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UCC Churches protest to FCC about NBC & ABC add blockages
About CBS and NBC blockages of UCC National Advertisements on TV about UCC's Open and Affirming stance on church membership and full participation.

Decade to Overcoming Violence
WORLD-WIDE church efforts to reduce violance around the world. This is an great source of information about resources and action groups!
This is a Hyper-Liked Extensively-Annotated Bibliography about De-Polarizing our Communities
Non-Violent Middle-East Conflict Resolution
The Palestine Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Below are Just Peace Churches which focus on True Peacemaking
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Congregational UCC Just Peace Churches
Provisions in Congregatinal UCC for Just Peace Churches
First Church of Cambridge, MA is a Just-Peace-Church
Worchester, MA
web site of a local Just Peace Church Congregation
Zion United UCC, Cleavland, OH
web site of a local Just Peace Church Congregation
Christ Congregational UCC, Silver Springs, MD
Web site of a local Just Peace Church Congregation
Two Covenent Statements of the just above church
Above's Just-Peace & Open-and-Affirming Statements
First Church of Christ, Mansfield, CT
web site of a local Just Peace Church Congregation
Just Peace Institute
A TEXAS Just-Peace Institute started by UCC Members
How to be a Just Peace Church after 9/11
Suggestions for after 9/11 events in USA
Friends Congragational Church in Texas
web site of a TEXAS Just Peace Church Congregation
UCC Curch of Pasadena
web site of a PSADENA Just Peace & ONA Church
What is Distributive Justice? See bottom of page!
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