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Links to many related web pages can be found below about one page of text. WHAT DOES OUR LONG-TERM-FUTURE OFFER-TO-US-NOW? WITHIN GOD'S round blue space-ship earth? Beware of simplistic-people's naive-expectations, which are often tragically-uninformed-and-thoughtless-expectations!
MOST-PEOPLE act-as-if there exist large-enough-supplies of FOSSIL-FUELS, within God's-Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth's - - - Cooled 10 Mile-Thick-Crust - - - to Calmly-Sustain 100-Years of Traditional-Exponential-Growth in POPULATIONS and in Per-Capita-Per-Year Rates-of-Consumption of Fossil-Fuels! Humans now globally consume only the energy equivalent of about One-Cubic-Mile of Pure High-Grade-Oil each year! - - - doubling-the-rate-only-every-twenty-years - - - until all-is-exhausted! To long-term-sustain any truly civil form of Global-Civilization - - - we must very soon come to terms - - - with well-informed professional-unbiased-geologists' - - - estimates of Space-Ship-Earth's residual fossil fuels' VOLUME, within the 10 MILES-THICK COOLED-SOLID-ROCK-FORMATIONS; all around the RED-HOT 8,000 MILES-in-Diameter Spherical-Core of God's astronomically tiny-and-isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - within God's UNIMAGINABLY-VAST AND pervasively EMPTY-COLD-COSMOS except for tiny cosmic-ray-bullets traveling at near-light-speed -> -> -> and often penetrating -> -> -> mortals' space-ships-and-bodies. QUESTION: What is THE-GLOBAL-TOTAL-VOLUME of all the SAFELY ACCESSIBLE, NET-RECOVERABLE and TRANSPORTABLE - - - EQUIVALENT pure high-grade-oil; now actually present in finite amounts of: oil, natural-gas and coal - - - of many grades of purity? CONSIDER: 1. How-many-square-miles of reasonably-accessible flat-and-dry land (reasonably-free-of-conflicts) have-under-them, sufficient net-recoverable-energy-concentrations - - - to make it worth our safely-extracting- and-transporting the present net-recoverable-energy - - - to far-away points of likely desired humane uses? 2. Under each such area-of-land; what is the most-likely average-equivalent-thickness of the actually-present layer of SAFELY-NET-RECOVERABLE-and-TRANSPORTABLE pure-high-grade-oil? 3. What would be the present GLOBAL-TOTAL-VOLUME of all SAFELY-NET-RECOVERABLE-and-TRANSPORTABLE equivalent-pure high-grade-oil; now actually-present in Space-Ship-Earth in all forms of recoverable: oil, natural-gas and coal of all grades of purity? 4. What is the present GLOBAL-TOTAL-VOLUME high-grade-oil; that is now the Energy-Equivalent to all of the predictably-accessible-and-usable Fissionable Uranium and other Nuclear-Fossil-Fuels? actually-present and potentially accessible within Space-Ship-Earth. 5. Where are the most accessible likely-deposits of significant amounts of net-accessible fossil-energy-concentrations of any kind - - - outside of God's Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth? The Moon? Mars? Venus? Mercury? An asteroid? Jupiter? Saturn?; and/or any of their moons? For each hopeful source of extra net fossil-energy-concentration; what would be the rate of return per year for invested amounts of energy and/or human lives spent in attempting to make prudent humane use of them? 6. What are the potentials in extracting and using the heat energy in the RED-HOT-MATERIALS WHICH ARE closest to the outside-surface of the cooled crust of Space-Ship-Earth? 7. How long can God's GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION sustain its traditional rates of exponential-growths in populations and consumption-rates of Space-Ship-Earth's residual-natural-resources - - - without deliberately cooperating in: A. MITIGATING EXPONENTIAL-GROWTHS in our pervasive patterns of ALIENATION generated through: Domination, Violence, Coercion, Arrogance, Self-Righteousness, Pretensions, Greed, Hoarding, Terrorism and Wars. B. MITIGATING EXPONENTIAL-GROWTHS in our Conflicts that Revolve-Around our: Sexual, Racial, Territorial, Resource, Theological, Scientific, Economic, and Political conflicts - - - that are motivated and guided by greed. Many groups of intelligent people have, over the past 30 years, cooperatively guestimated that the VOLUME of the above GLOBAL-TOTAL of all SAFELY-NET-RECOVERABLE-and-TRANSPORTABLE equivalent-pure high-grade-oil; is most likely been between 500 and 1,000 cubic miles; ( A cube, 10-miles on each edge! ) enough to last between 120 and 140 years of traditional-exponential-growths in populations and per-capita annual Consumptions of EARTH's finite resources. Most children born today, will not live to see their grandchildren born - - - if the above is our actual situation. We all need to engage in open and honest dialogue about all of this! And NOW begin making essential transitions in our life styles!
The following are hyper-links to web pages on the web site THE-HOME-PAGE OF THE EXTENSIVE WEB SITE WITH OVER 10,000 diverse essays. Google searches pertaining to "Peak-Oil" ==> the peaking of the GLOBAL RATE of consuming oil. Here find recommended words-sets to search for information about the GLOBAL "peaking" of oil consumption. Here find a chart of Cumulative-Consumptions of Energy at various Rates-of-Growth of Energy-Consumption. Here find a chart to help you roughly estimate the volume of Fossil Fuel in Astronomically Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. Here find a chart of Examples of The-Full-Range of Amounts-of-Energy used by humans in specific instances. Here find statements on which there is Nearly-Unanimous Professional Agreement about The-Physics-of-Energy. Here find links to Clusters-of-Words; many of which related to the GROWING-GLOBAL-RATE of consuming oil. Here find overall-links to web pages regarding the SUSTAINABILITY of CIVILIZATION in Space-Ship-Earth. Here link to a French web-site giving estimated dates for the exhaustion of many essential mineral deposits in Space-Ship-Earth. Dialogue-Honestly!! END