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A brief-essay about CONTROL

%%CONTROL 030701

Domineering people are preoccupied with issues of control; with concentrating power so that they can be in control.

Domineering people feel insecure and vulnerable when none of them are in control. They cannot trust Love or true lovers; because true lovers; are not preoccupied with issues of control and are very strange, cannot be understood.

Evil relationships are the fruits of domineering people's efforts to be unilaterally in control; because such efforts are naturally alienative. True lovers are not welcome, because true lover swill spoil domineering people's collusive games of mutual self deception; will unmask dishonesty.

        820 CONTROL        200 SIN            172 DOMINAT
        168 EVIL           151 LOVE           148 SELF
        133 SYSTEM         114 ADDICT         112 GOD
        110 POWER          106 PERSONAL       102 GOOD
         92 INTEGRITY       88 CONFLICT        81 VIOLENCE
         80 RELATIONSHIPS   70 COMMUNAL        67 LAW
         67 DEVIL           65 ALIENATION      64 SALVATION
         63 HONEST          62 CONTROLS        61 PEOPLE
         61 INTIMACY        59 COERCION        58 EXCLUSIVE
         57 SEX             57 OTHER           56 SINS
         54 LAWS            53 ISSUES          51 INTIMATE
         51 DISCIPLINE      50 SECURITY        50


Each word tabulated above follows the number of times the word appeared PAIRED-WITH the character string OPENNESS within TITLES of essays of the ESSAYZ System in July of 2003. Such words point to considerations which are comp- lementary to OPENNESS in healthy lives.

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