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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TOLERANCE DIFFERENCES DICHOTOMOUS CONFLICTS SINS+980730 %CONTENTION CONFLICTS VIOLENCE COERCION EVIL GOOD+980730 %COALITION PARTY UNION CONSORTIUM CARTEL COLLUSION+980730 %COOPERATIVE COLLABORATIONS TEAMS ARMY BATTLES WARS 980730 People differ in regards to how well they can tolerate differences. Some people are very tolerant of differences. Other people are very intolerant of differences. There is a whole spectrum of how much difference people are able and willing to tolerate. People differ in regards to how much dishonesty they are willing to tolerate. Some people readily tolerate the use of lying, cheating and stealing. Others will tolerate lying, cheating and stealing only in support of a "good" cause within a "good" organization or family. People differ as to their abilities, skills and dispositions to "rationalize" lying, cheating and stealing. People have differed regarding different major issues related to the following: SLAVERY FLAT-EARTH SPHERICAL-EARTH GEO-CENTRISM SOLAR-CENTRISM ETHNO-CENTRISM RACIAL-SEGREGATION RULE-BY-KINGS EVOLUTION SEXUAL-SEGREGATION RULE-BY-QUEENS CREATION-STORIES ETHNIC-SEGREGATION ROYALTY CAST-SYSTEMS RELIGIOUS-SACRIFICE DIETARY-RULES PURITY-CODES RELIGIOUS-RITUALS RELIGIOUS-LAWS DOCTRINES ECONOMIC-SYSTEMS SOCIALISM COMMUNISM DEMOCRACIES THEOCRACIES DICTATORSHIPS SEXUAL ORIENTATION SEXUAL BEHAVIORS CASTRATION MALE-CITIZENS FEMALE-VOTING EXECUTIONS CONFORMITY CREATIVITY ENVISIONING LANGUAGE CLOTHING NUDITY RULE-BY-BISHOPS RULE-BY-BANKERS RULE-BY-LAWYERS Different people prefer to differ about different issues. In each human community which might otherwise be cooperative, creative, and at peace in profound ways --- there are dichotomous people who effectively polarize major fractions of the community --- into opposing camps which engaged in battle with each other over some "major" issue such as suggested above. Positions are taken within opposing camps, and dichotomous people who have taken opposing positions --- will tolerate only modest levels of difference within each camp. Differences are tolerated only to the extent that tolerance will lead to the gathering of nearly a majority of all members of the community into a particular camp. Coalitions are formed in order to gather together a majority coalition needed to win battles against the opposing coalition. However, within each coalition there are purists who cannot tolerate very wide ranges of differences. Purists seek to reduce the level of differences which are tolerated within the coalition --- for the sake of purity, unity, clarity and certainty. Purists are opposed by political realists who seek to have a sufficiently large coalition able to prevail in battles against the opposing coalitions. The size and effectiveness of a coalition depends upon the level of tolerance which members of the coalition can tolerate --- without watering down the message of the coalition to the point that most members of the coalition are indifferent to the common message. A very large army of indifferent/undisciplined soldiers is likely to lose battles --- against a smaller army of fanatical/discipline soldiers who agree on their cause and how to advance it; even if they be a small minority. Nations and planets which are dominated by fanatical and highly disciplined armies of warriors ---disintegrate; for such people are indifferent to personal and communal integrity. Such people lack humility, gentleness, tolerance, and honesty. For such people means are justified by the importance of their cause --- and by loyalty to their leaders. Their isolated kinds of unity are achieved at the expense of the integrity of many people and of the integrity of the community as a whole. Alienation rules. Nations and planets which are led by integrative people find creative ways to live in peace through conflict resolution and cooperative ventures both of which entail open and honest dialogue. Reconciliation paves the way to cooperation which is creative --- and so yields sweet fruits for all to enjoy together. Nations and planets which are led by dichotomous people --- create conflicts which lead to war through contentious exclusivities which promote alienation. Alienation paves the way to personal and communal disintegration which yields bitter fruits which set on edge the teeth of descendants for many generations who come to engaged in conflict. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================