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A brief-essay about SALVATION


Some, but not all religious people, believe that humans need to be "saved" from some "fallen" condition which is common to all humans at birth.

Different religious people who do believe in the need for salvation; contend with each other about the "means to salvation"; and over how much of "salvation" depends upon the efforts of individuals, whethor or not salviation is individualistic or communal, whethor or not people can save other people, whethor or not salvation depends heavily upon: purity, beliefs, doctrines, confessions, rituals, religious-institutions, giving, getting, keeping, loving, coercion, domination, etc.

What does salvation have to do with personal and communal integrations and integrities? With the freedom to be safely vulnerable in open and honest relationships of Love and intimacy? With creating and sustaining sanctuaries for vulnerable poor people? With heaven and hell; however, wherever, and whenever they may be present to us.


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