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%INTEGRATIVE RESPONSES NOT EASY DIFFICULT DISCOVER 040808 %IMAGINE CONCEIVE FORMULATE AGREE CARRY COOPERATE 040808 %DICHOTOMOUS EITHER QUESTIONS SYSTEMATIC ASK YES 040808 %MISLEAD DEMAND COMMAND LABEL GOOD EVIL PREJUDICE 040808 %FALLEN POWERS REDEMPTION SALVATION DOMINANT GOODS 040808 %ASSUMPTIONS BELIEFS CONVICTIONS COSMOS MYTH EARTH 040808 In what follows note carefully the implications of the paired words "EASILY-RESPOND" in the line before the numbered-texts. Integrative-responses are NOT-EASY to: discover, imagine, conceive, formulate, agree-to, or carry-out-in-cooperative-ways. The following numbered-texts complete-descriptive- statements --- which begin with the following ONE-LINE: We cannot EASILY-RESPOND safely-and-with-integrity: 1. To the DICHOTOMOUS EITHER/OR QUESTIONS which are asked by domineering people --- because domineering people systematically ask questions framed in keeping with the MISLEADING-DEMANDS of The Domination System. Both "YES" and "NO" are misleading responses' to such EITHER/OR questions. Misleading questions merit the making of independent critical analyses to reveal how and why the questions are making MISLEADING-DEMANDS in the idolatrous worship of The Domination System as their God. 2. TO Domineering people in ways which respect their patterns of domination --- because they and their ways are not dedicated in either word or deed to facilitating and promoting the kinds of integrations and integrities which will challenge their disintegrative: attitudes, assumptions, motivations, believers, loyalists, and worshipers of The Domination System of unilaterally- successful people who concentrate: power, wealth and influence into their own few hands. 3. To domineering-people without ourselves becoming domineering-people. The easy and disintegrative responses to domineering-people all entail ourselves becoming domineering-people. 4. To domineering-people without overtly-and- publically exposing the: dishonesty, collusions, arrogance, self-righteousness, corruption, power- concentrations, wealth-concentrations, idolatry and disease of domineering people and their dominant-victims. Neither personal nor communal integrity can survive without RESISTING-NON-VIOLENTLY all loyal supporters of "The Domination System." 5. To false-prophets who dominantly devise and present corrupted-versions of: truth, salvation, rescue, grace, love, redemption, healing, service, humility, religion, honesty, authenticity, security and shalom. 6. To religious institutions and leaders that are not overtly-and-honestly dedicated in word-and-deed to facilitating-and-promoting both personal-and-communal integrations-and-integrities --- for people who are: poor, vulnerable, thirsty, sick, hungry, confused, homeless, alienated, excommunicated, threatened, dis- eased, diseased, etc. 7. To people who are preoccupied with security which is based upon the unilateral achievement of invulnerability --- because such people are bound to be domineering people and all of the above descriptive statements are relevant. 8. To people who are preoccupied with labeling who is "good" and who is "evil" to the exclusion of dealing openly and honestly with which RELATIONSHIPS which are characterized by: coercion, violence, alienation, estrangement, disintegration, contentiousness, arrogance, self-righteousness, distrust, secrecy and isolation. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================