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%IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES DISTINCTIONS JUDGMENTS RULE 040508 %DISINTEGRATIVE DOMINATION SUBVERSION REBELLION God 040508 %ORIGINAL FALLEN SINFUL GARDEN TRUE LOVERS INTIMATE 040508 %CONTROL DISCIPLINE GUIDELINE COMMANDS DEMANDS EVIL 040508 %RELATIONSHIPS SEXUALITY REPRESSION PURITANICAL SIN 040508 %REPRESS HONESTY REVERENCE RESPECT HONOR REBELLION 040508 It is important to learn how to distinguish between: 1. Disintegrative-domination versus 2. Integrative subversion/rebellion against domination. 3. Disintegrative-controls versus 4. Integrative-disciplines and guidelines. 5. Disintegrative commands-and/or-demands versus 6. Liberating descriptions/revelations. 7. Essential foundations for repressive-domination vs 8. Essential foundations for liberating-non-conformity. 9. Domineering repressions/suppressions of creativity vs 10. Liberating reconciliation/forgiveness of sin. 11. Domineering definitions of evil/sinful individuals vs 12. Liberating definitions of EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. 13. Threatening forms of destructive non-con-form-ity vs 14. Liberating forms of integrative non-con-form-ity. 15. Mandatory dominant/destructive form-alities vs 16. Reverent Authentic-True-Lovers forms-of-creativity. 17. Pretentious unilateral achievements of arrogance vs 18. Authentic/cooperative creations of true-sanctuaries. 19. Impositions of oppressive "Domination Systems" vs 20. The evolution of the lives or romantic "True-Lovers". 21. Unilateral achievements of false invulnerability vs 22. Cooperative evolution of true intimacy/vulnerability. 23. False-appearances of propriety-and-respectability vs 24. True-Lovers' demonstrations of true-integrations. 25. Fearful-avoidance of intimacy with True-Lovers vs 26. Fearful-avoidance of collusive games of mutual-self- deception, addictions and codependent-relationships. 27. Domination by chaotic fears, ignorance & confusion vs 28. Liberation by learning from true personal experiences 29. Collusive togetherness/community vs 30. Challenging civility, cooperation and collaborations. 31. Conformity to domineering relationship-ideal-forms vs 32. Demonstrations of True-Lovers' authentic integrities. 33. Reverence for domineering relationship-ideal-forms vs 34. Reverence for True-Lovers' integrative relationships. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================