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This-essay is a9707161.htm which is available at the web-site See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One ========================================================== %CHAOS AND ORDER IN GOD'S CREATION 970716 See the preceding essays for background information. In mysterious ways which are forever beyond human understanding, description and control --- God began and continues the process of creating and renewing the cosmos --- from the farthest quasars, galaxies and black holes, to the nearest creatures here on the relatively tiny planet Earth orbiting our sun, an average star among billions of stars in our galaxy, which is just among the billions of galaxies in the cosmos. God's processes of creation has brought some earthly order out of a great deal of cosmic chaos; but chaos, disorder and "imperfections" still threatens us within God's continuing creative processes involving: (1) Meters, comets, and asteroids which orbit past and often are added to planet Earth in collusions which have occasionally been unimaginably destructive to creature on Earth. (2) Plate tectonic motions of the solid surface parts of EArth generate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which are often unimaginably destructive to us. (3) Weather processes including hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods and droughts which caused untold human suffering. (4) Climatic changes which have forced major changes in human life styles and communal patterns; and will continue to do so. (5) Evolutions of new strains of bacteria, viruses, prions, molds and amoebas which have brought us new infections and diseases with their associated suffering and insecurity. Humans have not always responded to chaos and imperfections in honest and gracious ways. Often our responses have been dishonest and generated alienation which has in turn led to more chaos through dysfunctional behavior patterns that are tragically alienative. When through dishonesty we lose touch with reality, each other, and our own emotions, needs and desires; we become alienated from God, neighbors and ourselves --- and are incapable of acting wisely. Our collusive games of mutual self deception blind us to our own dishonesty, alienation, personal disintegration and communal disintegration --- so we cannot save ourselves or others no matter how hard we try or how smart and sophisticated we are. Even our best and most respected organizations, institutions and communities have been corrupted by our desperate efforts to become self-sufficient --- through our own efforts to manipulate and control our destinies --- without honestly dealing with our human limitations, limited resources, and fellow travelers on space-ship Earth. Elitism, exclusivity, legalism, judgementalism, condemnations, excommunications and their consequences have made us and our organizations impotent. In our desperation we have become addicted to and/or codependent supporters of addictions to: alcohol, drugs, work, sex, science, technology, religiosity, power, politics, knowledge, controls, etc.; both as individuals and as communities. Increased efforts along these lines are tragically alienative and counter-productive. Refusing to recognize our alienation from God, each other and ourselves as central to our mistakes, failures --- and patterns of immoral behaviors, we focus upon identifying evil behavior, and people to blame, shame, guilt and punish. We are most concerned with who is best or worst --- and little concerned with recognizing alienation as the essence of all evil RELATIONSHIPS which engender immoral behaviors. Immoral behaviors flow from alienation and engender alienation through: dishonesty imbalance violence coercion neglect ridicule slander liable belittling demeaning blaming guilting shaming broken promises threats insults abandonment abuse misleading perjury extortion stealing assault murder rape kidnapping When we define immorality in terms of non-conformity and we seek to reduce immoral behavior through the use of alienative procedures --- we fail tragically by failing to deal honestly with alienative RELATIONSHIPS which engender immoral behaviors. Only if we trace immoral patterns of behavior to their roots in patterns of alienative RELATIONSHIPS can we honestly describe and deal wisely with both patterns and their many inter-relationships. Only then can we work wisely to reduce alienation and the immoral patterns of behavior which flow from alienation. Some behaviors on the part of alienated individuals pose such a clear and present danger to our personal and communal integrity --- that coercion and violence may regretfully have to be used in ways prescribed by public laws --- to reduce the danger of greater alienation and disintegration; e.g., in regards to: Murder Rape Assault Robbery Extortion Arson Perjury Kidnapping Terrorism Stalking Abuse Embezzlement We need to seek to distinguish between instances of the above willful behaviors; and occasions of: Accidents Mistakes Fumbles Disability Ignorance Tragedies Confusion Sickness Mutations The preceding occasions are not willful, are much regretted, and are apologized for. To treat them all as if they are all equivalent --- will be alienative and so disintegrative. We need to beware of people who do not deal with immoral behaviors from alienative RELATIONSHIPS and who instead seek to enforce prescriptions and proscriptions in alienative ways. They are likely to engender alienation and immorality through: Arrogance Self-righteousness Coercion Guilting Shaming Blaming Threats punishments Excommunications Rejections Either/or demands Threats Intolerance Extremism We need to beware when such people form addictive organizations dedicated to trying to control --- what they have not been properly appointed or empowered to control in the name of Love. The above speaks more to relationships which are low in intimacy, then to relationships which entail high levels of intimacy. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================
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