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%ELTIMATE DEVIL REFUSE ACKNOWLEDDGTE IMPOSSIBLE SIN 050204 %ULTIMATE PLEASURE REJECTION TOLERANCE SEXUAL FALLS 050204 %ORIGINAL CREATIVITY INTIMACY DIALOGUE OPEN HONESTY 050204 %CONFLICT RESOLUTION LETTING GOING HELL GOODS DEATH 050204 %HEAVEN REWARD PUNISH CONDITION REJECT ACCEPT TRUTH 050204 %PARADOX VULNERABLE ORGASIM RISK TEMPTATION LOVERS 050204 The following words do not contain or control that which is true. At best the following words may help some people who are ready --- to search for many mutually- complementary partial-truths wrapped up in paradoxical- blankets made of many-colored-threads woven-together in cris-crossing-patterns of complementary-colors. For some people in some circumstances and situations their ULTIMATE-EVIL may lie in: 1. REFUSING to acknowledge the possible, but rejected pleasure, of TRUE-CONFLICT-RESOLUTION in LETTING- GO of their fears of the TRUE-PLEASURES of TRUE-CONFLICT- RESOLUTION. 2. REFUSING-TO-LAY-DOWN-THEIR-ARMS in being together with each other lying down in vulnerable positions of mutual and balanced vulnerability --- rather than in being together in telling each other ULTIMATE-LIES about being INVULNERABLE-AND-HONORABLE while ENGAGED-IN: Alienative collusive-games of mutual-self-deception, ADDICTIVE/CODEPENDENT "intimate-relationships" of-abuse, "Sexual-relationships" of MUTUAL-ABUSE, "Marriages" with "profitable" MILITARY-ACTS/INVESTMENTS, "Simple" MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEXES & Systems-Analysis; "Simple" DOMINATION-SYSTEMS-OF-"investments & profits", "Simple" UN-JUST TAXATION-FOR-WEALTH/POWER-CONCENTRATIONS, "Integrative/coherent" DOMINANT/VIOLENT/COERCIVE ACTS, PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-coalitions", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-dominance", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-unilateral-rescues", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-violence", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-coercion", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-excommunications", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-alienation", PRESERVING THE MYTH OF "redemptive-dishonesty", "Redemptive" VIOLENT/COERCIVE ABUSE-OF-OTHERS, "Religious-worship" of DISTRIBUTIVE-INJUSTICE, "One" "non-paradoxical" "simple" ABSOLUTE-TRUTH, BANISHMENTS OF PARADOXICAL-COMPLEMENTARY TRUTHS, EXCOMMUNICATIONS OF THE TRUE ORGASIMS OF TRUE LOVERS, REPLACING TRUE-LOVE with "just-say-no" --- "justly", REPLACING TRUE-COMMUNITIES with "heaven after death", REPLACING ORGASMIC-LOVE with "conditional-love", REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE TRUE-LOVERS AS SUCH, PRETENDING THAT evil-relationships are "honorable", PRETENDING THAT excommunicated-individuals are "evil", PRETENDING THAT conflict-resolutions are "evil-things", PRETENDING THAT isolated-realities can be "evil", PRETENDING THAT isolated-individuals can be "evil", PRETENDING THAT labels create "honorable-relationships", PRETENDING THAT labels create "evil-things/actions", "God-talk" about "good" ELEPHANTS-LEADING-TRUE-WORSHIP. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================