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%NATURE WORSHIP IDOLATRY REVERENCE AWE RSPECT TRUST 040627 %ADORATION VENERATION WONDER AMAZEMENT SURRENDER IT 040627 %GOD COMMITTMENT COVENANT WHOLE COMPLETE COHERENT 040627 %WELL INTEGRITIES AUTHENTIC RESPONSIVE DISERNABLE 040627 %EXPERIENCE PERCEPTION DESIRE NEED SCRIPTURE HOLY 040627 %DESCRIPTION NATURAL LAW RELIABLE PROCESS TRUST SEX 040627 WORSHIP entails many, if not all, of the following: 1. Reverence, 2. Awe, 3. Respect, 4. Trust, 5. Adoration, 6. Veneration 7. Wonder, 8. Amazement, 9. Surrender, 10. Commitment. IDOLATRY is the WORSHIP of THAT which is NOT: 1. God, 2. Whole, 3. Complete, 4. Coherent, 5. Well-integrated, 6. Authentic, 7. Responsive, 8. Discernable, 9. Gracious, 10. Trustworthy. The WORSHIP of any of the following is IDOLATRY: 1. Commandment(s), 2. Prohibition(s), 3. Prescription(s), 4. Proscription(s), 5. Script(s), 6. Scripture(s), 7. Ideal-Form(s), 8. Person(s), 9. Value(s), 10. Ideal(s), 11. Interpretation(s), 12. Cosmology, 13. Mythology, 14. Paradigm(s), 15. Technology, 16. Solution(s), 17. Group(s), 18. Organization(s), 19. Institution(s), 20. Religion(s), etc. IDOLATRY leads to most of the following --- which can often be taken as clues to the presence of IDOLATRY. 1. Personal disintegrations. 2. Communal disintegrations. 3. Contentiousness over dominations. 4. Contentiousness over denominations. 5. Contentiousness over past coercion/violence. 6. Suspicion, secrecy, distrust, and alienation. 7. Excommunications, exclusions & misunderstanding. 8. Physical, mental & spiritual diseases-dis-ease. 9. Trust in the Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence. 10. Terrorism, preparations for war, & endless wars. IDOLATORY entails REJECTIONS of objectionable-parts of PARADOXICAL-WHOLE-TRUTHS: 1. Which expose idolatry and its incoherence. 2. Which are complementary to incomplete-truths. 3. Which transcend collusive bounds/boundaries. 4. Which are revealed by True-Lovers in Love. 5. Which expose addictions & codependent supports. 6. Which are divorced from human experiences. 7. Which are frozen in ancient incoherent-texts. 8. Which cannot be contained-in/managed-by texts. 9. Which cannot be manipulated by dominant people. 10. Which transcend narrow specializations. If the above are trustworthy descriptions; HOW-ARE- WE-TO-DECIDE WHAT-AND-WHOM we can MOST-SAFELY-AND- RELIABLY-WORSHIP as described in the opening description above? Where can we most RELIABLY-AND-SAFELY "step-into" the REFLEXIVE-CYCLE which is pointed to in this and other essays in this collection? Why-and-Where have people most TRAGICALLY-FAILED to RELIABLY-AND-SAFELY "step-into" the REFLEXIVE-CYCLE which is pointed to in this and other essays in this collection? What might/should be the roles of our own-diverse-GRACIOUS-experiences-and-relationships? Of our our-own-traditional-DOMINANT-authorities? What authority shall we grant our-own-diverse MOST-GRACIOUS- experiences-and-relationships? What shall we ourselves discern, think, feel and describe from our own perspectives? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================