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Unerstanding TERRORISM
Working to Understand Terrorism and Terrorists

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One way to begin Understanding TERRORISM An article by: Dr. Saad Al Ajmi who is a former Minister of Information in Kuwait, an academic and analyst. He can be contacted at just below.

News from the Middle East
The website: with diverse resources
A gigantic website about terrorism and terrorists. Is it unbiased?
See the bottom of the home page! Check out the countless clickable links!
Toward truly understanding terrorism & terrorists
VIEWPOINT by Saul B. WilenOctober on 18,2002
contrast this comprehensive view with the USA view of terrorism!
How can we deal we people we do not understand?
Alienation from our "enemies" leads to many tragic mis-understandings and distructive conflicts.
Firm Views on Terrorists?
Does this writer have a monopoly on ABSOLUTE TRUTH; really know a lot about terrorists as persons?
What about abuse of prescription drugs?
Who really knows? How can we separate hypotheses from fact?
Do we recognize our home-grown USA Terrorists?
We need to open our eyes and define the essence of all terrorism and domination here.
Japan's counter-terrorism policy and way of thinking
Contrast Japan's comprehensive view with the USA's narrowly focused view!
Addressing home grown USA terrorism and terrorists
What nations are deal honestly with their own home grown terrorism and terrorists?
An interview with a scholar interviewing terrorists.
can we truly understand terrorists without interviewing any of them?
Access to the resources offered on the Christian Science Monitor web page.
Can cyber terrorism be defeated by purely technocratic means?
How can we mitigate the motivations of religious-terrorists to abuse technological weapons? Who knows?
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A BIBLIOGRAPHY or many related recent books follows below


When Religion Becomes Evil by Charles Kimball 2003 by Harper Collins

One Nation Under Israel by Andrew Hurley 1990 by Truth Press

The 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT 2004 By W.W. Norton

A Just Peace Church edited by Thistlethwaite 1986 United Church Press

The Powers That Be by Walter Wink 1998 by Augsburg Fortress

The SPIRAL STAIRCASE, My Climb out of Darkness by Karen Armstrong

Published in 2004 by Alfred A. Knopf

GOD AGAINST THE GODS, The History of the War between MONOTHEISM

and POLYTHEISM; By Jonathan Kirsch 2004 Penguin Group

The Apocalyptic Jesus, A Debate edited by Robert J. Miller

2001 by Polebridge Press

Christianity without God by Lloyd Geering 2002 Polebridge Press

Tomorrow's God, how we create our worlds

by Lloyd Geering 2000 Polbridge Press

the Once and Future Jesus by The Jesus Seminar

2000 Polebridge Press

the world to come, from christian past to global future

by Lloyd Geering 1999 by Polebridge Press

The Power of NONVIOLENCE by Advocates of PEACE

2002 by Beacon Press, Boston

Terror in the Name of God, Why Religious Militants Kill

by Jessica Stern 2003 by HarperCollinsPublishers