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Myths about Meaning, CHAOS and EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS


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A Babalonian Creation Myth from about 1250 B.C.E in Bagdad

About initial CHAOS, EVIL, and MURDER of a God, etc.

The Web-site and course context of the above myth-text

The Babalonial Myth is studied in a course at a Nazarene Seminary

The above myth is presented by Water Wink in his book "The Powers That Be as the Genesis of the Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence which in 2000 A.C.E. dominates the world, kids'cartoons, adolescent's movies and computer-games, big-city-gangs, and adult's preparations for: war, uses of weapons of mass destrction, and for Mutually-Assured-Nuclear-War-Destruction, etc.

Wink's presentation merits close study, consideration, critical analysis, and open and honest discussion --- in the light of what
has actually happened since the story was first told about 3250 years ago.

"The Powers That Be" by Walter Wink, was published by Galilee Doubleday 1998;
ISBN 0-385-48752-5 in paperback

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"The Powers That Be"

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OUR OWN modern myths are only hinted at below:

We can rely on the objectivity of our OUR exact scientists.

We can trust both OUR ancient religions and OUR exact sciences.

All things are possible with OUR modern technologies and beliefs.

There are no ultimate limitations for OUR modern men.

Our good-greed has served and will serve well! Peace!


OUR special/exclusive religious group is SUPERIOR to all others.

OUR scriptures and interpretations of them are absolutely true.

We will survive OUR nuclear war AND be raptures into OUR HEAVEN.

OUR God and the Cosmos are focused upon OUR Space-Ship-Earth.

OUR Space-Ship-Earth has an endless supply of fuel.

We can fill up OUR Space-Ship-Earth with garbage and survive.

There is little risk in fully trusting our DOMINEERING LEADERS.

OUR GOD wil save us no matter how badly we mess-up.

The best way to survive is to look out for NUMBER-ONE, ME.

Market forces will assure us our overall salvation.

Unrestrained capitalism will save all good people, including US.

The Babalonian Myth and THE ABOVE are related in no way!

Mortals can safely play the roles of the Gods!