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%EFFECTIVE TRANSCEND SUBVERT DOMINATION SYSTEM LOVE 050202 %ANALYSIS ELEMENTS PROCESS UNDERSTAND SEE HEAR VIEW 050202 %MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY 050202 %HIDE BLIND DEAF DUMB IGNORANT PREJUDICE CONFUSIONS 050202 %CHAOS THEORY SMOOTH TRANSITIONS SUDDEN CHANGE LIES 050202 %COLLUSION DISHONEST DENIAL TACIT TOLERANCE ACCEPTS 050202 To effectively transcend and subvert "The Domination System" we need to recognize, acknowledge, describe, and understand how its various elements systematically undermine all forms of personal and communal integrations and integrities. 1. Participants in "The Domination System" include all people who have not yet done what is indicated above; e.g., people ignorant of and/or in denial about the existence of and processes of "The Domination System", tacit participants in its processes; people who merely are tolerant of its processes, people who unknowingly profit from its processes; people who are tolerant of distributive-injustice, unjust-economic-systems and unjust-taxation-systems, etc. 2. The elements of "The Domination System" include all DISINTEGRATIVE: collusive games of mutual self deception, addictions, judgments, codependent supporters of addicts/addictions, technocrats, military-industrial- complexes, coercion, pride, arrogance, hubris, unilateral- actions, violence, worshippers of technologies; and denigrators of paradoxes, complementary-values, ideals, principles, virtues, and forms-of-reverence. 3. The PROCESSES of "The Domination System" are designed to: HIDE it from view, CONFUSE people about its processes, ALIENATE people from each other, DESENSITIZE people, PROMOTE personal-and-communal disintegrations-and- excommunications; CONFUSE: virtues, vices, languages, communication and dialogue; CONCENTRATE: power, wealth, and influence; ABUSE: religions, scriptures, knowledge, people and their relationships. 4. "The Domination System" works through the the concentration of power-and-wealth leading to the ABSENCE of HEALTHY-DISTRIBUTIVE-JUSTICE in: unbiased-education, safe-work-opportunities, safe-health-care, safe-child- care, safe-transportation, safe-housing, safe-sanitation, safe-garbage-disposal, safe-police-services, safe- judicial-services, sanctuary-maintenance, etc. 5. "The Domination System" promotes disintegrative aspects of: guilt, fault-finding, shame, blame, pity, criticism, condemnations, criticism, denunciation, censure, isolation, individualization, and other ways of treating people as independent-fragments of their home communities of origin. 6. "The Domination System" shifts-attention-away- from COMMUNAL: responsibilities, health-care, integrity, ideals, values, principles, virtues, reverence, humility, services, and the protection of other essential foundations for both personal and communal integrities and integrations; e.g., by concentrating-attention-upon: INDIVIDUALS': crimes, violence, failures, successes, achievements, wealth, powers, popularity, righteousness, competitions, destructive-actions, clothing, appearances, differences, non-conformity, etc. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================