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%WAY PATH LIFE PATTERN LIVE BELIEF RELIGIOUS GROUP 040615 %COHERENT STYLE MERIT ELECIT RESPECT DIFFERENT KIND 040615 %DISTINGUISH INTEGRITIES COHERENT KIND WHOLE VALUES 040615 %VIRTUE ARTICULATE DEMONSTRATE CIVILITY HOSPITALITY 040615 %OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE DISAVOW GREED CONCENTRATE GOD 040615 %POWER WEALTH CORRUPT JUDGEMENT SUPERIOR PERFECT 040615 For a way-of-life, pattern-of-beliefs, religious- group or coherent-group's-life-style to merit/elicit respect by/from many different kinds of healthy people --- it must distinguish-between-people in ways which: 1. Demonstrate personal and communal integrities. 2. Integrate differing people as a coherent/kind whole. 3. Present a coherent-extensive-set of values/ideals. 4. Are coherent via articulations & live demonstrations. 5. Demonstrate civility and hospitality to the world. 6. Work coherently to build healthy communities/peoples. 7. Facilitate open-and-honest dialogue-and-cooperation. 8. Disavow unilateral: coercion, violence & domination. 9. Disavow greed and concentrations of power/wealth. 10. Disavow invulnerability as a means to security. 11. Disavow exclusivity, dichotomies & excommunications. 12. Affirm humility, gentleness, tolerance & generosity. 13. Disavow judgmentalism, superiority & perfectionism. 14. Affirm many complementary ideals, values & virtues. 15. Affirm many complementary people of integrity. 16. Disavow conformity as being essential to integrity. 17. Disavow knowledge of who is good and who is evil. 18. Affirm that evil resides in defective relationships. The above statements are DESCRIPTIVE of what is possible, not prescriptive or proscriptive regarding PROPER: beliefs, doctrines, rituals, relationships, scriptures, myths, cosmologies, or ultimate-realities --- within or beyond our four-dimensional cosmos of: objective, spiritual and/or reflexive processes. The above-descriptive-offerings provide no means for determining which isolated-individuals are GOOD- INVIDIDUALS and which isolated-individuals are EVIL- INDIVIDUALS. The above-statements describe nothing about being rewarded-with-a-ticket-to-heaven, or being condemned-to-go-to-hell. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================