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a8909301.htm PAYMEnt 4 b0206271.htm PAYMEnt 2 b0706272.htm PAYMEnt 1 b0712140.htm PAYMEnt 1 b0104202.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9902031.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9812051.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9810211.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9610111.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9607142.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9605121.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9411101.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9312292.htm PAYMEnt 1 a9304263.htm PAYMEnt 1 b0202112.htm PAYMEnt 1 a8907261.htm PAYMEnt 1 a8905041.htm PAYMEnt 1 a8704174.htm PAYMEnt 1 a7910091.htm PAYMEnt 1 a7704013.htm PAYMEnt 1 a7310011.htm PAYMEnt 1 a7309062.htm PAYMEnt 1