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%DOMINEERING PEOPLE PRESENT CONTEXT SITUATION RIGHT 040615 %ASSERT BELIEVE CONVICTION WORSEN IMPROVE COMMUNAL 040615 %PRUDENT GRACE SACRIFIC COOPERATE FOCUS PRIORITY 040615 %BALANCE INTEGRITIES INTEGRATIONS SELF CENTERED EGO 040615 %FLAWED ASSUMPTIONS ATTITUDES INTERDEPENDENT DESIRE 040615 %HUMANE NEEDS COERCION VIOLENT DOMINATION WARS EVIL 040615 When domineering people find that within their own present-contexts-and-situations they cannot exercise the personal rights that they believe should be theirs --- they attempt to assert their rights in ways that worsen their own and other people's situations and contexts; rather than improve their communal-contexts. Domineering people are not likely to be prudently, graciously, sacrificially and cooperatively focused upon the essential foundations of communal integrity known as interdependent with personal integrity --- and so they do NOT focus upon what they can do to improve only the contexts and situations of all members of their communities. It is essential that at all times we be concerned in balanced ways with our own and other people's communal and personal integrities --- and be concerned in balanced ways with the essential foundations thereof. Self-centered and privileged-group-centered efforts to improve only OUR contexts and situations --- are based upon the flawed assumption that we and "they" are NOT INTERDEPENDENT. Flawed assumptions lead to flawed plans, efforts and outcomes in the long term. Dichotomous people often urge us to adopt unilateral positions which are at dichotomously opposite extremes of spectrums which entail support of such extremes as such those following; presented in no intentional order: 1. A dictatorship by one person. 2. An oligarchy by a few persons. 3. A rigid caste system within a culture. 4. Domination by an elite/exclusive group. 5. A chaotic revolution against all authorities. 6. An economic system guided primarily by greed. 7. Pure-capitalism without limitations. 8. Domination by majority-rule. 9. Domination by one exclusive ideal/priority. 10. Domination by a-few exclusive ideals/priorities. 11. Domination by some elitists' ideals/priorities. 12. Equal emphasis upon all priorities. 13. A static form of idealism. 14. One set of holy/sacred scriptures. 15. All scriptures regarded as of equal merit. 16. Standardization of intimacy. 17. Intimacy exclusively in heterosexual marriages. 18. Standardization of sexuality in public & private. 19. Standardization of religious beliefs & rituals. 20. Equal respect for all religious belief & rituals. 21. Respect for one dominant religious institution. 22. Disrespect for all religious institutions. 23. Locating ultimate authority outside human realms. 24. Locating ultimate authority inside human realms. 25. Etc. Western human history includes many periods of tragic coercion and violence; e.g., 1. Upper and Lower Egypt Wars before unification. 2. Babylonian wars of expansion. 3. Greek-Roman wars. 4. Wars of expansion of the Muslim Empire 4. Crusades of Christians into the Middle East. 5. Conflicts between Christians and Jews 6. World War I and II. 7. Later American Military efforts in Mid East. Any serious student can do research on the costs of wars in terms of deaths and injuries to the official combatants (members of well organized and officially sanctioned armies) and deaths and injuries to civilians who are just the victims of colateral damage.  The historical trend is that the more modern and "selective" the weapons have been designed to be (and more overall destructive they are at the same time) the larger is the fraction of all deaths and injuries suffered by civilians who are just the victims of colateral damage; whether on/near the battle field --- of suffering degraded infrastructures and health services because of the war. The trend is away from officially declaring in advance and carrying out "just-wars" which meet the official criteria of "just-wars". The more modern and destructive our weapons have become, the less "just" our wars have become. In light of the above it is clear that humankind needs to find/create more effective WAYS of truly settling differences over-the-long-term between domineering peoples; or to WAYS to truly transcend The Domination System of domineering peoples. It is clear that long- term-successful WAYS will NOT depend in essential ways upon: 1. Coercion, 2. Violence, 3. Dishonesty, 4. Pretentiousness, 5. Arrogance, 6. Secrecy, 7. Collusions, 8. Military-Industrial-Complexes, 9. Concentrations of Wealth & Power, 10. Domination, 11. Knowledge of who is Good and Who is Evil. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================