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Regarding Interests and/or Concerns about what is offered at

If you are interested in and/or concerned regarding what is offered at the web site --- the most constructive things you can do, will most likely include:

1. Honestly acknowledging that What-Count-Most are integrative realities and relationships; often pointed to in essays at

2. Visiting and Exploring individually and/or as a group.

3. Being in small groups in open and honest dialogue about your interests and concerns.

4. Graciously resisting tendencies to regard what you have discerned upon exploring or any other texts --- as oppressively authoritative.

5. Responding-Graciously to what you have discerned in your own experiences with different people.

6. Seeking to transcend the ancient Babylonian Myth of Redemptive Violence/Coercion in your own patterns of alienative: assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, convictions, doctrines, habits, rituals, and daily behaviors.

7. Seeking to focus your own and other people's attention upon the most enduring and essentially positive affirmations you know of.

8. Seeking to acknowledge and affirm those other people you know who demonstrate True-Creativity in fulfilling their own desires to do the above in the Way(s) of Shalom that are: empathetic, sympathetic, kind, gracious and so facilitate reconciliations between and among differing peoples.

9. Showing due respect toward all that has been created within the integrative and mutually complementary Way(s) of Shalom.

10. Avoiding ancient and modern idolatries by not showing full/unqualified reverence toward anything which has been created within the cosmos.

11. Being-Cooperatively-Together in the Way(s) of Shalom with many different peoples within Space-Ship-Earth.

12. For yourself; add complementary considerations - - - - - - -