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%MOST ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS BOTH PERSONAL COMMUNAL 040605 %INTEGRITIES INTEGRATIONS UNILATERAL ALIENATIVE SEX 040605 %ORIGINAL CREATIVE INITIATIVE FALLEN KNOWLEDGE GOOD 040605 %DOMINEERING DEVILS ARROGANT SELF OTHER RIGHTEOUS 040605 %RESCUE SALVATION ADDICTION COLLUSION CODEPENDENTS 040605 %CIVILITY HOSPITALITY GENEROSITY SHARE DIALOGUE SIN 040605 Cooperation is one of the most essential foundations of both personal and communal integrities. In contrast; unilateral and/or alienative means/technologies never serve as essential foundations of either personal or personal integrities. Unilateral and alienative means/technologies cannot with integrity be justified; not even by references to presumably "ultimate": ends, goals, goods or gods. Domineering-people cannot successfully use or abuse unilateral or alienative means/technologies to facilitate or promote either personal or communal integrities. To facilitate, promote and enjoy both personal and communal integrities in-the-long-term --- we must always be willing to let-go-of "advantages" of "superior" means/ technologies to us --- whenever unilateral/alienative use of them is likely to serve our "needs" at the unilaterally-imposed-expense of poor people who are more disadvantaged and/or vulnerable than we are. Unilateral uses of: coercion, collusions, coalitions, controls, conspiracies, cooperation, teams, armies, violence, threats, punishments, dishonesty, deception, pretensions, domination, etc. --- can never be justified while maintaining both personal and communal integrities. Be-aware-of and beware of domineering people who contend otherwise --- and thereby create EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS through: 1. Pride-full rejections and excommunications, 2. Exclusions of complementary people & realities, 3. Arrogant and self-righteous power-coalitions. 4. Judgmentalism, legalism, and perfectionism; 5. Narcissism, egocentrism, egotism, and greed; 6. Extremism married to fundamentalism, 7. Terrorism combined with power-concentrations, 8. Profitable Military-Industrial-Complexes, 9. Multi-National-Corporation-Power-Concentrations. 10. Technocratic-Religious-Political-Coalitions. Be Gentile Peacemakers! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================