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How to find useful word-pairs to use in search strings.

To skip the following preface, click on scr-all.htm

The purpose of this web page is to concisely give you guidance on how to find web pages in this web site which will help you prudently choose keywords to use in search strings most likely to help you find texts of intererst to you.

You need to know what combinations-of-words are in texts which are likely to interest you. The web page that most concisely will guide you to such information is the web page scr-all.htm What is that?

scr-all.htm can lead you to many other web pages for each of many keywords you may choose. On those other web pages you will be able to see what words appear-most-frequently with any word you have initially chosen from a list of keywords which appear most frequently in the texts of essays on this web site. It is then up to you to discern which of the frequent avilable pairings of words is a signal to you of a possible interesting essay text. Such discernment is totally yours. The purpose of the following is to help you see web pages containing the information which you need to see.

If you here click on scr-all.htm you will go to a web page with introductory text at the top of the page. The useful information is displayed after the top introductory text. There is an extensive tabulation of frequently appearing word-starts down the left edge of the window. Across the top of the tabulation is a list of types of reports for each word-start. The following is the first few lines of that web page'stabulation.

In the following each highlighted underlined word is a hyper-link to a report about the word at the left end of its line. Each such hyper-link connects to a different web page. Each hyper-link on one horizontal line pertain to its Left-Word-Start. The character of the report regarding its Left-Word-Start is indicated by the hyper-link-word according to the following descriptions. LWS = Left-Word-Start.

COUNTWORDS => The frequency-count-of-the-words in essay-TITLES-containing the LWS. THESARUS => A listing-of-words perceived-by-the-writer as-related-in-meaning-to the LWS. TITLES => A listing of TITLE-lines which contained among them the LWS. QUICKPAR => A listing of word-starts often found one way to be paired with the LWS. WoRDPAIR => A listing of word-starts often found a 2nd way to be paired with the LWS.

The web pages referenced below were created about the year 2000 within the context of the downloadable Essays System which existed at that time. The reports are in general indicative of what word-combination-patterns exist within the texts of the collection of essays available here. Thus it may be helpful for visitors to the current web site to make use of the information about frequent-word-combinations which can be accessed via the hyper-links in the following tabulation.

======> It is up to you to explore/experiment with working back and forth between the Left-Window displaying web pages which contain information about frequent-word-combinations and the Right Results Window where you can compose search-strings to find essays which contain those frequent-word-combinations. To focus your searches here on this web page --- include in the search-string at the end, the text next between quotation marks "" but do NOT include any quotation mark!

WORDS ===> Click on your-kind-of-report on the same-line-as-your-word <=== WORDS

ALL-YOKED  Just-One type of report is available.  Click on this line for it.                                      ALL-YOKED


The above are the tabulation lines for only the word-starts beginning with "A".  <======

For the corresponding lines for all 45 word-starts, go to scr-all.htm  <======

For complementary helpful web pages go to: samples.htm  keywordz.htm  finder.htm  essaystr.htm
If you are spending a small fraction of your time reading actual essay texts, you are missing most of what is here for you!