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%ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY 050110 %BALANCE MUTUAL OPEN HONEST KIND GENTLE CIVIL LOVER 050110 %TRUTH DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE RELATIONSHIP UNILATERAL 050110 %ONE SIDED DICHOTOMY POLARIZED CONTENTIOUS CONFLICT 050110 %INSTITUTION RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE CONFESS STATEMENTS 050110 %POWER WEALTH CONCENTRATION COALITION ALIENATIONS 050110 Central to personal and communal integrities and integrations are inter-personal relationships which are: balanced, mutual, open, honest, kind, gentle, civil, and demonstrate distributive-justice. Such relationships are not: unilateral, one-sided, dominated-by-one-side. They are cooperative/collaborative. The above observation suggests why it is that institutionalized religious/political: doctrines, confessional-statements, rituals, procedures, teachings and standards-for-communal-acceptance --- tragically often do occasion unhealthy-relationships, contentiousness, ideological-conflicts, misunderstandings, attacks, and otherwise disintegrative behaviors. Pre-existing realities which have been institutionalized within large formalized organizations --- by their pre-existing-nature cannot engage in balanced and mutual dialogue with present individual humans. The present-young person or present-adult-novice is not on equal terms with a past institutionalized: doctrine, confessional-statement, ritual-procedure, teaching or standard for communal acceptance. The relationship between the past-and-present is not balanced and mutual. The relationship is one of dominance and/or submission; and so cannot be a demonstration of present healthy integrations and integrities. At root there is often an arrogant assumption on the part of the powerful leaders of an institution --- that they can helpfully play dominant roles as regards: truth, knowledge, righteousness, salvation, redemption, purity, conformity, etc. Whenever people shift their focus away from the quality of their own human relationships; the quality of their own relationships are likely to be sacrificed in efforts to celebrate false-idols like: controls, dominance, wealth-concentrations, power- concentrations, absolute-truth, righteousness, purity, ideal-forms, technologies, military-power, military- industrial-complexes, domination-systems, magical-powers, etc. Personal and communal disintegrations inevitably and tragically follow the shifting of attention away from the qualities of humane relationships --- to some realities which are presumed/said to transcend humane relationships. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================