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FINDING ESSAYS VIA SEARCH ENGINES Here learn-by-doing how to use-two-windows to search any website; using-a-search-engine which offers a full Boolean-Command-Set, as does

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1.  Here, first learn-by-doing how to set up two-windows to work with 
alternately; copying information from-a-first-window to a second- 
window for-use, and when-needed, to-return VIA-THE-SECOND-WINDOW to 
the-first-window for more-information; etc.

2, We begin in a way which will take into consideration what is your-current-status as regards your set-up-of-open-windows on-your-screen.

3. If you have a special set-up-of-windows on your screen that you wish to preserve --- you may want to postpone this learning-by- doing exercise to a more convenient time for you. Think!

4. Having other windows-open-on-your-screen may complicate for-you this learn-by-doing-exercise. Otherewise there are probably no compelling reasons for closing any other open-windows-on-your-screen.

5. You may minimize distractions for-you by "minimizing" windows other than this window; by clicking on the boxes at their upper right corners where there is a "minus-sign" meaning "minimize-window"; i.e., put only an "icon" for it on the bottom task-bar for possible-recovery-later. You may further minimize distractions by actually closing all windows other than this window. The more places you can click-on-and-change what is on the screen, the greater is your-risk of-being-distracted.

6. The strategy recommended here is that you first-read sub-items (a)=>(h) of-the-next-item --- before doing any of what it says to do --- because all-of-this-window will-vanish --- when you start-doing what this-item says-to-do!
You may print out these instructions by L-Clicking on "File" near the far- upper-left corner of monitor-screen, then L-Clicking on "Print", etc.

Different brousers may make different presentations on screens. Keep that in mind.

Below is information that is key to two ways of managing two windows in searches:

1. The first involves managment via the BOTTOM-TASK-BAR-ICONS of the Windows-Involved.

2. The second involves L-Clicking on the two shaped-and-positioned Windows-Involved.

Which will be best for you may depend on your brousers and past experience.

           1-a.  Foundations for Window-Managment via BOTTOM-TASK-BAR-ICONS
Print out a copy of these instructions to have on hand as you follow them, WHEN what is on screen vanishes as you set-up to-use two-windows for searching The following conventions are observed by the minimized-windows, maximized-windows, forward-window, and ordered-back-in-line-windows; in relation to TASK-BAR-ICONS. Minimized-windows do not have any status regarding being-foward or ordered-back-in-line. CLICKING ON: =====> THE-EFFECT A BOTTOM-TASK-BAR-ICON of a minimized-window --- maximizes-its-window full-forward; and pushes all alrerady ordered-back-in-line-windows one-step-back. A BOTTOM-TASK-BAR-ICON of an ordered-back-in-line-maximized-window --- puts-its-window full-forward; pushing back-in-line-windows one-step-back, filling its former space. The BOTTOM-TASK-BAR-ICON of the most forward-maximized-window --- minimizes-its-full- foward-window; pulling forward-in-line all other maximized-windows by one-step-forward. A PART of an ordered-back-in-line-window --- pulls-it-full-forward, pulling forward-in-line all other maximized-windows by one step-forward, filling space. A light-PART of a right-or-bottom positioning-bar --- causes the implied-positioning- action to be carried out as-the-window-comes-forward. The above conventions are observed no matter how visible-or-invisible the maximized windows may-be, or not-be. Visibility/invisibility do not affect in rank-in-line status. 1-b. Window Management via Window-Icons on the Bottom-Task-Bar Print out a copy of these instructions to have on hand as you follow them, WHEN what is on screen vanishes as you set-up to-use two-windows for searching (a) L-Click on "Edit" in the upper-left-corner above, then on "Print", etc. to get a copy of these instruction to work with when they vanish from your screen in using them. (b) Close as many screens as you can, minimize others, minimize (c) Type above to the right of "Address" ALLtHEwEB.COM and press Enter. (d) Left-Click on the perhaps very-tiny-notation "Advanced" --- to upper-right of SEARCH. (e) Make the window of fill the whole screen by L-Clicking on edges/corners and pulling them out to the edges of the screen. (f) Maximize the window of by l-Clicking on its ICON below on the bottom task-bar. (g) Alternate back-and-forth between the two windows by cliccking back-and-forth on their ICONS. (h) Click on the ICON of the forward-window to see it be minimized. (i) Click on the ICON of the just-minimized window to see it be maximized. (J) Bring-Forward the window to begin to get down to business. (k) L-Click on the dark-slide-bar at far right and pull it down to see SEARCHING-INSTRUCTIONS =============================================================================================== 2. Window-Managment via Size/Shape/Position and L-Clicking-on-Windows
(a) Minimize this window --- by clicking on the "minus-box" --- at the upper right corner. (b) Put cursor in long-narrow-box near screen-top between "Address" at left and "=> Go". (c) Left-Click in that box, AND Press key-board key "Del" to clear the URL-Address-Box. (d) Type into the URL-Address-Box: --- AND Press the "Enter" key on keyboard. (e) Left-Click on the perhaps very-tiny-notation "Advanced" --- to upper-right of SEARCH. (f) Size AllTheWeb-Window to screen-width, but one inch shy of screen-height. == (If you see two overlapping squares at upper-right; left-click-on-them before the following is done. == (Left-Click-and-Hold) Extreem-Lower-Right Window-Corner, and lift-it.) == (You may need to Left-Click-and-Hold the top solid-color bar and move it to screen-top.) == (You may need to Left-Click-and-Hold the left window-edge and move it to left-screen-edge.) == (You may be able to Left-Click-and-Hold & Move the upper-left-corner to upper-left-screen corner. == (Put the AllTheWeb-window against the screen-top-right-&-left; and one inch above Bottom-Task-Bar.) (g) Find the Minimized-Icon for on bottom task-bar; L-click it to "maximize" it. (h) Size Essayz-Window to fill the screen UP/DOWN/LEFT; but one-INCH-shy of RIGHT-SCREEN-EDGE == (Use procedures described above in (f) to achieve the following ultimate goal: == (Put the window against bottom, left & upper edges-of-screen; & one-inch-from-right-edge.

    Take time now to grow-comfortable with shifting-back-and-forth between the two windows.
At any one time the "forward-window" is the one which fills the greatest fraction of the 
area of the screen of your computer monitor.   The "hidden-window" is the one which can be
seen only at an edge of the "forward-window".  You can L-Click with your cursor on the
peeking-edge of the "hidden-window" to turn it into the "forward-window".  Clicking
on a light-part of the margin of the "hidden-window" will bring it forward and shift the
text within it significantly.  Clicking on the dark-part of the "hidden-window" or within the
peeking interior of the window will bring the "hidden-window" forward.   Avoid clicking on the 
lower-right corner if there is window showing there. It will be brought-forward  and may hide 
the others windows.  If so, You may want to close such a window to recover the other two.  You 
may find your two minimized windows' icons on the bottom task bar, and be able to left clock
on their icons to restore  them to their former status.  Intentionally and accidentially
minimized windows can usually be found hiding in the bottom task bar.  Click there to get them.

Now take time to click-on-any-peeking-edge to move back and forth. Click-and-hold on the dark-right-or-bottom edge of the "forward-window" and move it to examine various parts of the text in the "forward-window". Then shift to the then "hidden-window" and do likewise with it.

Beware of thoughtlessly changing the sizes and/or positions of the two windows. If you can see any additional window in the lower-right corner of your screen; beware of clikcing on it, because doing so will take you to that window, and "minimize" your two coordinated windows. You will then have the challenge of recovering the minimized-windows from the bottom task-bar. ============================================================================================== SEARCHING-INSTRUCTIONS FOR EITHER OF THE ABOVE WAYS OF WORKING The following are search strings you can pick up from here to use in the search engine or some other search engine which offers full Boolian commands. Of course you can edit the search-strings supplied below by adding words, deleting words, adding parentheses, etc. To focus primarily on texts avaiable on the web site include in your search string at the end the following final characters as they are below: AND "By-Years" SITE:ESSAYZ.COM Search Strings to Copy to for use: SEX AND LOVE AND GENTLE AND "By-Years" AND SITE:ESSAYZ.COM SEX AND ADDDICT AND VIOLENT AND "By-Years" AND SITE:ESSAYZ.COM SEX AND HOPE AND KIND AND "By-Years" AND SITE:ESSAYZ.COM SEX AND COLLUSION AND DISHONEST AND "By-Years" SITE:ESSAYZ.COM SEX AND PRAYER AND FAITH AND "By-Years" AND SITE:ESSAYZ.COM You can use some of the following frequently appearing words to construct your own Boolean search strings somewhat like those above. See instructions on the web site for instructions on how to construct such search strings. Note that the commands: AND OR NOT must be in UPPER-CASE-LETTERS. Note that including: AND "By-Years" helps narrows the focus to Note that including: AND is required to focus on Note that the last two inclusions are NOT-MANDATORY. Leaving them out may pick up many items not on the web site: You may wish to pick up some of those many items. Your choice! The clickable-link in the next line gives the latter part of what is above; similarly for the two clickable-links following the next line --- with a different FOCUS-WORD in each case. #### Click HERE for instructions on searching for essays about SEX <=====

#### Click HERE for instructions on searching for essays about POWER <=====

#### Click HERE for instructions on searching for essays about VULNERABLE <=====

#### Click HERE for access to a few hundred reports of frequently used words --- for search strings. <=====


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