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%TEN DOMINATION SYSTEM OPPRESSIVE COMMANDMENTS SIN 040606 %FULLY SUCCESSFUL COMPLETELY DOMINANT CONTROL OTHER 040606 %SELFISH NARCISSIST EGOCENTRIC EGOTISTICAL DEVILS 040606 %GOODNESS RIGHTEOUS PRIDEFULL CENTRALIZED AUTHORITY 040606 %CORRUPTED CONCENTRATED POWER WEALTH COMMANDMENTS 040606 %SEXUAL FRIENDSHIP INTIMACIES PRIVACY RIGHTS GODLY 040606 To the extent that ANY domineering person is FULLY "Successful", "Completely-Dominant" and "In-Control" ALL-OTHER domineering persons are REQUIRED-TO-BE NOT-SUCCESSFUL, NOT-DOMINANT, and NOT-IN-CONTROL. The rules of "The Domination System" call ALL of its faithful servants/idolaters to be "Domineering- Persons" who are "successful", "completely-dominant" & "in-control" while being "obedient" and "completely- subservient" persons who unquestioningly and thoughtlessly trust all that "THE DOMINATION SYSTEM" demands that they feel, think, do and refrain-from-doing; e.g., 1. Follow the MOST-DOMINANT domineering-person. 2. Honor the MOST-DICTATORIAL domineering-person. 3. Revere the ULTIMATE-AUTHORITY without question. 4. Promote and support TOTALITARIAN-UNITY. 5. Perfect and praise THE-DOMINANT-COLLUSION. 6. Facilitate and support ADDICTIONS/CODEPENDENTS. 7. See success in terms of THOUGHTLESS-OBEDIENCE. 8. Accept assumptions and questions as givens. 9. Respect traditional rituals, beliefs and ways. 10. Concentrate wealth-and-power in "good" ways. In the light of the above TEN-COMMANDMENTS we must NOT: 1. Cooperate with thoughtful True-Lovers. 2. Collaborate with open and honest thinkers. 3. Expose any lack of personal integrity. 4. Expose any lack of communal integrity. 5. Work to heal any form of disease = dis-ease. 6. Liberate any prisoners now under controls. 7. Challenge any collusive/dishonest actions. 8. Engage in any open and honest dialogue. 9. Respect any true-sanctuary-community. 10. Love our neighbors or our labeled enemies. 11. Share wealth with the poor/vulnerable ones. 12. Share political power with weak-peasants. 13. Speak-truth-to-power with True-Lovers. 14. Share-truths discerned-within-intimacies. 15. Protect privacy and civil-rights. 16. Talk about controversies in any sanctuary. 17. Be open and honest about abusive relations. 18. Expose sexual-abuses to the light of day. 19. Expose domineering religious/church leaders. 20. Talk about family-secrets outside the family. 21. Trust people who are "different" in any way. 22. Acknowledge any complementary ideals/values. 23. Respect any new and creative insights/talk. 24. Challenge any in-power-authority with Love. 25. Resist The-Fallen-Powers-That-Be without Love. 26. Think about any of the above with new integrity. 27. Talk with any "outsiders" about our-thoughts. 28. Rebel against truly alienative-authoritarians. 29. Expose abusive parents or "lovers" not-in-Love. 30. Criticize The-President or The-Dictator in-Love. Shalom. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================