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%PROHIBIT TABOO COMMAND PRESCRIPTION PROSCRIPTION 040627 %SPECIFIC DICHOTOMOUS DYSFUNCTION BEYOND QUESTION 040627 %THEOLOGY GOD TALK HEAVEN HELL RAPTURE DECAY DEATHS 040627 %EVIL RIGHTEOUS RELATIONSHIP ABSOLUTE TRUTH HUMBLED 040627 %DIFFICULT IMPOSSIBLE TALK GRACIOUS HELP INTIMACIES 040627 %CAUSE EFFECT REFLEXIVE RESULTS INTEGRATIVE DESTROY 040627 Are there many prohibitions, taboos, commandments, prescriptions and demands which are quite-specific- dysfunctional-and-beyond-question in regards to: 1. Human intimacies-sexuality-pleasures-and-hurts? 2. Talk-about-GOD <==> Theology? 3. Talk-about-HEAVEN-and-HELL? 4. Talk-about-CREATION-and-ARMAGEDDON-and-RAPTURE? 5. Talk-about-PROCREATION-BIRTH-GROWTH-DECAY-DEATH? 6. Talk-about-POSSIBILITY-IMPOSSIBILITY-MIRACLES? 7. Talk-about-Righteous-Individuals-OR-Relationships? 8. Talk-about-EVIL-ISOLATED-INDIVIDUALS-things-places? 9. Talk-about-EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS-of-ALIENATION? 10. Talk-about-ABSOLUTE-TRUTH by gracious/humble people? It is often difficult, if not impossible, to talk- graciously-and-helpfully about the above kinds of quite- specific-dysfunctional-and-utterly-beyond-question --- prohibitions, taboos, commandments and demands. Sometimes it is possible to talk graciously-and- helpfully about the higher-level: virtues, ideals, values, principals, integrities, etc --- in terms of which to: Recognize the integrative & reconciling --- versus the disintegrative & alienative effects of how humans engage-in-and-respond-to many prohibitions, taboos, commandments, prescriptions and demands which are quite- specific, dysfunctional & beyond-question. In regards to each of the above, consider the following: 1. Are personal and communal integrities augmented? 2. Are pretensions and arrogance augmented? 3. Are power and wealth justly distributed? 4. Are power and wealth more tightly concentrated? 5. Are ideals, values and principles integrated? 6. Are ideals, values and principles isolated? 7. Are civility, cooperation & balance augmented? 8. Certainty, arrogance and self-righteousness? 9. Humility, hospitality, generosity, grace? 10. Health, relaxation, renewal, creativity, shalom? Shalom. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================