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%EFFECTIVE MOVING EXAMPLES DEMONSTRATIONS RESPECT 050205 %INTEGRITIES INTGRATIONS PASSING DESTRUCTION HONORS 050205 %REVERENCE APART SEPARATE ALIENATED EXCOMMUNICATED 050205 %SITUATION ENVIRONMENT CONTEXT OWNED BOUGHT SOLD 050205 %CONTROL MANAGE BOX SIMULATE CONTAIN DEMAND COMMAND 050205 %DENIGRATE NEGATE POLAR FRAGMENT DICHOTOMY THOU GOD 050205 There are moving examples of respect and honor shown for past demonstrations of integrities. Often the passing or destruction of integrity --- does not thereby end the honor or the reverence shown for the passed-integrity. Often those who acted in ways that led to the passing or ending of integrity --- thereby ended what little honor they themselves may have previously enjoyed. It is integrity-itself which merits respect, honor, and reverence; not any person, persons or group of people that merit affirmative responses --- apart from the integrity which they may have demonstrated at some other time or place. True-integrity cannot be: owned, bought, sold, controlled, managed, boxed, simulated, contained or produced through: demands, commands, prescriptions, proscriptions, taboos, punishments, controls, repressions, suppressions, denigrations, negations, polarizations, fragmentations, or dichotomizations. The power of a true-demonstration of integrity-itself --- cannot be diminished in any of the above ways by: domineering, violent, coercive, arrogant, alienative, excommunicative, or otherwise destructive and disintegrative people's ways. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================