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%EFFECTIVE POWERFUL NONVIOLENT PEACEMAKERS LOVERS 040513 %TRULY RECOGNIZE DOMINEERING PEOPLE FAITHFUL IDOLS 040513 %RESPECTABLE CONFORMITY WORTHY TRUST DISINTEGRATIVE 040513 %IRE ANGER REVENGE BLIND DEAF DUMB INTOLERANCE GOOD 040513 %TURN WORLD UPSIDE DOWN FALLEN POWERS THAT BEINGS 040513 %SANCTUARY DOMINATION SYSTEM INVULNERABLE SECURITY 040513 To be effective peacemakers True-Lovers need to learn how to recognize Domineering-People who are faithful supporters of "The Domination System" by presenting themselves as being in the service of highly respectable causes --- and as True-Lovers appear to such Domineering- People as quite respectable and worthy of trust --- so as not to unnecessarily draw-their-disintegrative-ire. Domineering-People often blind themselves to complementary truths which they cannot tolerate. Such intolerance can be guided by True-Lovers to permit the Domineering People to convince themselves that True-Lovers are impotent and harmless; not worthy of their coercive attention. Domineering-People who are playing collusive games of mutual self deception with each other --- are ready, willing and able --- to blind themselves to the gracious powers which True-Lovers draw from being truly in touch with Love --- as the Truly-Creative-Power within the cosmos. True-Lovers have no need to try to overcome Domineering-People through the use of: coercion, violence, dishonesty, arrogance, self-righteousness --- in the manner of Loyal Supporters of The Domination System. Domineering-People disintegrate each other's powers to see ways in which True-Lovers are actually more powerful than Self-Deceptive-Colluders who are trying to dominate each other while being blind, deaf, dumb and sense-less. True-Lovers seek to help Domineering-People to regain their senses of: sight, sound, taste, smell, feeling and humane-sensitivity. True-Lovers seek to create sanctuary-communities within which Domineering- People can come-to-their-senses and recover some sense of true-health-and-Shalom --- without unduly threatening Domineering-People before they get a sense of how true- security resides within sanctuary communities wherein even Domineering-People can safely learn how to find meaning and satisfaction within intimate relationships which entail the freedom to be safely vulnerable in open and honest dialogue with their former enemies. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================