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%ULTIMATELY COMMITTED WORSHIP IDOLIZE ESSENTIAL 040507 %FOUNDATIONS DOMINATION SYSTEM INVULNERABILITY God 040507 %CONTRAST PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES CONSIDERED 040507 %EXPLORE DREAMS VISIONS IMAGINATIONS DISCERNMENT 040507 %INFORMED DECISIONS INCLINATIONS DESIRES HOPES SEX 040507 %INTIMACY FRIENDSHIPS COMMUNAL SANCTUARY SALVATION 040507 So long as we are ultimately-committed-to, worship, and/or idolize any of the following "Essentials- Foundations-Of-Domination" --- in contrast to the "Essential-Foundations-of-Integrity" --- we cannot even consider, talk about and/or explore in our dreams, visions and/or our imaginations --- the possibilities --- of any of the gracious alternative-complementary strategies articulated farther below --- under the just-following-strategies of domination: (Contrast like numbered items in the two lists.) 1. Take-no-risk which entails-vulnerability! 2. Different-people must-not-be-trusted! 3. Righteousness resides-in-proper-conformity! 4. The-enemy is-different! 5. Evil-people-do not-conform-properly! 6. True-Lovers are weak-and-dangerously-vulnerable. 7. Traitors undermine-our-invulnerability. 8. Honesty entails-unacceptable-vulnerability. 9. Modesty-humility-gentleness == unacceptable. 10. Civility-hospitality-generosity == rejectable. 11. Exclude all that which is unreliable/different. 12. Be sure/certain of your friends' reliability. 13. Do not let-go of our eternal/certain truths. 14. Our God is eternal/certain/unchanging like us. 15. Evil-people are mortal/uncertain/changing. 16. Beware of all doubts about what is certain. 17. Beware of all the enemies that surround us. 18. Our God spoke reliably in the past, not now. 19. Traditions are more important than experiences. 20. Authority resides in texts, NOT in experiences. 1. Cooperate in all forms of risk-management. 2. Seek insights through complementary truths. 3. Righteousness resides in healthy relationships. 4. The-enemy is in our most cherished fears. 5. Evil resides within relationships of alienation. 6. True-Lovers create/maintain true sanctuaries. 7. Security does NOT reside in invulnerability. 8. Dishonesty entails-unacceptable disintegrations. 9. Modesty-humility-gentleness ==> INTEGRITIES! 10. Civility-hospitality-generosity ==> INTEGRITIES! 11. Integrate complementary/different realities. 12. Work cooperatively and graciously with friends. 13. Let-Go of old/misleading "truths" & collusions. 14. God transcends our conceptions/ideologies/idols. 15. Seek reconciliation as the key to integrations. 16. Beware of arrogant/unilateral certainties. 17. Seek to nurture friendships with all neighbors. 18. God is present NOW in our diverse experiences. 19. Present experiences are authoritative realities. 20. Authority resides in our HONEST-INTEGRATIONS. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================