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%ESSENTIAL STEP TOWARD CONFLICT RESOLUTION BUILDING 040511 %FOUNDATIONS PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY JUDGMENTS 040511 %PATTERNS BEHAVIORS ASSUMPTIONS ATTITUDES INTENTION 040511 %PRESCRIPTIONS PROSCRIPTIONS STANDARDS COMMANDMENTS 040511 %NATURAL CAUSE EFFECT EVIL RELATIONSHIPS HEALTHY 040511 %COOPERATION COLLABORATION CIVILITY RECONCILE HEAL 040511 We need to be clear about the various bases that can exist in terms of which to make judgments regarding how much we can safely respect and trust a person's pattern of behaviors; e.g., 1. How fully the person conforms to a set of prescriptions, proscriptions and comparable standards which define what is proper and what is improper behavior. 2. Discernment of the person's intentions, attitudes and assumptions in comparison to those which are approved and proper. 3. The natural effects of the person's behavior patters upon personal and communal integrities and integrations; upon the qualities of diverse personal relationships. 4. The person's contributions to the facilitation and promotion of: cooperation, collaboration, civility, reconciliation, healing and open-and-honest-dialogue. 5. How well the person's pattern of behaviors supports respect for and support of the essential foundations for personal and communal integrities. Note that the concerns indicted at the top of the list and the concerns indicated at the bottom of the list will be in conflict with each other in practice. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to fit both sets of concerns into a coherent package which can demonstrate integrity. The contrasting sets of concerns are based upon mutually incompatible assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and intentions. We need to bring such instances of incompatibility out into the open for open and honest discussion --- so as to truly resolve the conflicts which are all too often hidden, not recognized and not resolved. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================