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ESSAYS System's Analysis

ESSAYS System's Analysis

"Systems Analysis" has to do with seeking to discern how and why the parts of a whole system interact with each other; and with what consequences to all parts of the whole system.

Physicists and engineers pioneered systems analysis with physical and electrical systems which are common in all modern nations.

Managers of for-profit businesses have learned that effective systems analysis is essential to profitability anywhere in the world.

Managers of voluntary organizations, professional groups and not-for-profit organizations are learning that systems analysis is essential to their being effective at what they are seeking to accomplish.

Political and religious leaders are learning that systems analysis can help them in their various kinds of work around the world.

The ESSAYS System's Analysis evolved without a conscious plan or effort to creat it.

It just made good sense to a writer who is physics educator, political leader and religious leader --- to articulate the ways in which the various aspects of people and their relationships interact for good and ill; leading to both integrations and disintegrations --- depending upon how and why people relate to each other within diverse communities.

The ESSAYS System reveals the history of an evolution in thought about how different people work and inter-relate; sometimes successfully, but at other times other times with tragic outcomes.

Diverse essays seek to reveal why there are such great differences in the outcomes of our human efforts.

The ESSAYS System explores how human: concepts, traits, dispositions, ideals, values; fears, hopes, visions, dreams and aspiration interact with each other --- for good and/or ill.

Relevant texts can be found through the use of a search engine and key words which are indicative of the factors which are of special interest to the reader.