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Clickable Partial-Words
The centered clickable-links below lead to the individual-essay-texts which contain many appearances of link-words within-essay-texts --- related to the partial-word-above in the WEB Address-Line, between the right-most "\" and the following ".htm" extension.
Eessays are listed by the count-of-appearances-within-them of the partial-word-above.

Click on a link-below to see the associated essay's text, with many additional links.

For OTHER-PARTIAL-WORDS for which there are essay-links, click here OTHER-PARTIAL-WORDS

Some brousers you will let you hold-down the ALT-Key and use the Left-Arrow/Right-Arrow-KEY to back-up/move-forward, through recently viewed-web-pages in-the-order-they-were-viewed.
Below, an initial "a" means "century=19"; an initial "b" means "century=20, followed by the dates of essays in the format cyymmdd#, where # is a counter of essays written within a given day. There are no further instructions/links at the bottom of this page.

Count cyymmdd#

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