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%DOMINEERING PEOPLE INSECURE FEAR VULNERABILITY 040628 %SAFETY SECURITY TRUE LOVERS GRACIOUS HOSPITALITY 040628 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS CONTROL MANAGEMENT SHARP LINES 040628 %INTIMACY FRIENDSHIPS SEXUALITY HINTS SUGGESTIONS 040628 %EVIL DOUBTS AMBIGUITY TRAGIC ATTRACTIVE SCIENTISTS 040628 %SEDUCTION MISLEADING VALUES INTEGRITIES ALIENATION 040628 Domineering people are often insecure and fear the vulnerability which is entailed in intimate and/or sexual relationships. Thus they try to control/dominate intimate and/or sexual relationships. As part of that pattern of control/domination they often try to draw a sharp line between a-sexual-relationships which are manageable, safe, and secure; and sexual-relationships which are NOT manageable, NOT-safe, and entail-vulnerability. They then want to know whether or not each inter-personal relationships is or is not a sexual relationship. The above pattern of behaviors leads to tragic consequences because: 1. What makes people attractive and worthy of respect, honor and respect is how well they have integrated all the mutually complementary aspects of being truly human into a coherent whole. 2. The above pattern of behaviors suggests that it is "good" to leave-out of oneself the sexual aspects of being truly human/humane. 3. People who leave-out of themselves the sexual aspects of being truly human/humane are rewarded for not threatening the insecure and domineering people who cannot bear to be aware of the intimations of intimacies and truly healthy sexual relationships. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================