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%FLAW MYTH REDEMPTIVE PERFECTION VIOLENCT GOOD EVIL 040602 %INDIVIDUAL ISOLATED EXCOMMUNICATION PEOPLE HONESTY 040602 %RAINBOWS COMPLEMENTARY PRIORITIES IDOL DICHOTOMIES 040602 %EXCLUSIVE SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS ARROGANCE HUMILITY IT 040602 %THOU MARTIN BUBER LUTHER KING MANDELLA CHRISTIANS 040602 %ESSENTIAL FOUNDATION PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES 040602 The FLAWS of the myth-of-redemptive-perfection are CONNECTED to the FLAWS of the myth-of-redemptive-violence. Domineering people who CANNOT-BE-HONEST about the myth-of-redemptive-perfection, CANNOT-BE-HONEST about the myth-of-redemptive-violence --- AND VICE-VERSA! Domineering people who CANNOT-BE-HONEST about the myth-of-redemptive-violence, CANNOT-BE-HONEST about the myth-of-redemptive-perfection --- AND VICE-VERSA! BOTH myths include FLAWS of DISHONEST-COLLUSIONS: Pretending to achieve PERFECTION LEADS to tragedies. Pretending to achieve PERFECT-OBEDIENCE is tragic. Pretending to achieve PERFECT-CONTROL is tragic. Pretending to achieve PERFECT-DOMINATION is tragic. Pretending to BE-GOOD-THROUGH-DOMINATION is tragic. Pretending to MAKE-GOOD-within-DOMINATION is tragic. Pretending to BE-GOOD-THROUGH-COERCION is tragic. Pretending to MAKE-GOOD-THROUGH-COERCION is tragic. Pretending to LABEL-EVIL-PEOPLE rightly is tragic. Pretending to LABEL-GOOD-PEOPLE rightly is tragic. Pretending to AVOID-ALL-TRAGEDIES is tragic. Pretending to be SPECIAL; close to GOD is tragic. Pretending to be PERFECTED-IN-GREAT-POWER is tragic. Pretending to CONCENTRATE-POWER-PEFECTLY is tragic. Corruptions flow from GREAT-CONCENTRATIONS-OF-POWER. Corruptions flow from "GREAT-PERFECTIONS-OF-POWERS". The "Powers-That-Be" are neither Perfect nor Godly. Neither PERFECTION or DOMINATION yield sweet fruits. Neither PERFECTION or DOMINATION mitigate any devil. Neither PERFECTION or DOMINATION mitigates any evil. Both-Myths lack integrity in similar fallen ways. PERFECTION and DOMINATION are both ostensible technocratic means by which to achieve unilateral- invulnerability --- but they and other technocratic-means cannot lead anybody toward ANY-FORM of personal or communal integrity --- because all technocratic means are founded upon the false-premise that some form of technology can be the-technical-means by which to "solve" a human-dilemma which is NOT-A-TECHNICAL-PROBLEM. Both-Myths Lack-Integrity in similar ways. TECHNOCRATS "hope" that through BEING-PERFECT and/or through BEING-DOMINANT they can BE-INVULNERABLE and so BE- ETERNALLY-SECURE in unilateral ways --- with all costs deflected to those who are thereby left VULNERABLE-and- INSECURE; e.g., the poor, thirsty, hungry, homeless, sick, dis-eased, powerless, imperfect, flawed, fallen, sinful, rejected, excluded, excommunicated, in-hell; while PERFECT-BEINGS and/or DOMINANT-BEINGS persist eternally in heaven next to their DOMINANT-GOD'S-SEAT-OF-POWER-AND- PERFECTION. In its most extreme forms these beliefs are "perfected" in the beliefs, convictions and hopes of people who expect to be "RAPTURED" into "HEAVEN" just as all forms of earthly-integrity are dis-integrated in the ultimately destructive processes of ARMAGEDDON; perhaps sped along by the DOMINANT assistance of the Military- Industrial-Complex --- driven/guided by profitable- multinational-corporations and their dominant Chief- Executive-Officers who have concentrated wealth and power perfectly and without corruption into their own well- washed hands --- steering their well-washed gasoline-hogs down well-washed-highways into the capitals and capitols of international-powers --- while the poor-nations race to get into the disintegrative arms-races which are "essential" to their own achievement of perfect-dominance. Read "The Powers That Be" by Walter Wink for more. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================