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%RIGHT PRESUME DISTINGUISH WRONG AMBIGUOUS OPEN GOD 040626 %HONEST EMBARRASSED INTEGRATED AUTHENTIC SECRET SEX 040626 %FEEL DESIRE TRANQUILITY CONTROVERSIAL COLLUSION IT 040626 %MEANS TECHNOLOGY COLLUSION ADDICT CODEPEND OWNER 040626 %AFFECTIONATE ARROGANCE SELF RIGHTEOUS EXPOSE SINS 040626 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS ALIENATION ESTRANGE RECONCILED 040626 The following texts point to questions, responses and Realities that are so tangled up that it is very difficult to untangle them with any degree of clarity. Among the "rights" which some people presume that they have and/or "should" have --- it is often difficult to distinguish which people are right in believing that THEY do have those presumed rights; and which people are wrong in presuming that NO PEOPLE have, or should have, those rights. Among the presumed ambiguous "rights" are "The rights to: 1. Be-open-and-honest at all times. 2. Not-to-be-embarrassed at any time. 3. Be well-integrated-and-authentic. 4. Concentrate-wealth-and-power. 5. Hide concentrations-of-wealth-and-power. 5. Be-open-and-honest about feelings and desires. 6. Peace-and-tranquility at all times. 7. Openly discuss controversial issues in public. 8. Maintain intellectual collusions/addictions. 9. Protect one's current means to daily incomes. 10. Protect one's own acquired properties. 11. Be affectionate with those nearest and dearest. 12. Create new kinds of open and honest relationships. 13. Maintain the integrity of one's own communities. 14. Expose other people's arrogance and dominations. 15. Expose other people's dishonesty and corruptions. 16. Embarrass emotionally immature people. 17. Embarrass powerful but sexually immature people. 18. Expose colluders, addicts and/or codependents. 19. Expose powerful people's civil-rights-violations. 20. Expose powerful people's prejudices and biases. 21. Be emotionally healthy within private intimacies. 22. Be-open-&-honest about private intimacies. 23. Be-open-&-honest with many-different people. 24. Be-open-&-honest with labeled-enemies. 25. Be-open-&-honest with labeled-evil-people. 26. Be-open-&-honest with victims of prejudice. 27. Be-open-&-honest with victims of economic-injustice. 28. Escape from widely supported collusions. 29. Expose incoherent-theologies-that-are-alienative. 30. Expose incoherent-economies-that-are-alienative. 31. Expose disintegrative military-industrial-complexes. 32. Expose dishonesties in mutually-assured-destruction. 33. Expose dishonesties in conventional-militarism. 34. Expose dishonesties within conventional-religions. 35. Expose dishonesties within conventional-moralities. In at least the above instances it is difficult to discern who are the "good-people" and who are the "evil- people"; which are the rights which merit true honor, respect, and perhaps even reverence; and which "rights" merit no honor, respect or reverence. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================