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About Presentations of Not-Fully-Edited Essays

1. Essays are written as articulations of trains-of-consciousness.

2. Essays are then spell-checked and formatting corrections are made.

3. A copy of each issay is printed and edited on paper by the writer, going through each essay two times.

4. An assistant transfers the on-paper-editorial changes to a computer file.

5. The computer file then has formatting corrections made to it.

6. Hyper-links are inserted into the essay for the currently chosen set of commonly occuring word-starts.

7. Those hyper-links are referenced in their appropriate word-start files found on the web page Find Regular-Essays via Word-Starts.
and an updated version of the web page Find Regular-Essays via Year/Month

8. The web-pages for all new essays are linked together so that they can be accessed sequentially forward
and backward by-date-of-writing with all other essays.

9. All the web-pages for all the new essays and web-pages referencing them are uploaded to

The essays on web-pages of which contain a link to this page have NOT passed through
steps 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 as yet. Part of step 9 has not been done yet.

The above premature publishing of the unedited essays has been done to let visitors see this intermediate
form of the essays which have been written recently as events around the world unfold. Please bear
patiently with the imperfections in these unedited essays.

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