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= discern whom we can most trust and admire in-the-long-term in GOD's PLANET-EARTH'S changing environment with finite supplies of OIL, NATURAL GAS and COAL that are being EXHAUSTED. =

1ST: Search for-a-line-below having a WORD-CLUSTER OF-INTEREST TO-YOU - - - - WHEN IT IS-COMBINED-WITH WORDS IN: ===> MITIGATE ALIENATIVE CONFLICTS <=== 2ND: Click on that ONE LINE - - CONTAINING THE WORD CLUSTER THAT-YOU WANT TO-COMBINE-WITH WORDS IN: ===> MITIGATE ALIENATIVE CONFLICTS <=== 3RD: On a new web page presented to you, click at the left on a line, containing reported-words which-appear-in-an-essay that may be of interest to you. <=== ( The word "MITIGATE" suggests the Long-Term Overall-Reduction of some reality that threatens the SUSTAINABILITY of our global civility-and-civilization. ) CLICK ON THIS LINE TO SEE clustera.htm with words-in-the-following-clusters; ordered so you can scan word-clusters in an ALPHABETIC-SENSE. THE WORD CLUSTERS BELOW ARE ORDERED AS THEY WERE WHEN THEY WERE ORIGINALLY CREATED <==> TO BE COMBINED WITH THE WORDS IN: ===> MITIGATE ALIENATIVE CONFLICTS <=== IN THE FUTURE IT MAY BECOME POSSIBLE TO GIVE VISITORS THE OPTION TO COMBINE TWO WORD CLUSTERS OF THEIR CHOICE IN TWO SUCCESSIVE WEB PAGES SUCH AS THIS WEB PAGE, MAYBE WITH CONTRASTING FOCI.

HEAL DIALOGUE OPEN HONEST NUCLEAR WAR WINTER SECURITY HEALTH CARE HEAL INSURANCE HEALTH CARE COST POWER DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE VULNERABLE LABOR UNION JUSTICE POWER CLEAN PURE WATER AIR ENERGY PEAK OIL COST GLOBAL WARMING RISING OCEANS PEAK OIL COAL URANIUM WATER LIMITED RESOURCES WATER MINERAL WAR TERROR SECURITY RISK VULNERABLE POOR WEAK SICK DISEASE ARROGANCE RIGHTEOUS SELF OTHER SALVATION REDEMPTION SAVE LOVE OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE COOPERATE TECHNOLOGY EGO PROBLEM IMPOSSIBLE TECHNOLOGY EGOCENTRIC PROBLEM DILEMMA LIMITED RESOURCE POSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE LAWS PHYSICS DESCRIBE PROCESS FINITE SPACE SHIP EARTH DESCRIBE PRESCRIBE PROSCRIBE LOVE CORPORATION PROFIT WEALTH POWER EXCESSIVE ANXIETY POWER WEALTH PERSONAL RIGHTS CORPORATION POWERS GOD KING CONCENTRATE POWERS WOMEN FEMALE RIGHTS ABUSE ADDICT CODEPENDENT SUPPORTER ALCOHOL DISMAL SCIENCE ECONOMIC COMMUNITY PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY AUTHENTIC ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS PERSONAL INTEGRITY AUTHENTIC INTEGRITY TRUST HONOR JUST WAR THEORY INTEGRITY PRISON PUNISHMENT ALIENATION JUSTICE TORTURE PUNISHMENT TRUTH DIALOGUE TORTURE SCIENCE DISCOVERY PROCESS SEXUAL ABUSE WEALTH CONCENTRATE NOTICE: It MAY become possible to complement the above Way-of-Finding-Essays with an alternative Way, correlated with the above. In the New-Way you would have the opportunity to pick one of about three dozen Word-Starts - - - which correlates well with discussions of Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. You would have How-Frequently each Available- Word-Start - - - occurs in all essays at; and you could base your choice on your-interests and the frequencies-of-occurrences of the Word-Starts. Upon clicking on one of the Available-Word-Starts, you would have presented to you how often all the available Word-Starts appear in all essays at WITH-THE WORD-START-YOU FIRST-CHOOSE. You could then pick a Second WORD-START - - - and then see how often the TWO- WORD-STARTS you-have-chosen - - - appear-together, with each of the other Available-Word-Starts. You could click on pick a third Available-Word-Start and be presented with a report much as above - - - with the three words you have chosen taking the place of the words on a line above. Initially this complementary New-Way-of-Finding-Essays would be based upon the three words at the head of this web-page. Later, other options may be offered, including having the WORD-CLUSTER be based only upon choices you have made. In the above processes, users would see references to this web page and/or its successor(s). There might be a fair number of initial-sets-of-words presented for you to augment with your choices.