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This-essay is a7808301.htm which is available at the web-site See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One ========================================================== %BEING DOING 780830 One of our central dichotomies is our split regarding doing/being. To some of us being is occasioned by correct doing. To others of us doing is what flows from being. Those of us who believe that being is occasioned by correct doing---busy ourselves in a frantic effort to be superior through correct doing. We believe in salvation through good words and deeds, and are perplexed by evil people. We believe that choice and will with respect to doing is critical to our present and future being. As a result, our lives are focused upon seeking to make the right choices and willing the right thoughts, feelings, desires, convictions, opinions, expressions, emotions, and actions. (We are perplexed by our failures to do what we know to be correct.) Who we are is determined (in our view) by correctly desiring, feeling, believing, choosing, willing, speaking, and doing. We assume that our ultimate fate is in our individual hands, and depends upon our doing. Our lives are focused therefor upon "correct doing". We seek to discover and do what is correct. Those of us who seek to discover what doing is appropriate to our own being; we seek insight into who we have been, are, and may yet become---by seeking to still our socially motivated doing, in order that we might be in tranquility, and therein discover our true selves. We have a deep conviction that we already are who we are, if only we can stop pretending to be other than we really are. Then we can discover who we really are by taking time to discover our deepest unique natures. In our view, our being comes from within, not through definitions and expectations from without. Our realization of our real selves comes from being our true selves, not from doing the correct things. We thus seek through meditation and stillness to get in touch with our real selves---in contrast to our social selves which have been created in us by our cultural contexts. We tend to act as if salvation came through being, rather than through action. In reality both being and doing are essential, and so we seek to combine the two poles of our dichotomy---and in our misguided efforts we often come up with perverse reconstructions of the original whole. We then seek to attain the original wholeness in keeping with our perverse conceptions of it, by being/doing in the best way we know how. Therein we often disagree, and are perplexed by the foolishness of those who do, instead of be; or be, instead of do. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================
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