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Links to Civic Action Groups

Putting faith into action.

Connect and cooperate with complementary concerned citizens!

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Links to Voter-Action Groups

How is OIL linked to the USA invasion of IRAQ?
This web-site links to many other related websites.
Jessey Jackson on the Ohio Vote
Was the USA election for President of the USA Empire rigged. Who knows?
Youth Oriented Groups
Responsible business leaders seeking to promote Social Responsibility
Fair Vote
Dedicated for promoting fair voting for all --- with many links!
For Every citizen's Vote to be Counted, BUT No MORE!
National LWV New-Voters-Project
The New Voters Project of the National Non-Partisan League of Women Voters
Arab American Institute helps Arab-Americans become politically active
America needs Arab-Americans's to help US make well informed decisions!
Rock the Vote Web Site
Another effort to shake-up citizens to Rock-the-Boat by beginning to vote.
State of Colorado, LWV-Information
A source of voter information in State of Colorado from Non-Partisan LWV
Progressive Cafe in Coloraod
An effort to facilitate and promote open and honest dialogue across divides
Larimer County, Co, LWV-Information
Voter information in Larimer County, Colorado from Non-Partisan LWV
Wikipedia information about Link TV
A non-comercial link to diverse international views on the internation news