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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %ADDICT PARADIGM SHIFT REFORM REVOLUTION CONVERSION 900717 The process by which an addict who "bottoms out"; (i.e.; shifts from thinking and feeling like an addict, to thinking and feeling like a healthy person) is a mysterious process which is not under the control of any planned human effort. The person who is imprisoned in the addictive paradigm is motivated and guided by addictive attitudes and destructive spiritual beliefs. The process of shifting from addictive attitudes to healthy attitudes is a mysterious spiritual process, not a technical achievement. It is not a strenuous achievement, but the result of a relaxation of the strenuous efforts to maintain the pseudo-integrity of the disintegrative games of mutual self deception which are played by addicts and their supportive codependents. The revolution from addictive attitudes to healthy attitudes is a turning around in a spiritual space which is invisible to people who are trapped in addictive thought processes. The revolution takes place in a dimension of human being which transcends the level of perception of the addictive mentality; just as three dimensional people transcend the level of perception of flatland people. The conversion from addictive ways of thinking and feeling, to healthy ways of thinking and feeling is not an achievement of human effort; but it may occur within the context of honest human conversation. Open and honest conversation may contribute in essential ways to the essential paradigm conversion which in mysterious ways makes the miraculous difference. In the absence of the mysterious change in beliefs; the addict cannot perceive and desire the possible integrative consequences of living with healthy beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, presuppositions, relationships, approaches, and spiritual being. Thus those consequences cannot be the fruit of technical efforts to achieve them. In the presence of the mysterious change in beliefs; the nature of the universe of personal experience changes in miraculous, mysterious and apparently magical ways. What was apparently impossible becomes clearly possible. What was apparently possible becomes clearly impossible. The addict is trying to achieve the impossible, and keeps trying because of attitudes which make the achievement of personal salvation appear necessary and possible. The addict: 1. Has not known and accepted true love. 2. Desperately wants true love, without knowing what true love is. 3. Is terrified of what true love would do to the familiar and respected addictive games of mutual self deception. 4. Is trying to achieve the satisfactions of unknown true love through dishonest manipulations. 5. Is standing in the way of the changes which need to take place for the essential paradigm-shift to occur. 6. Fears what is involved in the essential paradigm- shift, and works very hard to avoid the anticipated terror of the shift. 7. Wants to be in addictive control of the paradigm- shift which would transform all of the addictive desires and thought patterns into healthy ways of being whole and enjoying personal and communal integrity. 8. Believes that the elements of the addictive paradigm are the keys to personal salvation and satisfaction. 9. Fears that any other pattern of beliefs would leave no defense against probable abuse of self by others as remembered subconsciously by the child-within. 10. Cannot believe that true love is possible because the child-within has not known true love, and has not been able to accept true love as worthy of respect; because of the unconsciously remembered active and passive abuse of the child-within by untrustworthy others in the extended family of origin of the child-within. Under such circumstances it is only through the acceptance and enjoyment of the miracle of true love that the addict can begin the life-long processes of honest and apparently fearful: change, revolution, prayer, meditation, relaxation, play, recreation, conversation, conversion, redemption, rest, sleep, dreaming, envisioning, recovery, renewal, rebirth, growth, transformation, transcendence, escape, honesty, openness, intimacy, affection, receiving, accepting, giving, sharing, cooperation, integration, reunion, communion, dialogue, listening, life and death. In the absence of such a mysterious acceptance it all appears impossible and does not appear to occur. Health comes to us when we accept our need for true acceptance and honesty. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================