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%ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS NON-DESTRUCTIVE CONFLICT GOD 040603 %RESOLUTION COMPLEMENTARY VIOLENCE IDEALS VALUES IT 040603 %ENGINEERING PHYSICS EXPERIMENTATION LAWS THEORIES 040603 %BROAD GENERALIZATIONS NEWTONS LAWS MOTION MAXWELL 040603 %DYNAMICS REFLEXIVE PHYSICAL OBJECTS PEOPLE DEVILS 040603 %LOVERS RECONCILIATION PEACEMAKERS INTEGRATIONS SEX 040603 Physicists were been able to lay the foundations for human engineering accomplishments by experimentation, observations, descriptions and broad generalizations about the dynamics of how physical objects and radiation-fields interact with each other. Perhaps it will become possible to lay the foundations for the facilitation and promotion of non- violent and non-destructive resolutions of conflicts between complementary-ideals, complementary-values and complementary-hopes --- through reflexive-experimentation, observation, descriptions and broad generalizations about the dynamics of how reflexive-people and communications of all kinds interact with each other. Perhaps reflexive-people who engage in open and honest dialogue within true-sanctuaries will be able to lay down the essential-foundational-understandings of non- destructive-conflict-resolution --- by describing the differences between dis-integrative/destructive and integrative/constructive interactions --- between/among individuals and groups of people. Is there any good reason for not seriously considering the above suggestions? If so, what those good reasons? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================