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%EXTREMISTS EXCESSIVE PREOCCUPATION EXCLUSIVE FORMS 040512 %IDEALISM PERFECTIONISM GOODNESS INDIVIDUALISTIC IT 040512 %GOOD EVIL PERSON INVULNERABLE ESSENTIAL ABSOLUTES 040512 %TRUTHS DOCTRINES RITUALS DICHOTOMIES EITHER/OR God 040512 %JUDGE BITTER SWEET FRUITS CONSEQUENCES TRAGIC FOOL 040512 %NUCLEAR WAR SPACESHIP EARTH FINITE PLANET FOSSILS 040512 When any absolute/excessive preoccupation with any: exclusive presumed form of "goodness", individualistic/isolated form of "evil", presumed means to individualized salvation, presumed means to perpetual invulnerability, "essential" denigration/destruction, "essential" excommunication/punishment, "ideal-form", ritual, doctrine, scripture, "exclusive-organization-or-club", "exclusive-priority", etc. is unilaterally replaced with another of the above the "fruits" include some or all of the following: personal-disintegrations; communal-disintegrations; major increases in chaos/entropy/ignorance; continued coercion, conflict and/or violence; anger, resentment, rebellions, revenge; more polarizations, dichotomies, alienations; more arrogance, self-righteousness, greed . . No truly "sweat fruit" or merit is gained by anyone through any such unilateral replacement or substitution. No form-of-extremism can helpfully replace another form-of-extremism. Forms-of-extremism include: arrogance, greed, self-righteousness, unilateralism, exclusivity, dichotomous-thinking, collusive-games-of-mutual-self- deception, judgmentalism, legalism, perfectionism, wars, militarism, military-industrial-complexes, simplistic- solutions, technocratic-conflict-resolution, domination- systems, power-concentrations, etc. Each form-of-extremism can be healed/mitigated only through truly gracious and integrative efforts which are: open, honest, balanced, mutual, well-informed, unbiased, just, peaceful, moderate, gradual evolutionary, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================