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%SHALOM INTEGRITIES INTEGRATIONS COMMUNITIES PEOPLE 040601 %SELF EACH OTHER MEMBERS DEPENDENT COMPLEMENTARY GO 040601 %LETTING TOLERANT SPECTRUMS DICHOTOMIES AFFIRMATION 040601 %DENIGRATIONS CRUCIFIXIONS UNILATERAL SALVATION SIN 040601 %DOMINATION SYSTEM MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE IDEALS VALUES 040601 %GRACIOUS CIVIL HOSPITALITY GENEROUS VULNERABLE GOD 040601 While domineering people are contending over who will be-in-control, most-powerful, most-respected, and/or most-destructive --- the-rest-of-us need to remember the following facts of life: The integrities AND integrations of each-community AND of each-member-of-each-community ---- ALL depend upon MOST of the following mutually-complementary factors, considerations, realities, etc: 1. How well each-person affirms spectrums of many- complementary-affirmations --- rather than just a few mutually-exclusive-affirmations. 2. How well-and-graciously each-person reveals to- each-other person their-various forms of: disintegrative- games-of-mutual-self-deception, prejudices, addictions, codependencies, gods, physical-mental-spiritual-illnesses, ignorance, confusion, blunders, mistakes, arrogance, self- righteousness, tragically-misleading-simplistic-idealism, etc. 3. How clearly each-person affirms-a-whole- coherent-spectrum of the essential-foundations-for-both- personal-AND-communal integrities AND integrative PROCESSES. 4. How clearly each-person views each-other-person in terms of the above spectrums of many-complementary- affirmations --- rather than in terms of just a FEW mutually-exclusive-affirmations. 5. How regularly, graciously, hospitably, and generously each-person is present-to-each-other-person within open-and-honest communal-sanctuaries. 6. How frequently advantage is taken of people who are rejected, poor, humble and vulnerable --- by people who are respected, wealthy, arrogant, domineering and powerful --- in the latter-persons' efforts to be invulnerable. 7. How blind, deaf, and dumb about-the-above --- are the communal-leaders who are MOST: respected, wealthy, arrogant, domineering, powerful and presumably invulnerable. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================