keywords".

q. In the Left-Work-Window highlighted word-starts are used often in the essay texts of

r. Within site:essayz. the focus is on "word-starts" as finding tools; not on whole-words.

s. Wherever a frequent "word-start" appears in an essay's text, it and letters following are highlighted.

t. Each-and -every such highlighted "word-start" is a hyper-link to a list of essays-of-frequent-usage-of-it.

u. Other highlighted Sets-of-Words are hyper-links to helpful-web-pages of; "HELPS".

V. You are here in the realm of a web of over 7,600 essays with millions of interconnecting hyper-links!

w. Two of the most useful web pages are CENTER and HOME which appear at top and bottom of many other pages.

x. HOME presents in outline form access to many ways of finding essay texts within site:essayz.colm

y. CENTER presents links to many familair places should you get lost/confused and want a way HOME.

Z. Enjoy your time in this "zoo" of essays pointing to all kinds of interesting relationships! 14. Following are some suggestions about parts of the "zoo" you may profitably visit to find how to effectively find essays of intererst to you. a. You may find it useful to visit scr-k01.htm which lists the frequency of appearance of many word-starts as of the early 2000's. You may want to onsider those fre- quencies in designing search-strings with which to find essays which deal combinations of word-stars which appear reasonably frequently. does not seem to facilitate searches for word-starts which are just word-fragments. Often many different words start the same way, with noteable signifance. samples.htm offers a beginning point for a wider range of web pages containing more focused collections of word and word- pairs which are relevant to making search strings. Particularly relevant in the web-pages you can find via sampes.htm and 2google.htm are reports found under "WORDPAIR" & "QUICKPAR". b. THIS IS STILL A WEB PAGE IN PROGRESS! Please be patient! ======================================================== WHEN YOU ARE READY TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW, PRINT THIS PAGE --- In-LANDSCAPE-ORIENTATION ========================================================

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