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%MIXED WORDS CONCEPTS MESSAGES UNKINDS TRAGICALLY 050111 %MISLEADING DECEPTIVE COMMUNICATE HONOR AFFIRMATIVE 050111 %PAIRED SUGGESTIVE SUBVERSION MEANS TECHNOLOGIES 050111 %DOMINEERING COERCION CONTROL MANAGEMENT RIGHTEOUS 050111 %PROPER UNILATERAL SUCCESS VIOLENCE CORRECT WRONGED 050111 %DISHONEST APPROVED POWER CONCENTRATE WEALTH RICH 050111 Many tragically misleading, deceptive and/or mixed messages are communicated when generally honored affirmative-words are paired with words suggestive of subversive means that are often used by domineering people: Affirmative-words Subversive-means Righteous Unilateral Proper Coercive Successful Violence Correct Dishonesty Approved Power-concentrations Honored Wealth-concentrations Legitimate Stealing Justifiable Domination Ethical Deception Moral Conformity Respected Repression Profitable Suppression Supported Collusions Acceptable Conspiracies Tolerable Destruction Authorized Secrecy Prescribed Expectations Proscribed Taboos Traditional Indifference Following one of the words above on the left with one of the words above on the right --- can be a way of sending mixed-messages, confusing-concepts, and misleading-signals that lead to tragic personal and communal disintegrations. The above kind of pairing is consistent with the ultimate concerns of "The Domination System" which guides the "Fallen Powers That Be"; producing confusion about what kinds of realities can be and/or in fact are: "evil", "good", "right", "wrong", "true", "false", "pure", "righteous", etc. Which pairings of words facilitate and promote personal and communal integrations/integrities? Which pairings of words facilitate and promote personal and communal: disintegrations, vices, confusion, chaos, violence, war, etc. Is it safer to judge them by their fruits; or in terms of traditional: scriptures, doctrines, confessional-statements, religious-teachings, etc? How can we find out? What authorities are trustworthy? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================